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      Welcome to TAG! Our community encompasses all aspects of gaming, from Consoles, PC to mobile and handheld, we love all facets of gaming.To become better acquainted with the community a great place to start is with an introduction: Hello! My name is...   Here at TAG we strive to be an all inclusive community where adult gamers can share their passion for all types of gaming. We want TAG to be a great place for all of our members, and for them to enjoy their time here. To that end please familiarize yourself with the guidelines for our community:  TAG policy and guidelines   Thank you, TAG Council
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    So...my wife wakes me up this morning and asks, "What's the name of the new Xbox coming out?" and I reply that it's called the Xbox One X, half asleep still. Then she says great, cause I just won one! She put in an instant win entry from Taco Bell and it was a winner! Now we will will have two One X's in the house. We've decided to give it to our son for his senior year graduation gift. It should make him one happy graduate!
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    I created a Minecraft realm strictly for us this past weekend. If you own the Windows 10, XB1, iOS, Android, GearVR, or soon to come Switch versions, you can play in our realm whenever you want at any time. No need for a host to be online. Up to 10 concurrent players able to be online at the same time. If anyone is interested and is already on my Xbox Live friends list, just reply below that you want an invite. If you aren't on my FL yet, reply below and let me know so we can friend up and I can get you an invite. I'm looking forward to some more MC action in between my Destiny binges! IMPORTANT NOTE FOR XBOX 1 USERS: Make sure you download the new version of Minecraft from the XBL store. The new version is just called Minecraft. The Xbox Live Edition is now operating as a separate version and will not allow access to realms and what not.
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    My go to recommendation is Hyper X Cloud Revolver. Unless you ABSOLUTELY believe you can get 5.1/7.1 out of a headset than by all means spend the extra money but when it is all said and done you have 2 ears and 1 speaker on each when you are using a headset so it is all in the software. If you want 5.1/7.1/ATMOS/ETC than you need a real AVR setup.
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    Hey Everyone, My name is Eric, and I am a 30 year old nerd. I've been playing with TAG members for a few years now and recently decided to join. I mainly play Destiny, but I try to keep up with the major releases every year. If you want to check out some of the games I've played check out my PSN Profile xEBOO5X. Some of my other passions in life are movies (comic book movies, Indian Jones, Star Wars, The Goonies, Space Balls, etc), recreational sports (football, basketball, water skiing, Golf, snowboarding, etc), spending time with family and friends, and occasionally writing. I'm a pretty friendly guy, so feel free to reach out.
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    It's supposed to come in the mail in 6-8 weeks.
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    Just an easy to find thread with easy to read Leviathan raid maps! Underbelly Pleasure Gardens Dog path and spores
  8. 2 points
    Hell yeah, I'd be down for sprinkling in the MCC to our current game nights. I miss my Rockets FFA on Prisoner
  9. 2 points
    WTF?! It's not April 1st...
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    Would like to start the raid around 9:30 on Friday the 13th. Please leave your name and available start time and we can get this going. 1-Zenlizard 2-BigBulletDome 3-Meager(Jagart) 4-WOMgangsta(aka Diondre) 5-IckyGunner 6-BWANutnclevr
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    Blade Runner 2049 is impressive! 9.5/10
  14. 2 points
    You can send me an invite. I have been playing with Minecraft son now that he plays. I always thought the game was stupid when I saw my nephew playing it before! So now that I have started playing Minecraft with my son I have changed my mind. I will come and check out your Realm. I have been using My Nvidia Shield TV to play.
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    that's not what I heard.
  16. 2 points
    Happy Birthday, man! Please enjoy Creed's greatest hits!
  17. 2 points
    map that Vinny found
  18. 1 point
    Very; if there's one thing the makers of the game screwed up on is that there is no online co-op for this, only local. I've read off & on that they are aware of the issue, but being aware of something & actually trying to correct it are 2 different things.
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    I've been playing it a fair bit. I'm slowly getting there but man it can be brutal at times. Brings back memories to older games! I just bought a two-four of beer so I'll be ready for the weeekend play lol.
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    Also I forgot to post this one @That Guy Link
  21. 1 point
    At long last it has arrived @SithWarrior
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    (Late to the party) Baby Driver Loved the music and the driving. I fear I went in with such high expectations, though, that it sabotaged some of the enjoyment. I do regret not seeing it in the theater. 7.5/10, will probably not buy.
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    All I know is I've just gotta check with @Hoptimus before I buy any new headsets
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    That is totally Randy Savage channeling The Offspring.
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    I have all of the Jackbox games on XBO and will be picking up the fourth pack this week. I would like to get a bunch of us on to play. This is a blast and I think it would be great with the headsets and chat while we play. I can stream and everyone can join without having to buy it. Is anyone interested in trying it out?
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    Man somewhere up there JACK KIRBY has a huge smile on his face. That looks awesome.
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    Just don't tell people that you will "be right back" and you will be fine.
  29. 1 point
    Hey @Hugo J Stiglitz, I've been playing another server, but wouldn't mind the option to hop in and out of this one. We were friends at one point, but I don't know if that's true still since it was pre-Xbox 1. Primordial G00 (zero's in goo) on XBL. Thanks.!
  30. 1 point
    The second trailer, enjoy!
  31. 1 point
    LIES! ALL LIES! He is ABUSIVE and yelled at @scotty918for hours until he quit gaming.... only to come back days later... Welcome to TAG @xEBOO5x LOL
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    I'll be hunting, for real, this weekend but, if anyone is interested in checking out GR:W, this weekend it's free for everyone to try... the whole game: https://ghost-recon.ubisoft.com/wildlands/en-us/free-weekend/index.aspx
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    Totally agreed. Not only was it amazing to make a sequel to Bladerunner and have it be amazing but in some ways it enhances the original and opened more questions than it answered! So good.
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    Welcome to TAG!.... i think LOL
  38. 1 point
    Hello, I was told about this group from some buddies of mine WOMgangster and ZenLizard. I play destiny and am looking forward to not dealing with a bunch of kids on here.
  39. 1 point
    This is tempting. I'll have a baby any day now so I can maybe see me have a little time where I can just sit around....
  40. 1 point
    After you eat $500 worth of Big Beef Burrito Supremes
  41. 1 point
    lets all wish our sites fail king @LilUbo a very happy birthday!!!
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    didn't we kick you outta here years ago jimmy?
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    Details below. Post here if you want a code to join. First 5 get them. Not open to anyone who joins TAG after this post. Sorry, but giving these away to existing taggers. Project 1v1 Testing Returns: Invite Your Friends! Project 1v1's Closed Technical Test is back online NOW! Log back in for the final week of testing and bring along a friend (or five) to help test new balance updates and quality-of-life improvements, including a leveling of the playing field by upgrading all players and cards to max level for the remainder of the test. You can check out the full list of changes here. As a member of our inaugural test group, we're excited to hook you up with five VIP Invitation Codes that will get your friends expedited, guaranteed access to the last week of the Closed Technical Test. VIP INVITATION CODE REDEMPTION INSTRUCTIONS: Give one of the codes above to a friend and send them to the Project 1v1 Opt-In Page Enter the Invitation Code in the field and press "Redeem" After agreeing to the NDA, they'll be given a Steam Key along with redemption instructions Log in and join the fight! GETTING STARTED For tips on getting your friends up to speed, check out our handy FAQ. Also, be sure to join our Project 1v1 forums to share feedback and chat with other members of the Gearbox community. As a friendly reminder, taking or posting screenshots, videos, and livestreaming Project 1v1 is not allowed during this Closed Technical Test. However, you're encouraged to share your thoughts and join the discussion on the Project 1v1 forums! See you in the Arena!
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    || Leviathan Raid Run || for September 25, 2017 @ 8:00pm or 9:00pm EST 1. JjGianT11 - 297 Titan 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Alt
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    Me either! I was not excited when the XB1 launched (that E3 that made it more TV than games deterred me and many folks I think...) but this version looks so awesome and now that they are focused on gaming this rocks.
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    The Xbox is still there Duke... I am slowly gonna take over the clan by importing all my friends.
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    Hope everyone finds the following info useful. I did. The public events can be one of the most rewarding aspects of this game, from a power-leveling perspective. During each of the public events, you can fulfill certain criteria to turn the public event into a "Heroic" Public Event. Why would you want to do this? Because the Heroic version of the public event has a notably higher chance to drop Powerful Gear (gear that decrypts above 265 light) and especially exotic engrams. I've gotten four so far and my playtime has been pretty limited. So, if you're off doing quests or just exploring the world of Destiny 2, here's how you trigger the "Heroic" version of every public event. This video links to a YouTube video by Datto, if you're more of a visual learner. If not, read on. Taken from Forbes: Glimmer Extraction Event – This one is easy to miss. At each of the three locations where bad guys are dropped, there’s a little machine on the ground. Shoot it (if it’s taking damage, it’s the right thing) until it blows up, and do that at all three locations. The toughest part of this is killing the thing before your trigger-happy teammates burst down all the marked bad guys. If you do so, you’ll have to defend a glimmer pile against enemies after the event ends. Weapons Exchange (Spider Tank) Event – This one is the most straightforward and one you’ve probably stumbled across a few times by accident. When the Spider Tank gets one of its legs crippled, it spits out arc orbs you can use to deactivate two nodes of three forcefields around the area, unlocking Scorch Cannons. While those weapons are great for bursting down the tank, unlock all the forcefields and a second tank will drop for the heroic modifier. Cabal Excavation Event – This is the one where you stand in the circle and repel waves of Cabal. Eventually a Thresher ship will appear, and if you kill it before the event ends, it will spawn a giant miniboss for you to taken down. He’s not that hard, but the Thresher? It can take some work to target. There are at least two instances when it will fly low enough to be easily shot, but you might want to take a scout or sniper rifle and crack off some shots at it as it flies around as well, as it can take a while to kill. Cabal Injection Rig Event – Another tougher one to pull off, thanks to unknowing teammates. Every time you kill a Psion in the initial part of this event, a bright vent will appear on the machine above you. Shoot it until it blows up. Kill three of them, and that’s the heroic trigger. The catch is that you don’t have very long to do this, and you will be burning to death as you do so. Disrupt Vex Construction – This one is decently easy with just a couple people. Throughout the event, three circles will appear. Stand in them until you “capture” them to 100, then a bunch of harder Vex will spawn as the heroic trigger. Fallen Ether Resupply Event – While you have to kill some of the mini-boss Servitors to make sure the big Servitor isn’t invincible or reducing damage, kill all the supporting Servitors for the heroic trigger which will then spawn tougher Fallen to deal with. Taken Blight Event – This one I had no idea how to trigger until I actually looked it up. While you destroy the smaller blights to beat the event normally, when you go in and out of those mini blight “zones” you will get a buff that allows you to damage the main, big blight. Damage it enough, and you will trigger the heroic component of this event, which is a boss Taken to kill. Witches Ritual Event – While you first stand on the two circles to take down the shields of two Wizards, after that keep standing on them to take the shields down off crystals on the top right and left of the central portal, and destroy them. Big boss comes through the portal after that. This is another one I have yet to witness in person.