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    They need one team member to run around as Clippy just asking the other team if they need help with anything. "It looks like you are trying to plant a bomb, can I help you with that?"
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    To me, this isn't really the point. Pretty visuals and chasing them are what drove Square to ruin FF up to this point. Combat systems, that's what FF is about to me and what it does horribly these days.
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    Meh on FF07 remake. I'd adore it if they would do one for FF06. Imagine the opera scene with todays graphics, or the end of the world cinematic done now.
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    I figured I could throw up updates here much like we do with the Shop's FaceBook page. We began running a promotion in store where we're having a large "Back to School" SALE during the month of August. 10% of the purchase price from those sale items is being donated to Extra Life on behalf of TAG as well. At this point we've gathered roughly 10-15.00/USD for Extra Life. Considering that's only two days into the month, before school starts and in a rather small town...it looks promising. We also added two new bars to the website. Autumn Lodge (Type*) as well as Hot Mess! both were added to the Novelty category. Novelty Category of Soaps. Hot Mess! really was a mess. Trying to create a combined fragrance bar (Lavender, Chamomile and Ylang Ylang) slowly morphed into a fourteen fragrance bar that doesn't smell bad at all. I'll continue the updates as they come about and as new product is added to our website.
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    Chrono Trigger and FF6 are my top two all time rpgs.....