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    I just finished my first 80+ hour playthrough of Horizon's Zero Dawn on the PS4 Pro. Astounding, amazing. This is now the bench mark for best SP game that i will be judging all other games against finally knocking the long running previous champ (The Last of Us - which is still a must play). Anyway I just have one minor achievement to polish off after this post and I'll have the platinum trophy. I can't wait for the new DLC just listed in the PSN Store. TL DR. Buy a PS4 or PS4 pro and get Horizon Zero Dawn it's easily the best SP game experience I've ever had in my 30+ years of gaming. Hope all is well Cheers Calvin
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    My question is...for those of us that already got it with Infinite Warfare, will they unlock our ability to play the digital copy without the IW disc or not...?
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    Duke, Hop, Sith and I had some great talks about great classic science fiction books. I'm currently working on finishing Dune. I was reading Neuromancer before I had to return it to the library, I definitely intend on finishing that one. I also read the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy not too long ago. Dune has been amazing so far, I'm only 5 chapters in and the plot is starting to pick up but I'm just getting so pumped for the character development and story to take off. The world is so immersive and realistic for a fantasy type sci-fi story. I've been enjoying all these books (Dune/Neuromancer/Hitchhikers) like hell. Got anything else I should look into?
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    That price is a joke. 10 years after release and it is only $20 cheaper....
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    It's had a pretty good run - the power of Forge has extended its lifespan pretty considerably compared to other games. Unfortunately daylight savings time always plays havoc with our turnout for Halo night, and that in turn impacts what sorts of customs we can feasibly manage.
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    Because it's all free money to them. The game already helped them sell another game, and now they're milking it with no cost to them.
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    Ain't nothing wrong with that. I loved that album
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    3 new zones in Acts II and IV. https://us.battle.net/d3/en/blog/20845161/first-look-the-shrouded-moors-beyond-6-22-2017 Not seeing a date, but guessing next month before Season 11 starts. Looks like necro requires 2.6 so this will be out next week as well.
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    If I'm around I'll play I've been laying low waiting for the patches to roll out This would be a good weekend to jump in to the game. There's a double XP event so unlocking the various counselors and Jason iterations will be quicker. For those who who don't know, each Jason has different strengths and weaknesses. Part VI Jason, for example, has enhanced sense, but a lower top speed. Part VIII's Mr. V is quicker breaking down doors, but is weaker so it's easier for a counselor to break free. Counselors play uniquely from one another. Each is rated 1-10 in each of seven stats.
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    Thanks everyone for the warm welcome u can hit me up on Xbox live under dragonman3578
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    I will be picking up this Necro addon, but not sure what platform I'll get it on. Probably PC, but if they add this into the current ultimate edition for consoles I might also grab a copy for Xbox. It has been far too long since I last played Diablo 3.
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    I get sad just thinking about that
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    The Hot Wheels tracks are going to blow my nephew's mind next time he's over. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
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    One of my favourite movies.
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    Same here. I have a feeling this might mirror Evolve: group jumps in when it's cheap... wouldn't be surprised if it lasts about as long as Evolve did, too. :/
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    Cars 3 was the sequel that Cars 2 should have been.
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    I remember the anime shorts actually being pretty good. I feel it's important to also note that there were three - yes, three - Matrix video games, including Matrix Online. While that MMO was shut down in 2009, there has been a project to resurrect it ever since.
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    I just really really wanna bang Gal Gadot.
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    There are a lot of non-TAGers in there so I hope so! I don't know how the officer part works, but maybe we could get a couple more of those as well. I recognize one of the names, but not the other. Could be a TAGer, not sure.
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    Next week! https://us.battle.net/d3/en/blog/20845159/rise-of-the-necromancer-pack-arrives-june-27-6-20-2017
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    Looks like I'll be getting this on both PC and XBox. Used WoW gold to get a battlenet balance so one version will be free :)
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    I don't think you can wrong there. Just to help, though, the Rama book is Arthur C Clarke, not Assimov :)
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    Finished the Injustice 2 story mode this weekend - awesome! I haven't played many modern fighters and I would never have guessed that they could make an engaging story around a series of 1v1 matchups, but they did and it was great!
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    Currently dusting off my mouse and keyboard. I will be on Tuesday!
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    I took a long break from Gems of War on PS4 and just recently returned to it after focusing on Warframe and Horizons (all trophy's in both as far as focus and WF I have everything now just waiting for new content). Anyway GoW is changed a ton and I like it a lot so I'm back into playing it a lot again and we still need some members for the clan so if you are a PS4 player and want to join please search for the TAG (The Adult Gamer) clan in game and just join (no invite required currently). Or message me on PSN or here and I'll fire you an invite. I have a fair amount of bonus stuff from in game purchases if you join in the next few days I think you are still able to acquire. Hope to see you all in game Cheers Calvin
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    Other cool writers that are more in the Fantasy genre but awesome. Robert E. Howard - Conan,Kull,Solomon Kane Michael Moorcock - ELRIC, Eternal Champion, Von Bek, Etc
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    While this list isn't limited specifically to sci-fi, thought I would share it. I put this together a while back and occasionally update it when I come across something I feel is worthy of recommendation. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1-8qKXL_CwCkTszmweh_9cpwYchxHpqoFumzTUlYiCFU
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    BDaddy has some really good suggestions. I'd add The Forever War, Old Man's War, and Hyperion If you want a really good book that's not classic (yet), We Are Legion (We Are Bob) was really good. The Honor Harrington books are pretty good as well.
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    Ringworld by Larry Niven is a must. In the same vein, I really really enjoyed Rendezvous With Rama by Arthur C. Clarke. The Andromeda Strain by Michael Crichton is pretty excellent and still has some of the best science in a sci-fi novel. Some others without links, because pulling links for each of these is already getting old: Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep by Philip K Dick A Scanner Darkly by Philip K Dick A Stranger in a Strange Land by Robert A Heinlein Starship Troopers by Robert A Heinlein (having seen the movie does not suffice) Pretty much anything and everything by Isaac Asimov
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    Holy fuck 343's new patch fucked a lot of shit up
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    @Dragonman3578 I added you today! My GT = HoptimusMax1mus not that other hoptimus guy you added...
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    I should be able to Wednesdays now and again.
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    I can also do Wednesdays but I'm torn as Wednesdays is supposed to be Overwatch night (although I think Overwatch night is now every night at random).
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    I can do WEDNESDAYS every week so that is good day for me.
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    I have this game as well.
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    I am so down for a weekly XB1 Tag D3 rift lootin.
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    That's really reassuring...
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    You know your gonna pick it up on XBox :)
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    Yessss...come play Duuuuuuuke!
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    I think I've heard this before. Would totally love to see it happen.
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    ^ you know I am down. I love D3.
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    It is all platforms.
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    Yeah, I haven't seen too many on my friends list playing anymore. At launch there were a bunch playing. I'm still interested, just don't wanna grab it if there's no interest anymore.
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    Shit, guess I shoulda waited. Hit me up if you wanna hit BM or the HW expansions.
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    My next console purchase will either be a PS4 Pro or whatever the PS4 Neo thing (is that still a thing?) will be. I want to play Persona 5 and Horizon Zero Dawn at some point.