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    Some good points here. I think that more thought could have been put into the port to consoles. The conversion of the UI from PC to console does feel lazy in many places. I can see why they might have chosen to do HOLD X for reload, since you also use X to interact with items, but they could have had a single press of X do reloads when you aren't looking at an item. That may have actually lead to more confusion though. The inventory system in general is kind of cumbersome. I feel like if you pick up a weapon mod and have a weapon it could apply to with an open slot for that mod, it should auto-equip the mod. Much in the same way it does for clothing and other gear. One thing I've started doing is, rather than just looking at items and hitting X to put them into my inventory, I get near the item(s) and pull up my inventory immediately and do everything from there. Allows me to go directly from floor to attached for mods. Also removes some of the hassle of getting the reticule directly over the specific item. I personally disagree with the game map. At least half of the tension for this game, for me, is not knowing when I'm going to come across another player. A smaller map would make this more likely and remove a lot of that tension for me. And if I decide that I want to just go straight into action for a round, I can drop in a location that I know a lot of people will be at. A kill cam would be a nice to have, but not a must-have. And outside of spectating your teammates, I'm not sure why I would want to continue watching once I died. This game absolutely is not for everyone. I do think that, given that it's in Game Preview, they should have offered some kind of demo. I actually think that should be the case for all Game Preview games, since they're all works in progress.