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    In light of the forums shutting down soon, this will likely be my final video posted in tribute to the many great times had with folks from TAG!
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    Counting myself, we should have 6 or 7 people on the PS4 version as of this writing. On Discord, quite a few of us have been posting MHW related stuff to help the rest. This is a very good thing as the in-game tutorials, as we all know, are crap. I'm going to look into seeing if we can make an archive page on reddit, so anyone who wants can look up those videos in the future; trying to find those vids on Discord is becoming a pain very quickly.
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    I made a similar thread for the Xb1 console area. Anyone getting it for this system please put your name here, also preferably when available for monster slaying. moz092 Myself tooboomafoo DPhatsacs Phoenix
  4. 1 point
    Those, thus far getting it on Xb1 include: Myself Romanodog Hoptimus Scotty 918 zelq studknckl Zenlizard Anyone else please add your name to the list, also when the best day/time for U to play is. For myself my days off are usually Tuesday & Wednesday (I have vacation until next Wednesday though). I'm on EST here in the US.of A
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    nice. im deff interested in this game. ive been looking for something that doesnt have an end in sight. i played COD and Fallouts until my eyes bleed. but those always have an endgame in mind. this ame looks like what i want, something i can put down for a month and then pick it back up and not have to worry about finishing the game,
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    @Stevie KnucklesOne thing I forgot to mention, the in-game tutorials in general, & for the weapons specifically, is for the birds (I've had a mute teacher give me better explanations then the actual in-game stuff). The official manual (which can only be read online) tells you some things, & less then you would expect; your best bet thus far is to look for fan-made tutorials on Youtube. One guy has started a series on the 14 weapons, he's only done 1 video so far (the Charge Blade).
  7. 1 point
    I like it a lot, but I'm definitely favoring the PS4 version ATM. I find it easier to find people there; the Xb1 version has had matchmaking issues since launch day. It's still not fixed, & no word of when that issue will be "nipped in the bud". I've been going "back & forth" between both versions for the last couple of days, the Xb1 version mainly to see if the matchmaking thing has been fixed. I've put in about 15 or so hours in each system by this point, so if I was concentrating on one I'd definitely be at the 30 hour mark now, probably more. Each weapon has it's own strengths & weaknesses, same with the armor types. The game is grindy, but then again it is technically a Jrpg, so be prepared for that if you decide to get it. Capcom knows they have a money-making hit on their hands, even before the game launched there was already DLC (paid & not) out for it (extra emotes, in game stickers for chat, cosmetic stuff for character creation). It has all been cosmetic, Capcom isn't about to get itself into hot water like EA did with BF2 & Activision is with Destiny 2. This game is technically an "always online" title, so there's no pausing mid battle & such, at least not that I've seen.
  8. 1 point
    For anyone interested I set up an unofficial TAG clan/guild for this version as of yesterday: Guardian's Circle
  9. 1 point
    Salutations, we're mostly on Discord these days, you might wanna drop us a line there. Good to have you here though.
  10. 1 point
    After this last update, the game is much improved. The addition of aim acceleration option, the new controller preset option, getting the pistol off of the Y-button rotation, and the general improvements in rubberbanding and game crashes. 5 updates in already.
  11. 1 point
    Hell yeah, I'd be down for sprinkling in the MCC to our current game nights. I miss my Rockets FFA on Prisoner
  12. 1 point
    So looks like the MCC will be finally(?) getting some under the hood tune ups, and XB1X "enhancements" in 2018. Sounds good to me!
  13. 1 point
    Wow that is awesome. I would not mind throwing down some of those nice H2A maps again!!
  14. 1 point
    it was sitting there in target next to Mario kart,,, It was a should I or should I not moment...self control got the best of me... funny since its still hard to get one and Target only got 2 today, fucking 2 so I felt like it was finding gold or something.
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    It is a testament to how much I love TAG that it is a Saturday morning, my kid and wife are still asleep, I could be playing Zelda but I choose to share the love of Switch with you guys instead. This one is for you @BDaddyK I have spent roughly 3 hours playing with Nintendo's newest creation and my overall impression is that the Switch is a solid piece of portable hardware that is slightly underbaked at launch but has remarkable potential. Whether it will mark a recovery from the misstep of the Wii U and bring back the fascination that the general public had with the Wii remains to be seen but, slight hardware problems aside, I feel it is off to a great start. Out of the box the Switch is remarkably simple to set up. You go through a couple of screens to connect and remove the joy cons, set up wi-fi, and that is about it. In the past Nintendo has layered on their patented charm and while that is often appreciated and makes things feel magical it is clear from the instant you pull the Switch out of the box that Nintendo wants to make things understated and simple so that you can get right to playing. The OS is stripped down. You don't even get playful music on the dash or the eshop. You aren't inundated with a ton of options either. Front and center are the game tiles (assuming you have a cart in the system). This stripped down nature makes everything snappy and quick. Going from game to dashboard to settings to whatever is so fast it puts the Xbox One dash to shame. I appreciate this no-nonsense approach and some might interpret it as a sign that the Switch was rushed to market but I like to think of it as the end of the era of Nintendo trying to treat us all like children and hand hold us through everything. What about the hardware itself? Well, it is small. In a good way. It feels great to hold. The joy cons when attached to the system feel natural and satisfying. When the system is docked I prefer the pro controller over the joy con grip controller but either way works fine. Overall Nintendo has succeeded in making a portable system that works equally well as a home console. It certainly isn't as powerful as its competition when attached to a tv but it is more than adequate (saying it is about one notch up from a 360 might be underselling it but that is kinda the ballpark). When on the go, however, the Switch is unparalleled. Typically handheld systems are solitary affairs. Something to do on the plane or bus to make getting from point A to B bearable. But she Switch is more than that. It makes portable systems social. Everywhere you go you have a 2nd controller with you. I took the system to work yesterday and we played Fast RMX split screen with the joy cons and it felt great. Sure the screen is small but who cares when you can be doing couch co-op from the top of Mt. Everest. Snipper Clips also went over well with my co-workers. The joy cons might be small but the recall the original NES controllers and handing one to someone, even if they aren't a typical gamer, is met with instant familiarity. The hardware is solid and doesn't feel cheap at all but it should be said that I don't think this is a device for kids to handle without adult supervision. I mean you could back over a 2DS with a truck and not have to worry about it but the Switch, while solid, doesn't feel as kid proof as everything Nintendo has ever produced. Oh and a word of warning from a dumbass that did this on his first try...the bumper attachments on the joy cons only work if you put them on one way but you can totally slip it on the wrong way if you aren't paying attention and it locks into place and it nearly impossible to get off without breaking the damn thing. Luckily I wasn't the only person to do this and there are youtube videos out there describing how to remove it without damaging the controller. It feels like a big oversight in the design and I can't help but think that Nintendo will revise these things as soon as possible. Honestly it is worse than the Wii-mote slippage that led to Nintendo sending out free Wii-mote condoms to everyone. So what about the games? I haven't had any time to do a full play through of anything so I will just sum them up quickly. Fast RMX is futuristic racer that is a cross between Wipeout and Ikaruga with a F-Zero GX aesthetic. It is a fast, beautiful, and really well made indie title that is certainly punching above its weight. Online multiplayer works seamlessly. Local multiplayer does also and, as I mentioned previously, split screen with joy cons on the go is pretty awesome. Snipper Clips is a 2 to 4 player couch co-op puzzle game that might just be the way you sell your wife on letting you get a Switch. It oozes charm and the puzzles are well thought out. Playing with your SO could either serve as a bonding experience or end in divorce (whatever works for you). At the $20 price point both games are worth the purchase to help flesh out the somewhat paltry launch line up. And that brings us to why you really want to purchase this system in the first place...Zelda. I have only played for a couple of hours at this point so I am not ready to call BoTW the greatest game every made yet but I can say that this game is the departure from the Zelda formula that the franchise has needed ever since it went 3D. Perhaps the biggest and most appreciated aspect of this is the lack of hand-holding. You aren't going to spend your first 5 hours running around a safe village being forced over and over to carry barrels just in case you forgot how to push the A button. Instead you are thrust into an open world and immediately invited to explore. Whenever you encounter something new you are greeted with a quick image that tells you how to use it but that is it. No long tutorials. No heavy handed exposition. Just you and your wits. It is fun to discover a new move you didn't know Link could do. There are many ways to approach and fight enemies. Hell you can even spend your time climbing or cutting down trees if you want. It is a game of exploration and the sense of discovery is extremely rewarding. For twenty years we have been asking Nintendo to treat us like adults while still letting us feel the wonder of being a kid. This Zelda delivers on that big time. I can't wait to jump back into that world and learn its secrets. Also being able to pick it up off the dock and carry Zelda to bed with me is a major plus. Ok. My kid is awake now and I have totally squandered my precious early morning play time. I will chime in on discord or in this thread with other observations as I get more time with the system. Feel free to ask me questions if you like. I will end by saying that I can understand why someone would want to hold off on getting a Switch at this point but if you are on the fence you don't have to be shy about getting one. It is a solid system that is sure to bring you lots of enjoyment.