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      Welcome to TAG! Our community encompasses all aspects of gaming, from Consoles, PC to mobile and handheld, we love all facets of gaming.To become better acquainted with the community a great place to start is with an introduction: Hello! My name is...   Here at TAG we strive to be an all inclusive community where adult gamers can share their passion for all types of gaming. We want TAG to be a great place for all of our members, and for them to enjoy their time here. To that end please familiarize yourself with the guidelines for our community:  TAG policy and guidelines   Thank you, TAG Council
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    :birthday: TAG :s1038: First off, apologies for the belated announcement. Ooopy hasn't been around to remind us of these special occasions. (See somehow, we can still blame Ooopy ). TAG was created on August 10th, 2005 by The Hatter and a group of friends that wanted to do things differently. They envisioned a gaming community run by the community members, made up of members that were at least 21 years old. To become a true Member of TAG, the group at large had to have gamed with you and approve you. It was very close knit community of gamers, and this forum was here for them to share experiences and laugh at triumphs from the previous night's frag-fest. Of the original 29 members that founded TAG in August 2005, many of them are still active on the forums: The Hatter, NEFARIOC, Powerdriven, Dr Superb, vicious696, Lil Ivan, Palamino, metalsiren, iGot Issues, CaptNink, Ballz3, Terminator, MaCrotch, easy does it, Lobstah, krazyness, and moz092. We still have many other active members from that first year, and TAG began to grow steadily after that. Cheers to our founders for creating something great! TAG has evolved a little since then, but our core principals are still the same. We are a community of adult gamers that play together online and share life experiences. Many real friendships have been created in this community. It's something that I hope continues for another 10 years! (And for what it's worth, TAG has been around longer than the Xbox 360.)
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    The site upgrade to IPS 4 is complete, and some things are very different. Please read through this list of noticeable changes. After 10 years with multiple admins, our old site file system was a mess. I installed this system from the ground up and copied over very little content (mostly just images). I'm still going through the old files and looking for things that should be moved over. If you encounter any issues or missing content, please let me know and I'll look into it. Home Page The Home page needs to be rebuilt. For now, it will simply redirect you to the Forums, which is where most people have bookmarked. Site Addons All of our Addons were lost in the migration, such as the Arcade and Cheevos. We will install new addons as they are created for IPS 4. Site Theme For now, we are using the basic site theme (boring blue). We will look for an update in the future, once the other features of the site have been rebuilt. Unread Content The 'View New Content' feature has been updated and can now be personalized. First thing: Go to Unread Content and at the top right click 'Mark site read'. This will clear all the old stuff from your activity stream. Just think of it as starting fresh in 2016. Mentions You can now mention someone in a post and that person will receive a notification. The format is simply @username. Once you type the '@' symbol and a couple of letters, it will auto suggest names. You can click the name, or press the down arrow and press Enter/Return to select it. Quoting text You can now highlight a section of text and a 'Quote this' link should appear above it, so you can easily quote a small section of a post. Drag & Drop Images You can drag and drop images from other web pages directly into the post editor. Notifications The site will provide a lot of notification options. You might want to go into your profile and adjust the notifications you receive. (I suggest You can also receive pop-up notifications, so if you leave the site open, you will see a pop-up appear on your screen when you have a new notification. Signatures You will need to recreate your signature. Friends The old Friends system was removed, and is now a Followers system. If you Follow someone, you will receive notifications when they post something. For this reason, I did not transfers your Friends into Followers. Smilies / Emoticons Some of the Smilies are missing. If you notice broken ones, please let me know. Username & Display Name There is no longer a separate Username for you account. You login with your Display Name. For most people, these 2 names were the same so it won't be an issue. If you hear from someone that can't log in, tell them to use their Display Name if it was different from their Username. Facebook & Twitter Login You can link your TAG account to your Facebook or Twitter account, providing one-click login. Login access for Google accounts will be added soon. Forum Archiving The forum will now archive topics where the last post is more than 2 years old (currently 87% of our content). This means you will be able to read as normal, but will not be able to post to the topic. If you find a topic that is archived and should not be, please let Council know.
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    Site outage on Wednesday & Thursday! This weekend we will be moving to a new server and upgrading the forums. The maintenance will start Wednesday night, at 9pm ET. The website will probably be offline most of the day Thursday. TeamSpeak will be affected by this. I'm working to minimize the impact, so there should only be a brief outage when the DNS record updates. If you are using TS late Saturday night and get disconnected, please close it and restart. It should connect to TS on the new server. Follow TAG on Twitter or join our Facebook group. Our email system will be offline for awhile during this migration, so emails to Council will not be seen. In the event of serious issues, I will post updates to our Twitter feed and Facebook group. Twitter: https://twitter.com/TheAdultGamer Facebook Public Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2365963318/ TAG's Facebook account: https://www.facebook.com/The-Adult-Gamer-395780940467173/ After the update, you should be able to log into TAG with your current username & password. The forums will look different, and some features will not be available. I'll post information on how to navigate the new forums once we're back online. If you have any questions, feel free to post them here. UPDATE: The maintenance has been rescheduled for Wednesday, January 6, at 9pm ET.
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    As some of you may or may not have heard, my wife and I are involved in a family business that produces handcrafted soaps, lotions and other skin health / bath and body products. After reading about the Extra Life program we wanted to contribute. We've consulted with Council as well as getting a final say from within the business and would like to extend an offer. During the months of August and September any TAGger who makes a purchase from the Santa Fe Soap Factory, LLC. will have 10% of their purchase price donated to Extra Life on behalf of TAG. Several TAGgers are already customers or have received our product. If they'd like to step forward and let the community know what they think please do so, otherwise you can check out our FaceBook page at Santa Fe Soap Factory, LLC. You can also check out our webpage at <removed by request> which is very much still under construction but navigational. If your interested in making a purchase that supports a great cause and either are turned off by the website or don't see something of interest you can contact us on FaceBook, e-mail (SantaFeSoaps@gmail.com)...send me a PM here. However you'd like to reach out. We have quite a bit that isn't on the webpage yet and more in the pipeline. Just remember to let us know you're a TAGger.
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    I put together a collage of me horsin' around the house.
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    OK, here's the deal. Give me Rep......... You get nothing in return except possibly Rep from me. Oh yeah, I'll not put you on ignore. Now wouldn't you feel good about giving me Rep? Oh shut up and do it anyway. TTYL
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    So...my wife wakes me up this morning and asks, "What's the name of the new Xbox coming out?" and I reply that it's called the Xbox One X, half asleep still. Then she says great, cause I just won one! She put in an instant win entry from Taco Bell and it was a winner! Now we will will have two One X's in the house. We've decided to give it to our son for his senior year graduation gift. It should make him one happy graduate!
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    Hi I'm Tbo, duke's younger brother, I am a PS4 gamer. I enjoy fps games or other shooter/strategy games. I also enjoy soccer and anime. I'm a gamer who likes to play online with people or play by my self if needed. I'm very exited to play destiny 2
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    Digging through some files earlier and found these. Completely forgot about this. They say never meet your hero, you will be disappointed. In this case, boy were they wrong. Fun times in Vegas. They spent as much time in the lobby meeting fans and taking pictures as they did on stage. Love me some Penn and Teller.
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    Doubtful I'll get on tonight. We had our second daughter on Tuesday. I present to you lilmissxbox2 Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
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    It is a testament to how much I love TAG that it is a Saturday morning, my kid and wife are still asleep, I could be playing Zelda but I choose to share the love of Switch with you guys instead. This one is for you @BDaddyK I have spent roughly 3 hours playing with Nintendo's newest creation and my overall impression is that the Switch is a solid piece of portable hardware that is slightly underbaked at launch but has remarkable potential. Whether it will mark a recovery from the misstep of the Wii U and bring back the fascination that the general public had with the Wii remains to be seen but, slight hardware problems aside, I feel it is off to a great start. Out of the box the Switch is remarkably simple to set up. You go through a couple of screens to connect and remove the joy cons, set up wi-fi, and that is about it. In the past Nintendo has layered on their patented charm and while that is often appreciated and makes things feel magical it is clear from the instant you pull the Switch out of the box that Nintendo wants to make things understated and simple so that you can get right to playing. The OS is stripped down. You don't even get playful music on the dash or the eshop. You aren't inundated with a ton of options either. Front and center are the game tiles (assuming you have a cart in the system). This stripped down nature makes everything snappy and quick. Going from game to dashboard to settings to whatever is so fast it puts the Xbox One dash to shame. I appreciate this no-nonsense approach and some might interpret it as a sign that the Switch was rushed to market but I like to think of it as the end of the era of Nintendo trying to treat us all like children and hand hold us through everything. What about the hardware itself? Well, it is small. In a good way. It feels great to hold. The joy cons when attached to the system feel natural and satisfying. When the system is docked I prefer the pro controller over the joy con grip controller but either way works fine. Overall Nintendo has succeeded in making a portable system that works equally well as a home console. It certainly isn't as powerful as its competition when attached to a tv but it is more than adequate (saying it is about one notch up from a 360 might be underselling it but that is kinda the ballpark). When on the go, however, the Switch is unparalleled. Typically handheld systems are solitary affairs. Something to do on the plane or bus to make getting from point A to B bearable. But she Switch is more than that. It makes portable systems social. Everywhere you go you have a 2nd controller with you. I took the system to work yesterday and we played Fast RMX split screen with the joy cons and it felt great. Sure the screen is small but who cares when you can be doing couch co-op from the top of Mt. Everest. Snipper Clips also went over well with my co-workers. The joy cons might be small but the recall the original NES controllers and handing one to someone, even if they aren't a typical gamer, is met with instant familiarity. The hardware is solid and doesn't feel cheap at all but it should be said that I don't think this is a device for kids to handle without adult supervision. I mean you could back over a 2DS with a truck and not have to worry about it but the Switch, while solid, doesn't feel as kid proof as everything Nintendo has ever produced. Oh and a word of warning from a dumbass that did this on his first try...the bumper attachments on the joy cons only work if you put them on one way but you can totally slip it on the wrong way if you aren't paying attention and it locks into place and it nearly impossible to get off without breaking the damn thing. Luckily I wasn't the only person to do this and there are youtube videos out there describing how to remove it without damaging the controller. It feels like a big oversight in the design and I can't help but think that Nintendo will revise these things as soon as possible. Honestly it is worse than the Wii-mote slippage that led to Nintendo sending out free Wii-mote condoms to everyone. So what about the games? I haven't had any time to do a full play through of anything so I will just sum them up quickly. Fast RMX is futuristic racer that is a cross between Wipeout and Ikaruga with a F-Zero GX aesthetic. It is a fast, beautiful, and really well made indie title that is certainly punching above its weight. Online multiplayer works seamlessly. Local multiplayer does also and, as I mentioned previously, split screen with joy cons on the go is pretty awesome. Snipper Clips is a 2 to 4 player couch co-op puzzle game that might just be the way you sell your wife on letting you get a Switch. It oozes charm and the puzzles are well thought out. Playing with your SO could either serve as a bonding experience or end in divorce (whatever works for you). At the $20 price point both games are worth the purchase to help flesh out the somewhat paltry launch line up. And that brings us to why you really want to purchase this system in the first place...Zelda. I have only played for a couple of hours at this point so I am not ready to call BoTW the greatest game every made yet but I can say that this game is the departure from the Zelda formula that the franchise has needed ever since it went 3D. Perhaps the biggest and most appreciated aspect of this is the lack of hand-holding. You aren't going to spend your first 5 hours running around a safe village being forced over and over to carry barrels just in case you forgot how to push the A button. Instead you are thrust into an open world and immediately invited to explore. Whenever you encounter something new you are greeted with a quick image that tells you how to use it but that is it. No long tutorials. No heavy handed exposition. Just you and your wits. It is fun to discover a new move you didn't know Link could do. There are many ways to approach and fight enemies. Hell you can even spend your time climbing or cutting down trees if you want. It is a game of exploration and the sense of discovery is extremely rewarding. For twenty years we have been asking Nintendo to treat us like adults while still letting us feel the wonder of being a kid. This Zelda delivers on that big time. I can't wait to jump back into that world and learn its secrets. Also being able to pick it up off the dock and carry Zelda to bed with me is a major plus. Ok. My kid is awake now and I have totally squandered my precious early morning play time. I will chime in on discord or in this thread with other observations as I get more time with the system. Feel free to ask me questions if you like. I will end by saying that I can understand why someone would want to hold off on getting a Switch at this point but if you are on the fence you don't have to be shy about getting one. It is a solid system that is sure to bring you lots of enjoyment.
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    There's a new page for Game Streams where you can see all the TAG Member's Twitch channels. In the future it might also have streams for other popular Twitch channels. If you would like your channel listed, please post a response here with your Twitch channel name. View the Twitch Streams (http://theadultgamer.com/index.php?/twitchstreams/). I enabled some specific permissions, so please let me know if you have trouble viewing the page. (Note: I still need to finish styling the page so that it looks better, along with a view other modifications.)
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    I did something kinda crazy. I know zilch about auto mechanics, but I've always liked the idea of restoring an old car, and I love Jeeps. I found a 1968 Jeepster Commando for sale on Craigslist last week, and after an easy buy-in from the wife, I purchased it yesterday. I'm planning to strip it, repair it, repaint it and rebuild it. Thankfully, I have several friends who have plenty of knowledge, experience and (best of all) tools! As is, it does not run. It has a Dauntless Buick 225 V6 engine, which I'm assuming is completely seized up, but we'll find out soon. I've got to make something happen soon so my wife can have her parking spot. I've started a Tumblr page at http://68commando.tumblr.com/ totrack the progress. Should be a fun project... (famous last words)
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    Listen up folks. Wyvern13's wife needs our help. now i know you are thinking how can i help out?? well take a look at BeTheMatch.org This is a great cause and if you can help a TAGGER out at the same time its a win/win right? so here are the details: again thats BeTheMatch.org go there and help out.
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    "Like" this post if you guys want me to stream when I play PC games, I have the rig to do it but am lazy and never bother turning the streaming on. If this hits 5+ add mine as well as I'll turn it on whenever I play anything
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    It's almost been a year since I first joined, and I have to confess that I wish I stumbled on you guys much sooner. Every other old game community I've been in has died at this point except this one. Standing the test of time means something. But all good things must come to an end, and that means my gaming passion. I'm not getting better at it (the contrary is the case), I'm not having more fun with each new game (I'm getting grumpier with each release), and what time I could have spent bettering myself IRL I instead chose to spend trying (and forever failing) to be an online l33t badass. I think it's time for me to walk away from the hobby and fix my own life rather than use it as the permanent escape from it that it has become. So, adios amigos. You can't have my stuff (unless you want to buy it, heheheh). I've had the best gaming year with ya'll that I've had in a while. Thanks for that. This community really is one in a million, even if Discord did kill the forums. o7
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    Yes, an actual serious face post from moi! For those who don't know, this is National Mental Health Awareness Week. Mental Health is that red-headed stepchild issue in the United States that affects each one of us directly or indirectly but isn't something we, at least on a political level, are interested in addressing at all. I personally struggle with I'll describe it as a spectrum, or circle of inter-related diagnoses: post-traumatic stress disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, social anxiety disorder, and major depressive disorder. Just sharing this is often a bad decision for employment or relationship prospects due to the very real stigma that applies to mental health, but I'm sharing it because I also want to offer that if anyone else suffers from similar issues, know that you can always hit me up to talk about it if you need an ear to listen to or a shoulder to lean on. All that said, I'll just toss out two links (okay, technically three, but it's a two-part) that do a better job documenting the real struggles of folks than your typical Hollywood film ever will. And, as an aside, Hyperbole and a Half is a really funny blog written by an Oregonian. Make sure to check out her post on "Alot", too! Depression: Part 1: http://hyperboleandahalf.blogspot.com/2011/10/adventures-in-depression.html Part 2: http://hyperboleandahalf.blogspot.com/2013/05/depression-part-two.html OCD and Anxiety:
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    All money raised by TAG goes to support our operating costs and community. If we have extra funds, we will use it for prizes and/or donate it to a charitable group. We do not make a profit and no one at TAG is paid for their efforts. The easiest and best way to support TAG is by using our Amazon Associates account. It's very simple to do and a small percentage of your purchases go to support our community. Any time you make a purchase from Amazon, use one of these links: :s1045: USA http://www.amazon.com/?tag=tag-us-20 :s1047: Canada http://www.amazon.ca/?tag=theadugam00-20 If you want to make it really easy, save the link to your Bookmarks bar or folder and use it every time you shop! In the past, we have raised money by asking for member donations and selling t-shirts and bumper stickers to our members. The amount we receive from the Amazon Associates deal far exceeds anything we made in the past, and it's much easier for everyone. Bottom line, it really works and helps us immensely. Please remember that if someone links to an Amazon item in our forums, it may not include the Amazon TAG link. For the benefit of everyone, please use the Amazon TAG link above and then search for and purchase the item. If our expenses become too much, we might sell t-shirts or run a donation campaign. We are fortunate to have a great community with generous members. Thanks to everyone that has supported us and to those that continue to support us! Note: The Adult Gamer (theadultgamer.com) is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon.com.
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    Ok some of u know im going to be a dad again well yesterday my wife had her 22 week ultrasound & were having another girl! Here's a 3d pic of her face. Cool but a little creepy lol.
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    Yeah I'm actually a little bummed they did a complete 180 and didn't try to actually fix the issue instead of just giving up on it. For example, why not just give me the choice to check-in online every 24 hours or use the physical disc after 24 hours if I can't get online. Because while no one wanted to talk about the good things, there were actually some cool features that MS was giving us because of the DRM crap. Now you can't share your library of games with up to 10 people, play your games on any xbox, etc. Oh well you win some you lose some. [sarcasam] At least now I can play my Xbox One off the grid in my end of the world bomb shelter when the zombies are attacking and the only internet available is connected by an intricate series of strings and tin cans [/sarcasm] :roll:
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    So, let's see...you've just dealt with someone who obviously had a bad attitude or was simply in a bad mood by doing something that will only cause them to be even more annoyed when the next person sits down. Sure sounds like a good idea to me. :rolleyes: Either that or you've just made a big fucking mess for a bus boy who had nothing to do with the situation to begin with. Treat people like you want to be treated and it all works out in the end. Treat people like shit and all you're doing is perpetuating a cycle of people being shitty.
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    As it turns out, i find this bit hard..like being back in school. Hello I'm Lee, Leanne or Nixslee (PS4) I've been a gamer eva since my brother started D&D and i got hold of his books. Books full of magic and monsters..obviously. And being an older brother he pushed me out his room and never did teach me how to play. My grammar is terrible, so please forgive my spelling errors. I'm reaching out because as much as i love my friends, they don't get that to me playing Witcher or Mass effect is my out. Life is too hectic to be serious all the time. I'm 38 and a nurse in Australia. So hi and i hope to get to know you all soon.
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    A little about me.... Married, 45 yrs old, living in northern Alberta. Been a gamer since I was 10, I miss the old vic 20!. I enjoy playing PC games and hope to meet new members and particpate and contribute to the community. QntumCanuck
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    Sounds like a good time to throw out our This is What TAG's About video, taken from a Halo night.
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    We're just re-releasing this as a remastered discussion for the forums.
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    On what planet was the SNES mediocre or the N64 a flop? I agree that everything past the N64 was a steaming pile of shit and this new console looks to be more of the same but c'mon bro. Just say you were a Sega kid and move along but don't slip these opinions in as if they're facts.
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    I know some folk are on the fence about this game because their hasn't been a lot of information about what the game actually is. I picked it up yesterday and I will have to say that I haven't lost myself in a game like this in ages. I am only about 4 hours in and just now opened up the ability for interstellar travel so I don't think I have begun to scratch the surface of what the game has in store but here is kind of an overview of what I can tell so far: What NMS isn't: It isn't a multiplayer game. Yes, everyone inhabits the same universe and yes you can discover and name just about everything and other players can in theory visit the places you have discovered and they will see the stuff you have named. But, they have said it is highly unlikely that you will ever actually run into another player live. Some folk on reddit attempted to do a meet up and, even though they were in the same place, they couldn't see each other. So while you might see some TAG planets eventually you probably won't see any TAGers during your journey. What NMS is: You can look at NMS as an exploration game with resource management and survival aspects. There is combat both on the ground and in space but it isn't the focus (at least not early in the game). So far my focus has been to repair my ship so that I can leave the initial planet, tour the solar system looking for the parts needed to jump to other systems. I assume that is the bulk of the game. There is a map that shows the critical path to the center of the universe but you don't have to do that at all if you don't want. I presume hitting the center will be the end game but, with a universe of 15 quintillion worlds, you can explore forever if you want. So far I have explored multiple planets, begun to learn an alien language (to facilitate trade), scanned a lot of objects to "discover" them, been attacked by sentinel robots/maneater beasts/space pirates, discovered new technologies, gathered resources, made some aliens very happy by giving them some shit they could have easily found on the ground themselves. I get the feeling this makes up the bulk of the game loop but I hope that the game still has a lot of surprises in store. More than anything NMS fills me with a sense that anything can happen and I don't want to stop playing because I don't know what will happen next. If nothing else it is the realization of my childhood desire to have a game where I could fly around in space, see a planet, and go there. The feeling of taking off for the first time, breaking atmosphere and seeing space unfold before you is wonderful. I do admit that it will likely wear thin eventually but feeling that just once was almost worth the price of admission for me (hyperbole).
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    where have you guys been all my life?!? I've been waiting for a gaming community that fits me and that I can compliment back in gameplay and good relations. Last week I got yelled at by a six year old in cod because he couldn't hit me. I don't want to have to talk to anyone's parents over Xbox live anymore for upsetting their child. I'm excited to be here !!!
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    MisterxboxNJ and LilMissXboxNJ (about a year and a half ago) Another of us when she's a little older
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    I don't mind running the back end again (nominations, scheduling, draft night, score submissions, etc). Hopefully that takes a lot of the weight off of whoever is doing the event threads and such. I'd still like to add an actual matchmaking system this year. We'll see if I have time.
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    In all not seriousness. I don't think it really matters. They can stay with Union if they want or join us if they want. Either way we drink beer and shoot each other. Win/Win ;) We are not trying to recruit from anyone. This is not at all in any way serious. I drink too much, BDaddy cusses too much and Stud....well he just has problems.....
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    this is me tomorrow looking for UPS:
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    So Christmas morning I was opening the present my wife got for me (and I mean actual gift, this isn't a euphemism). It had arrived just before Christmas and was still in all the overpack and shipping boxes. I couldn't tell what it was , I just kept opening the next box....and then this happened. Now this may not be the best packaging of an item, but when a box has it's own fanfare when you break the seals and remove the top, well it has to be the best designed thing ever. And I don't think I'm exaggerating. (Please, please, please let this link work) https://youtu.be/kq3QJUDINek
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    Merry Christmas TAG! Hope your holiday weekend is filled with good cheer, great presents, yummy food, and frothing beer.
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    Like a BOSS!!!!! You betcha!!!! But not for very long, this thing needs to air out. Just opening the box you can smell the fumes. And after trying it out for about 5 minutes, I'm thinking I might be high as fawk. Or I'm just taking years of my life by breathing in it.
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    30 people signed up, & that's counting the people to volunteered for things (captains, LTs, the medals, what event goes when, & so on). Basically, that's 10 people per team going by the 3 teams model we've been using over the years. Now put "everyday life issues" into the equation (Jobs, family issues, can't make a game a certain day or days for whatever reason... & so forth) & that number probably drops to about 6 per team. Keep in mind that up until this year we've usually had, on average, in the mid to high 70s as far as players went & there have been entire nights when we couldn't have an event or events because numbers were so low (usually the Fighting Game events, mind you). It's at times like that, that I really hated being the TAG Games yearly summary guy. I wonder if this is what the IRS guy who has to audit their own family feels like.
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    WHoa whoa whao @Deadmeat You broke protocol. Its DARE,Double Dare, Triple Dare and then Dog Dare,Double Dog Dare and THEEENN the Creme de la Creme TRIPLE DOG DARE. This was explained on A CHRISTMAS STORY.
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    Like the title says, do you guys do at work? I like to make tape balls. My current one is about the size of a cantaloupe and weighs almost 4lbs. It's all tape, no starter core.
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    I've done the TAG games a couple times in the past. But have missed the last few years. Here are some quick thoughts for points that would help get me involved again this year. = Long Lead Time Promo I'd say we should aim for end of March / April. And then, once the dates are set, makes those dates clear on TAG as much as possible. I remember in years past there was always a helpful TAG Games thread that was promoted and gave folks the 411. But to build interest ahead of time, I'd say make a TAG Games banner with the dates part of the main TAG homepage. Build awareness when it is happening as much as that it is happening. = Competition Windows vs. Specific dates [as much as possible] I really really like having the more flexible competition windows as compared to a single specific hard date. Gives teams X number of days to post their high scores, or X number of days window to schedule their competition against another team. Extend the time of the games. I think the annual TAG games are a cool signature event of this community [and really helpful for breaking down the natural and normal game silos that exist], so its totally fine if the games extend an extra week longer to accommodate more flexible scheduling. #2cents
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    He has to fix his porn forwarding scam since it was discovered. :p
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    Hi there, just joined the forums today after someone at the Bungie site mentioned the site. Looking forward to being able to find some good fireteams in the future. Sorry this is my first post, you can wait to approve me if you like. 32 year old adult gamer playing Destiny with a currently lvl-28 Hunter, haven't gotten into the hardest endgame content yet because I don't have any real friends playing the game. Hope these forums and the clan will me change that! :) GT same as my forum name for the sake of convenience.
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    Movie trailer cutting off and skipping directly to the movie sounds like a feature to me! Those things get longer and longer each year it's horrible!
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    So I've finally been able to get back to check out my place. So far it has been untouched by any flood waters, and the worst seems to be over now. We're basically just waiting for power to be restored in the area before we can go back permanently. It's just so surreal, to have been that close, to see so many others that have had homes and property destroyed, not 3 blocks away, but be lucky enough to have been just high enough to escape the same fate. wish I could say I'll never complain about anything ever again... ... But, yeeaahhh. Hope to be home no later than tuesday. I have The Last of Us to finish dammit!
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    Why would an adult needed to be validated by having rep? I am who I am.. love me or hate me....(ladies love me more...) I know how to be respectful when it calls for it, and I know when to cut up.. if I cross the line, guess what.... I seek out the offended party and try to amend our relationship privately and keep the drama off the boards if possible.... (someone please give me +1 for this post....)