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      Welcome to TAG! Our community encompasses all aspects of gaming, from Consoles, PC to mobile and handheld, we love all facets of gaming.To become better acquainted with the community a great place to start is with an introduction: Hello! My name is...   Here at TAG we strive to be an all inclusive community where adult gamers can share their passion for all types of gaming. We want TAG to be a great place for all of our members, and for them to enjoy their time here. To that end please familiarize yourself with the guidelines for our community:  TAG policy and guidelines   Thank you, TAG Council
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    I've been playing it a fair bit. I'm slowly getting there but man it can be brutal at times. Brings back memories to older games! I just bought a two-four of beer so I'll be ready for the weeekend play lol.
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    My go to recommendation is Hyper X Cloud Revolver. Unless you ABSOLUTELY believe you can get 5.1/7.1 out of a headset than by all means spend the extra money but when it is all said and done you have 2 ears and 1 speaker on each when you are using a headset so it is all in the software. If you want 5.1/7.1/ATMOS/ETC than you need a real AVR setup.
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    I've been keeping an eye on this for a while now and I'm pretty excited to play it. It's Jason vs camp counselors, that reminds me of Left for dead. I'm going to wait for a couple of reviews just to make sure it doesn't stink, but because it's not a triple A game, and doesn't carry the triple A price, average reviews won't disuede me from a purchase. I think it releases this Friday for $40. Anybody here thinking about getting it?
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    So...my wife wakes me up this morning and asks, "What's the name of the new Xbox coming out?" and I reply that it's called the Xbox One X, half asleep still. Then she says great, cause I just won one! She put in an instant win entry from Taco Bell and it was a winner! Now we will will have two One X's in the house. We've decided to give it to our son for his senior year graduation gift. It should make him one happy graduate!
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    that's not what I heard.
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    Me either! I was not excited when the XB1 launched (that E3 that made it more TV than games deterred me and many folks I think...) but this version looks so awesome and now that they are focused on gaming this rocks.
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    I also got a Scorpio Edition through Gamestop. Cant wait for release day ....