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      Welcome to TAG! Our community encompasses all aspects of gaming, from Consoles, PC to mobile and handheld, we love all facets of gaming.To become better acquainted with the community a great place to start is with an introduction: Hello! My name is...   Here at TAG we strive to be an all inclusive community where adult gamers can share their passion for all types of gaming. We want TAG to be a great place for all of our members, and for them to enjoy their time here. To that end please familiarize yourself with the guidelines for our community:  TAG policy and guidelines   Thank you, TAG Council


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    We have modified our Mason Policy to include the following details: Additional TAG Discord ranks. Pathway towards Masonry via Discord participation. including the words "Discord" in relation to "member" such that it does not exclusively apply to "forum members" but also "Discord members". You can read the full policy, including changes, here:
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    Hi, I'm 33 and play mostly blizzard titles. I have 2 kids so my schedule can be hit and miss, but I've heard a lot of good things about TAG and would like to join. top games I currently play are: Diablo 3, Starcraft, HOTS, DOTA 2, and will be playing a bit of destiny 2 when it's out.
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    I thought it was a requirement to join TAG
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    August free games. Not too shabby, never played Bayonetta, or Trials Fusion (played the first Trials and it was awesome).
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    Most recent Halo night brought us some fun btb games, @BDaddyK gave us the will to win this week. Here's the most recent highlight, I encourage you all to take a peek at the poetic description if you get the chance. Enjoy~
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    Hi, my name is Liz and over the years with family careers and life in general I have fallen out of gaming as many of you did as well! I'm eager to get back in and after my toddler crashes for the night I have all the time in the world until I pass out from exhaustion. I mainly play minecraft, rimworld, don't starve, and binding of issac at the moment, but am eager to try new games! Feel free to add me or ask me any questions and I will see you in game!
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    Insert amazing topic sentence here Hello everyone, I am Destraire. You can call me Des, Champ, or Grayson(my real name). I am 18, sponsored by my uncle. I would consider myself a hardcore player for plenty of games(Dark souls, Sword Hilt run I don't recommend). I am a PC and PS4 player mainly. Play lots of MMO's and RTS's. Such as Final Fantasy XIV, Black Desert online, Command & Conquer. Frequent player of Gems of War on PS4. Think that is all for my introduction, thank you; I hope to play with some of you one of these days. O/
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    Finally had a chance to try out the Destiny 2 beta on the XB1 the other night. Straight away the biggest difference are the graphics, everything has received a nice overhaul. Lighting and particle effects look great. Higher quality textures abound, especially in the scenery, player models, and materials, everything has really high quality textures. Gameplay is Destiny, fluid controls and great gunplay, in other words still great. One thing that did bug me is that it takes forever for grenades and supers to recharge. Hopefully it'll get adjusted for the final release. I only played the first story mission which I enjoyed (and if it's telling of the whole campaign, should be pretty enjoyable) and the included Strike, PvP in Destiny is not my cup o tea. The Strike was pretty fun and the variation from start to finish was cool. The game has a nice, bigger "epic" look to it compared to the first game. I definitely enjoyed my time with the beta.
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    Welcome to TAG! The norm here is to have 2+ kids and little time to game so you found the right group LOL!!!
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    Definite Guardians vibe to this. Totally ready for more Hulk!
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    Season 3 Blu Ray comes out this month!!!
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    I'm catching up!!!!! This series is fantastic!
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    I don't remember much of last night lol.
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    Here's a quickie from last night's Diablo
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    I just picked it up a few days ago. First full group match we won chicken dinner, so I like to think I'm a lucky charm. I've added you on Steam!
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    I managed to get to rank 7 last Friday, so I'm all good! Thanks for the offer!
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    PS4 PRO of course it's where Horizons Zero Dawn shines brightest and it's the game you need to play if you haven't already (along with all the other great titles many of which are better on the Pro!) Cheer Calv1n
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    Great times guys!! Against the pubs.. http://xboxclips.com/HoptimusMax1mus/65e4cdb5-ff8c-4571-938c-a9fc6af434be/embed And baggin away.. http://xboxclips.com/HoptimusMax1mus/ab866926-5267-4151-ad8f-d9da59ab8b27/embed
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    more like the cool uncles that decided not to have kids and keep their 20's alive and well. oh welcome to tag.
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    This man, ladies and gentlemen, knows how to properly RIP AND TEAR.
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    I'm right there with you! He's my favorite. They've said this is about as close as we'll get to a World War Hulk movie. I hope they do it justice, and maybe fan response gives them a reason to backtrack.
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    I'll believe it when I see it...
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    The awesome thing here is you can play any hero to level 10 for free. Start with your faves and see how you like them.
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    The producers said late last season that next season's villain will not be a Speedster (yay!). Based on how things have played out with the female villains in Flash and Arrow, I'm hoping we'll see something like that take center stage.
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    That was actually boring... Compared to the Thor trailer... It was missing the charm.... It didn't click with me either
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    Snagged one on my Bestbuy rewards card.
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    I was the first pre-order at my local GameStop. Excited for November 7th!
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    Council is coordinating with Wyvern on this matter, so not to worry. We will not need a new clan.
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    I thought Wednesday's were unofficial D3 night, but maybe that's just for a select (and elite) few. I know @Hoptimus and I have the same issue, D&D every other Monday. Though lately it seems to be at most every other Monday and instead every 3rd or 4th...
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    GTA 5 stunt jump nailed on first attempt in Truffade Nero custom super car :)
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    Easy sell for my son, he loves him some Marvel comics
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    Couch co-op me hopes!
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    I started with deadpool and my son was the hulk. Cool you can play anyone for free out of the gate.
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    Looks like we be playin' Bomberman!
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    Same here. It's been getting some solid previews too.
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    You preach to the choir, hell the best DCU movie thus far has been Wonder Woman because he wasn't in it that long. Gee, what other series of movies can I think of where the best one was the one where it's visionary had the least influence? Oh yeah, Star Wars the Empire Strikes Back.
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    Anyone still playing this? I finally dl'd it the other day, though have yet to play it.
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    Not according to Zack Snyder: http://www.mtv.com/news/2797214/grant-gustin-zack-snyder-the-flash-justice-league/
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    Been keeping an eye on Doom for a while, and I couldn't resist this deal. Thanks for the heads up.
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    Thanks @BDaddyK I got home and forgot to link it.
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    It was. I'll post @hybridhavoc's link when I get home.
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    It'd be on XB, as I have no PS4
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    Get a 1TB external drive and transfer all your saved data to it. Then plug it into you new PS4 and leave it as an external drive. That way your gaming data is always available to you in case your PS4 bites the dust.