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    You all have to remember.......ITS JUST A GAME. If your a parent, then censor your kids, other than that don't trip on it. I've seen fictional and nonfictional movies that are WAYYYY worse. This is a perfect example of what gamers have been screaming for, and what games have been slowly moving torward for years...REALISM. "Be careful what you wish for you just might get it". Yes the vid I saw was shocking (and my kids won't see/play) it, but how far fetched is it? Threre's more than one way to add realism. On one hand what Infinity Ward is doing, is giving you the chance to be "the bad guy".....some will think its "cool", some won't, some won't have the stomach to even play it. I'll play it, honestly, to me it looked like fun, but while I'm playing I won't for one second lose site of what I'm actually doing - it may be fun but I probably won't find it funny. On the other hand what you are seeing is somebody's interpetation of art (like it or not). It is there to provoke an emotion, to set a mood for the games plot, a mood that will follow you all the way through the game. They want you to see how ruthless the guys are that you'll be shooting at for the rest of the game. What better/blunt/in your face way to do that, than to make you look through the eye's of a terrorist? Get used to it, the bar has been set, now somebody has to, and will top it. Just my opinion (keep in mind I'm not easily shocked or offended). PS. If I offended anybody then I apologize...that was not my intention, and if you are offended....wellll...:s1029: