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      New to TAG? Start Here!   08/01/17

      Welcome to TAG! Our community encompasses all aspects of gaming, from Consoles, PC to mobile and handheld, we love all facets of gaming.To become better acquainted with the community a great place to start is with an introduction: Hello! My name is...   Here at TAG we strive to be an all inclusive community where adult gamers can share their passion for all types of gaming. We want TAG to be a great place for all of our members, and for them to enjoy their time here. To that end please familiarize yourself with the guidelines for our community:  TAG policy and guidelines   Thank you, TAG Council
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      T-SHIRTS are LIVE!!!   09/18/17

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    I preordered the Playstation 4 Pro, but I'm gonna wait for PSVR to prove itself and have a bigger collection of PSVR games available before I seriously consider buying a PSVR. I don't want it to just turn into a repeat of the whole PS Move, Xbox Kinect, Wii motion control meh experience.
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    Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 is gonna get PSVR support, what more do you need
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    Hey everyone I just wanted to give a tip for when you do recordings on the PS4, if there's ever been a funny moment in game and you wanted to get everyone's voiced reaction this is what you got to do. Hit the Share button on the controller > then the Options Button on the controller > select Sharing and Broadcasts > then select Audio Sharing Settings > make sure Include Microphone Audio in Video Clips & Share Party Audio has check mark beside it. Next setting you want to deal with is in Party Settings so to get there you have to be in a party Select Party Settings > then Select Adjust Audio Mix > and maker sure the slider is all the way at "Party Audio" and now the people in your party chat will be heard in your videos I am not 100% sure if they to have "Allow Your Voice to be Share" for it to work to do that when your looking at Party Settings you'll see the option (Allow Your Voice to be Share) and you can set it at Never, this Party Only or, Always Allow example: P.S: you'll do the same settings for Broadcasting as well
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    Yes it is setup, just request an invite and I'll send you one. Once the council members here join I'll make them admits so they can invite as well.
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    http://xboxclips.com/JustCallMeTip22/954e2275-f670-499c-95a2-1f42d7f5df87 Here is me and deadmeat tag teaming some dude then rubbing genitals all over him