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    Here is a link to the R6S blog on the Dustline maps & upcoming patch. It looks like Ubisoft is tweaking a bunch of stuff. Some of it is big changes to a handful of the operators. Other changes include toning down the lighting difference between looking in & looking out. One of my favorites is moving the camera & eyes closer to decrease the issue of peaking in a window, not seeing anyone & getting killed by someone inside the room. One of my biggest issues has been with the difference between what I could see & what people could see of me. I have significantly better K/D with defenders because of the issue of lines of sight in this game. While I am looking forward to another new map, I'm so-so on the new operators. Will definitely give them a try, but they didn't sound too exciting.
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    I did that a little before I went after the last boss. I actually found out after the fact that in my first blind play though I missed 2 or 3 optional bosses Ill get to them on my second playthough i hope.
  3. 1 point
    We're going live again! 3-4:30pm ET.
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    they... confused me lies and stuff! words.... nouns! so confused!
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    I hope so! The game needs some tweaks.
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    I'm really excited to try this out tomorrow. This DLC is a game changer in my opinion.
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    Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege - Operation Dust Line Trailer [US]
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  9. 1 point
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    Yes, I got a flyer that said something to the effect of "Add TV to your internet package for the same price as you pay now" but that didn't factor in the cable box rental fees and whatever other fees that were tacked on. It ended up being more expensive so I passed on that "deal".
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    I will preorder this game if I can be a horse. The things I can say in multiplayer, in character as a horse, will be worth it.