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    Ryse: Son of Rome (Xbox One) Gameplay: In Ryse you play as a Centerion named Marius. The game starts off basically where it ends and it goes back to show how you got to be where you are at. The gameplay is a generic action setup with some pretty gruesome finishers which can be pulled off when you beat on an enemy long enough. While the game has been criticized for the simplicity of the gameplay I rather enjoyed the ease of whooping on some baddies. The gameplay reminds me of God of War which is another title I really enjoyed. While playing the game you can upgrade certain combo's and finishers which gives it a little something extra. The game also uses the Kinect voice controls in some area's where you give voice commands to the troops under your command. It works flawlessly and actually added a little something to the gameplay. Graphics: This game is really a showpiece for the graphical capabilities of the Xbox One. I was pretty wowed by the graphics of this game, especially as you get further into it. The sheer amount of stuff going on in the fore and background without causing any slowdown is very impressive. I'm pretty sure this game was made just to be a showcase piece. Sound: Again, another great area. The music, the voice acting were all top notch. The surround sound was well done with all the channels being utilized properly. The only downside was there is some repetitive phrases being said by enemies. I noticed that, but didn't care as I loped off limbs. Control: Very easy to use and fairly basic. There is some timing involved in this game though, so you cant just button mash or you will die. The controls, while simple, performed on demand. There were some cases when you can shout out commands to your units while your are playing. This worked very well and worked every time I tried it. Not sure how it works on the systems without Kinect. Replay: This game comes with a Co-Op gladiator style arena. This is actually very fun, and as you partake you can earn some gear to make your gladiator even better. They were putting out more DLC for Co-Op so there was some added stuff there. I never bought it so I cant comment on that. This Co-Op aspect adds some replayabilty, but the single player campaign is rather short. Value: While I whole heartedly enjoyed this game. It did not last long. You can complete the main story in a day if you sit at it. The Co-Op does add some extra value but not enough to warrant a full price purchase. I highly recommend at least renting this game and blasting through the single player game to enjoy the story and graphics. Only buy it if you find a really good deal on it.
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