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    So...my wife wakes me up this morning and asks, "What's the name of the new Xbox coming out?" and I reply that it's called the Xbox One X, half asleep still. Then she says great, cause I just won one! She put in an instant win entry from Taco Bell and it was a winner! Now we will will have two One X's in the house. We've decided to give it to our son for his senior year graduation gift. It should make him one happy graduate!
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    Hi I'm Tbo, duke's younger brother, I am a PS4 gamer. I enjoy fps games or other shooter/strategy games. I also enjoy soccer and anime. I'm a gamer who likes to play online with people or play by my self if needed. I'm very exited to play destiny 2
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    Digging through some files earlier and found these. Completely forgot about this. They say never meet your hero, you will be disappointed. In this case, boy were they wrong. Fun times in Vegas. They spent as much time in the lobby meeting fans and taking pictures as they did on stage. Love me some Penn and Teller.
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    Doubtful I'll get on tonight. We had our second daughter on Tuesday. I present to you lilmissxbox2 Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
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    It is a testament to how much I love TAG that it is a Saturday morning, my kid and wife are still asleep, I could be playing Zelda but I choose to share the love of Switch with you guys instead. This one is for you @BDaddyK I have spent roughly 3 hours playing with Nintendo's newest creation and my overall impression is that the Switch is a solid piece of portable hardware that is slightly underbaked at launch but has remarkable potential. Whether it will mark a recovery from the misstep of the Wii U and bring back the fascination that the general public had with the Wii remains to be seen but, slight hardware problems aside, I feel it is off to a great start. Out of the box the Switch is remarkably simple to set up. You go through a couple of screens to connect and remove the joy cons, set up wi-fi, and that is about it. In the past Nintendo has layered on their patented charm and while that is often appreciated and makes things feel magical it is clear from the instant you pull the Switch out of the box that Nintendo wants to make things understated and simple so that you can get right to playing. The OS is stripped down. You don't even get playful music on the dash or the eshop. You aren't inundated with a ton of options either. Front and center are the game tiles (assuming you have a cart in the system). This stripped down nature makes everything snappy and quick. Going from game to dashboard to settings to whatever is so fast it puts the Xbox One dash to shame. I appreciate this no-nonsense approach and some might interpret it as a sign that the Switch was rushed to market but I like to think of it as the end of the era of Nintendo trying to treat us all like children and hand hold us through everything. What about the hardware itself? Well, it is small. In a good way. It feels great to hold. The joy cons when attached to the system feel natural and satisfying. When the system is docked I prefer the pro controller over the joy con grip controller but either way works fine. Overall Nintendo has succeeded in making a portable system that works equally well as a home console. It certainly isn't as powerful as its competition when attached to a tv but it is more than adequate (saying it is about one notch up from a 360 might be underselling it but that is kinda the ballpark). When on the go, however, the Switch is unparalleled. Typically handheld systems are solitary affairs. Something to do on the plane or bus to make getting from point A to B bearable. But she Switch is more than that. It makes portable systems social. Everywhere you go you have a 2nd controller with you. I took the system to work yesterday and we played Fast RMX split screen with the joy cons and it felt great. Sure the screen is small but who cares when you can be doing couch co-op from the top of Mt. Everest. Snipper Clips also went over well with my co-workers. The joy cons might be small but the recall the original NES controllers and handing one to someone, even if they aren't a typical gamer, is met with instant familiarity. The hardware is solid and doesn't feel cheap at all but it should be said that I don't think this is a device for kids to handle without adult supervision. I mean you could back over a 2DS with a truck and not have to worry about it but the Switch, while solid, doesn't feel as kid proof as everything Nintendo has ever produced. Oh and a word of warning from a dumbass that did this on his first try...the bumper attachments on the joy cons only work if you put them on one way but you can totally slip it on the wrong way if you aren't paying attention and it locks into place and it nearly impossible to get off without breaking the damn thing. Luckily I wasn't the only person to do this and there are youtube videos out there describing how to remove it without damaging the controller. It feels like a big oversight in the design and I can't help but think that Nintendo will revise these things as soon as possible. Honestly it is worse than the Wii-mote slippage that led to Nintendo sending out free Wii-mote condoms to everyone. So what about the games? I haven't had any time to do a full play through of anything so I will just sum them up quickly. Fast RMX is futuristic racer that is a cross between Wipeout and Ikaruga with a F-Zero GX aesthetic. It is a fast, beautiful, and really well made indie title that is certainly punching above its weight. Online multiplayer works seamlessly. Local multiplayer does also and, as I mentioned previously, split screen with joy cons on the go is pretty awesome. Snipper Clips is a 2 to 4 player couch co-op puzzle game that might just be the way you sell your wife on letting you get a Switch. It oozes charm and the puzzles are well thought out. Playing with your SO could either serve as a bonding experience or end in divorce (whatever works for you). At the $20 price point both games are worth the purchase to help flesh out the somewhat paltry launch line up. And that brings us to why you really want to purchase this system in the first place...Zelda. I have only played for a couple of hours at this point so I am not ready to call BoTW the greatest game every made yet but I can say that this game is the departure from the Zelda formula that the franchise has needed ever since it went 3D. Perhaps the biggest and most appreciated aspect of this is the lack of hand-holding. You aren't going to spend your first 5 hours running around a safe village being forced over and over to carry barrels just in case you forgot how to push the A button. Instead you are thrust into an open world and immediately invited to explore. Whenever you encounter something new you are greeted with a quick image that tells you how to use it but that is it. No long tutorials. No heavy handed exposition. Just you and your wits. It is fun to discover a new move you didn't know Link could do. There are many ways to approach and fight enemies. Hell you can even spend your time climbing or cutting down trees if you want. It is a game of exploration and the sense of discovery is extremely rewarding. For twenty years we have been asking Nintendo to treat us like adults while still letting us feel the wonder of being a kid. This Zelda delivers on that big time. I can't wait to jump back into that world and learn its secrets. Also being able to pick it up off the dock and carry Zelda to bed with me is a major plus. Ok. My kid is awake now and I have totally squandered my precious early morning play time. I will chime in on discord or in this thread with other observations as I get more time with the system. Feel free to ask me questions if you like. I will end by saying that I can understand why someone would want to hold off on getting a Switch at this point but if you are on the fence you don't have to be shy about getting one. It is a solid system that is sure to bring you lots of enjoyment.
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    It's almost been a year since I first joined, and I have to confess that I wish I stumbled on you guys much sooner. Every other old game community I've been in has died at this point except this one. Standing the test of time means something. But all good things must come to an end, and that means my gaming passion. I'm not getting better at it (the contrary is the case), I'm not having more fun with each new game (I'm getting grumpier with each release), and what time I could have spent bettering myself IRL I instead chose to spend trying (and forever failing) to be an online l33t badass. I think it's time for me to walk away from the hobby and fix my own life rather than use it as the permanent escape from it that it has become. So, adios amigos. You can't have my stuff (unless you want to buy it, heheheh). I've had the best gaming year with ya'll that I've had in a while. Thanks for that. This community really is one in a million, even if Discord did kill the forums. o7
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    As it turns out, i find this bit hard..like being back in school. Hello I'm Lee, Leanne or Nixslee (PS4) I've been a gamer eva since my brother started D&D and i got hold of his books. Books full of magic and monsters..obviously. And being an older brother he pushed me out his room and never did teach me how to play. My grammar is terrible, so please forgive my spelling errors. I'm reaching out because as much as i love my friends, they don't get that to me playing Witcher or Mass effect is my out. Life is too hectic to be serious all the time. I'm 38 and a nurse in Australia. So hi and i hope to get to know you all soon.
  8. 7 points
    A little about me.... Married, 45 yrs old, living in northern Alberta. Been a gamer since I was 10, I miss the old vic 20!. I enjoy playing PC games and hope to meet new members and particpate and contribute to the community. QntumCanuck
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    Sounds like a good time to throw out our This is What TAG's About video, taken from a Halo night.
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    Hi everyone old and new! It's been several years since I've visited the site, seems like a long damn time. Due to circumstances in my life I've gone out and bought myself an Xbox and CoDWW2. I need some friends to game with my slow reflexed old ass! I can't keep up with these kids! My gamertag is SquirrelyBeans1 ...Hit me up!
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    Hey guys! This post is to make the Halo FFA tournament official. We will be starting next week on Halo Night (Thursday, July 20th). The ground rules will be outlined below. We will need to pick a time that all of us will be able to be on, even if only for one match. If you have any suggestions of concerns please comment @CaptainToay43 on either here on the Discord #halo channel (link below). General rules The number of rounds played will be determined by the number of people who opt into the tournament Each person will get to choose BOTH the map and the game type (whatever your heart desires). Please test the map before we play on it to be sure it isn't laggy The winner will be determined by the number of kills throughout the entire tournament Each person will have their lowest 2 scores removed from their record This is just in case someone can't make it for a night, they aren't automatically removed from contention I will be keeping track of the kill total on a Google Sheets spreadsheet (will post link once I finish it) using Halo Carnage for the stats (unless someone knows of a better site)\. If any of you have suggestions or see something that I might have left out from the original idea please let me know. Happy Hunting! https://discord.gg/cf4fr7f Stats https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1LcalMq83JdW-rdhzOsX2s_A1Ip2kGTEVYVtwDFHtY7c/edit?usp=sharing
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    So I was playing some TitanFall2 last night and, was having a very poor showing (I think I only killed 3 grunts in a game). Then I was magically (and completely randomly) put into a party full of people who said they were from a group called TAG. All of a sudden my game started to improve, I was no longer at the bottom of the scoreboard, and was on the winning team. They were very helpful and friendly, so I said I would look this group up in the morning. So I just want to say thanks to, I hope I remember these names correctly: Harvik, Hapless, Toy, and Aurthrpt1. Thanks for letting me play guys, you made this ol' derelict gamers night. P.S. They also mentioned something about a Halo on thursday, I'm not sure what that is but it sounds like they were excited about it, so maybe I could learn that next
  13. 6 points
    If it's a hiatus I can't let my brain know lol. But my consoles are gone. I rarely make good decisions in life but so far my gaming abstinence has done me good: I scored a much needed raise and lost 15 pounds thus far. I'm chillin' today as I wait to travel early in the morning tomorrow for additional job training. Also a big thank you to everyone as well. Means a lot!
  14. 6 points
    Halo night is usually past my bed time but my nurse says i can play for a few minutes this week if i finish my pudding cup and make a solid poop.
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    Hey everybody. Just thought I'd share a few videos I found that do a good job of explaining the leveling system in Destiny 2 for those who are interested in getting ready for the raid and other end game content. The end-game leveling system is a bit different from Destiny 1 and not everyone knows how it works (or at the very least, I didn't before I watched these videos). These videos come from pillar of the YouTube Destiny community, Rick Kackis, so credit where it's due. Quick Summary - End game leveling in Destiny 2 revolves around the acquisition of so called "Powerful Gear". These are legendary engrams that can decode at light levels above 265. This video contains a brief rundown of how to get it. Short answer, join the TAG clan for your platform (PS4, Xbox, PC) ASAP, finish Cayde-6's Quest Line to set up patrol beacons, and complete Lord Shax's Crucible Milestone. The first will allow you to get rewarded whenever the clan levels up. The second will open up the weekly "Flashpoint" planet. Complete Lost Sectors and Public Events on that planet to complete the Flashpoint and report back to Cayde-6 for your Powerful Gear. The third will allow Powerful Gear to drop from Crucible matches. This video deals with the subject of Weapon and Armor Mods. Mods, especially legendary mods, play a vital role in helping you to level up your light past the 265 hard limit on most legendary items. Judicious use of these mods will help you boost your light into the 270 and above range. This link will take you to Rick Kackis's YouTube page. He's got lots of guides up already about how to get various exotics such as the Mida Multi-Tool, the Rat King, and the Sturm hand cannon. Hint - save up an exotic engram for later (don't decode it!) and start stashing rare and legendary scout rifles in your vault. As a final note, don't forget that every exotic in the game automatically comes with a legendary mod already installed. Don't forget that exotic engrams can decode all the way up to the maximum light level. I hope everyone finds this information useful. See you all in the game!
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    Hey all. I'm american, but i live in japan. I mainly PC game at the moment. Just looking for a good group of adults to game with in my new timezone.
  17. 5 points
    Xbox is having a fairly kickass sale right now, with ZAT being $12.50 as only one of the many deals provided. hint hint hint
  18. 5 points
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    I'm not sure how many of you remember me, but I've been gone from the forums a long time. Not entirely from gaming, but not as hardcore as before. Well, I've decided to deposit myself back into the gaming scene (and industry) due to some new goals and vision for my future and as a bonus I get to come back to chat with some old friends on TAG. Glad to be back! Be gentle
  20. 5 points
    It took me 126 hours to beat Forza Horizon 2 completely. Maybe 10 hours of that was multiplayer. Great game.
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    I got to play a little last night and I am liking the skills so far. The Necro starts off as a really strong class for leveling. The very first skill you start with a small circle aoe that does 150% dmg/sec. So it makes for a very strong starter skill for aoe clearing. Corpse explosion with bloody mess rune is ridiculous aoe clearing ability for a low level class. I also like the Blood Siphon generator that does 300% dmg per tick. It is super strong single target damage and that helps get a corpse to start your explosion chain going. y Pets are okay so far. The skeletons being passive spawns are nice, but I feel the active portion while nice for directing your skellies ends up feeling kinda expensive to use and I mostly ignore it and just use the skellies as bodies to block mobs. The golem just feels like a Gary. You can't really direct him so he is just like a WD pet. You can activate him on a 60 sec cooldown which does re position him and spawns some corpses for you to use. The skeleton mage skill feels more like a spender skill rather than a pet in my opinion. I like the skill because the mage you summon will sort of immediately target what you aimed at and follows for a short while. I don't like the archer rune much because it seems to me to make the targeting of the mage slower from the start. It is the best rune for a full pet build though because of the attack speed buff it can provide, so I may just need to get used to it. The death nova is interesting as a skill too for a spender. It is a 25 yard point blank aoe that does decent damage (350% base rune), but corpse explosion which you get earlier does 250% in a 20 yard radius (25 with bloody mess rune) and costs nothing but to have a corpse. I kinda feel that nova gets overshadowed because of this. You use a generator like Dual Scythe or Blood Siphon (the two most damaging ones) to make a corpse and then just chain reaction Corpse Explosion everything on the screen till it is gone. If there are still elites or a pack left the toss out a couple skeleton mages to mop up. The gameplay feels good so far, and I certainly plan to play necro next season. Myself also being a multiboxer, I see a lot of potential for multiboxing necro's. Skeleton mages is a great auto targeting skill for boxing and the way the corpse mechanic works and globe spawning ability of corpses and a necro passive could make boxing multiple necro's pretty amazing. The only problem is there are not a lot of synergy multiple necros can provide to each other. The best thing would be having 4 possible curses, but I haven't looked at runes to see how beneficial that would be yet. Not a lot of other buffs that necro's bring other than globe spawning tho. The thing I hate most about necro so far is the armor skill. It is just another skill that changes your characters appearance and is up permanently, which is slightly annoying. The worst part of it though is it functions just like soul harvest for the WD used to in the fact that it has stacks based on the number of mobs hit and instead of just refreshing the cooldown and adding to the stack count like harvest now does, it functions like harvest used to and adds a new buff with whatever the number of mobs you hit each use. This means you have to only use it when there are 10 mobs around you or you can actually lower the buff from the skill. Makes using it slightly frustrating. With this being a large portion of the Necro's dmg mitigation it is just a stupid concept to use a known skill method that didn't work for a previous skill like Soul harvest over again. I only managed to get into the mid 20's last night soloing my way through season 11 on the ptr, so I haven't yet experienced a ton of the Necro, but from what I can tell right now is that the class will be a strong leveler for a season. The base skills just provide all the right combination of single target and aoe options and they damage they do base and with early runes is on the stronger side of classes. They have the best mix of it all that I can see. Item support and sets will really determine the endgame potential, but for now they are a strong base class (and I am not even abusing the broken revive skill)
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    Did someone say TEABAGS?!
  23. 5 points
    Being released in its classic packaging. .
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    I wouldn't call what we do in Halo "competitive". More like drinking beer and laughing at each other's life mistakes. You should check out our shooters forum. We have Destiny specific threads in there. http://theadultgamer.com/forum/index.php?/forum/58-shooters/ Also, Tuesdays are our official Destiny night. I think our biggest Destiny crowd is still on PS4 but there is a group of folk who play on Xbox as well.
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    Around mid November I set a goal for myself to reach 100,000 gamerscore. I’ve never been a hardcore achievement hunter or anything. I go for what I can and that’s about it. I have the house all to myself til January 4th and found myself extremely bored. I decided to finally get ahold of my backlog and start tackling it. After a few games I realized it’d be interesting to see if I could gain 35,755 gamerscore in a month and a half. I was at 64,245 when I started. After less than a month I’ve gained 24,090. Once i gained around 10k I realized this is actually very possible. Its been a ton of fun doing this. I’ve been playing many games I would never normally pick up and enjoy. Once I reach my goal I will take a good break from Xbox for a bit, but I really think it’s doable. I need about 12k more in 28 days. I’ll update at the end of the year weather I reach it or not! If you find yourself with extra free time, pick up a game you barely played and just commit yourself to it. You may be pleasantly surprised!
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    Having finally experienced the "get off the fucking wall" live for the first time, I really support this one.
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    Hope everyone finds the following info useful. I did. The public events can be one of the most rewarding aspects of this game, from a power-leveling perspective. During each of the public events, you can fulfill certain criteria to turn the public event into a "Heroic" Public Event. Why would you want to do this? Because the Heroic version of the public event has a notably higher chance to drop Powerful Gear (gear that decrypts above 265 light) and especially exotic engrams. I've gotten four so far and my playtime has been pretty limited. So, if you're off doing quests or just exploring the world of Destiny 2, here's how you trigger the "Heroic" version of every public event. This video links to a YouTube video by Datto, if you're more of a visual learner. If not, read on. Taken from Forbes: Glimmer Extraction Event – This one is easy to miss. At each of the three locations where bad guys are dropped, there’s a little machine on the ground. Shoot it (if it’s taking damage, it’s the right thing) until it blows up, and do that at all three locations. The toughest part of this is killing the thing before your trigger-happy teammates burst down all the marked bad guys. If you do so, you’ll have to defend a glimmer pile against enemies after the event ends. Weapons Exchange (Spider Tank) Event – This one is the most straightforward and one you’ve probably stumbled across a few times by accident. When the Spider Tank gets one of its legs crippled, it spits out arc orbs you can use to deactivate two nodes of three forcefields around the area, unlocking Scorch Cannons. While those weapons are great for bursting down the tank, unlock all the forcefields and a second tank will drop for the heroic modifier. Cabal Excavation Event – This is the one where you stand in the circle and repel waves of Cabal. Eventually a Thresher ship will appear, and if you kill it before the event ends, it will spawn a giant miniboss for you to taken down. He’s not that hard, but the Thresher? It can take some work to target. There are at least two instances when it will fly low enough to be easily shot, but you might want to take a scout or sniper rifle and crack off some shots at it as it flies around as well, as it can take a while to kill. Cabal Injection Rig Event – Another tougher one to pull off, thanks to unknowing teammates. Every time you kill a Psion in the initial part of this event, a bright vent will appear on the machine above you. Shoot it until it blows up. Kill three of them, and that’s the heroic trigger. The catch is that you don’t have very long to do this, and you will be burning to death as you do so. Disrupt Vex Construction – This one is decently easy with just a couple people. Throughout the event, three circles will appear. Stand in them until you “capture” them to 100, then a bunch of harder Vex will spawn as the heroic trigger. Fallen Ether Resupply Event – While you have to kill some of the mini-boss Servitors to make sure the big Servitor isn’t invincible or reducing damage, kill all the supporting Servitors for the heroic trigger which will then spawn tougher Fallen to deal with. Taken Blight Event – This one I had no idea how to trigger until I actually looked it up. While you destroy the smaller blights to beat the event normally, when you go in and out of those mini blight “zones” you will get a buff that allows you to damage the main, big blight. Damage it enough, and you will trigger the heroic component of this event, which is a boss Taken to kill. Witches Ritual Event – While you first stand on the two circles to take down the shields of two Wizards, after that keep standing on them to take the shields down off crystals on the top right and left of the central portal, and destroy them. Big boss comes through the portal after that. This is another one I have yet to witness in person.
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    August free games. Not too shabby, never played Bayonetta, or Trials Fusion (played the first Trials and it was awesome).
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    YUUSSSSS more TAG'Rs need ZAT!!!!
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    I just finished my first 80+ hour playthrough of Horizon's Zero Dawn on the PS4 Pro. Astounding, amazing. This is now the bench mark for best SP game that i will be judging all other games against finally knocking the long running previous champ (The Last of Us - which is still a must play). Anyway I just have one minor achievement to polish off after this post and I'll have the platinum trophy. I can't wait for the new DLC just listed in the PSN Store. TL DR. Buy a PS4 or PS4 pro and get Horizon Zero Dawn it's easily the best SP game experience I've ever had in my 30+ years of gaming. Hope all is well Cheers Calvin
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    My question is...for those of us that already got it with Infinite Warfare, will they unlock our ability to play the digital copy without the IW disc or not...?
  34. 4 points
    And that to me is the whole point in favor of this system. Now you're not going to NEED to upgrade in order to play new games. Discounting the ridiculous lifespan of the PS3 and the Xbox 360, a 4 year split between consoles isn't really outside of the norm, with the old console still being "supported" for a couple of years after the new one has been released. With this, buying the new console on day 1 isn't necessary if there are games coming out at the time that you're interested in playing on that platform - you can just play those games on your existing hardware if you're fine with that. And when or if you decide that you do want to start gaming with the improved graphics and performance of the newer system, you can just make the purchase down the road. I can only hope that they genuinely follow through with this view of how consoles should work moving forward, so that in 4 years when the next big refresh comes there's still the built in compatibility with all the games that came before. They did show off a lot of games. Many of those games are timed exclusives on console launch, and very few of them are down-right exclusive. I'm probably way outside of the norm here, but I don't buy a particular console for exclusives. It's one of the big issues I have with Nintendo, as their consoles basically exist for exclusives. I would like to see all of these systems move to less exclusivity, more cross-play, and in general get to a point where the competition for console sales depends more on the console itself than it does on the software you're going to run on it. Ultimately, I bought a 4K television last year with the intent of purchasing this console this year. I'd like to game in 4K, and this is the cheapest path to me doing it on a platform that I'm familiar with and enjoy. Additionally they showed off plenty of games that are going to be on the console that I'm at least interested in playing. We'll see how many of those actually turn out as promising as they seem. Of that I'm skeptical, in particular with Anthem.
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    I saw this on FB a few minutes ago, I thought it was fairly apt. Enjoy, I did.
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    Wonder Woman. That it was still under the Zack Snyder banner & still a positive non-bleak Superhero flick was/is surprising (how much of that was due to his wife &/or Jeoff Johns is the question). Him going out on a positive note as opposed to a controversial one is a plus. DC/WB will hopefully pay more attention to her character now, maybe give her some recurring villains besides Cheetah who are worth a damn. Again Misney blew an opportunity here, they had pretty much a decade head-start over DC/WB on the live action movie front (She Hulk &/or Squirrel Girl could have been done by this time). Anyone who hasn't seen it yet should really do so, unless you're not a WW fan. It's definitely in my Blu-ray/DVD collection when it hits. I would say an 8 out of 10.
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    Glad to see this was actually from someone who appreciates JRPG's and not just PC games. Ordering all the way to the top is pretty subjective, as there are so many great games in the top 25 let alone the rest of the list.
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    Well, it only took me close to 2 years and close to 200 hours, but I finally finished The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Awesome game - one of the greatest RPGs I have ever played. It secures top spot of my list of favourite games of all time. If you have been thinking about playing it, do so - you won't be disappointed. Now I'm on to finish the DLC: Hearts of Stone and Blood & Wine. See you in this thread next year.
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    I'll be getting it. Glad to see it's a significant improvement from my current Xbox One. I feel good about not pulling the trigger on the Xbox One S.
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    Don't worry, they'll manage to screw up XBL parties and the interface again just to spoil the new hardware.
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    Consider me officially interested.
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    The smile on her face is because she's dreaming of tea bagging hop Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
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    Hey man, Harvik here! Glad you came by the forums. We had a blast last night - you're probably the best entirely random, completely unknown player that we've played with in a while. Hope you can make it to Halo night tonight. Don't get too offended if we teabag you, it's just how we roll.
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    No IDEA but I can tell you WE APPRECIATE IT!!!
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    OP Updated! Tonight is Battleborn. Upcoming are Rocket League and Halo Wars 2.
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    Waaaiiiit. What the hell? I mean what. Damn. Is this just cause your router died? Or wait even worse, did playing with me ruin your gaming experience? I've been told I've made girls I date want to play for the other team, did I do that for your gaming? Well glad we could get a couple games in over the weekend. Good luck and feel free to drop back in at any time. It was good playing with ya
  48. 4 points
    It has been a pleasure knowing you even though we never got a chance to game. Hopefully you can stop by LPW every now and then. Good luck with your classes!
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    I don't mind if it's a game that I really enjoy and I play a lot. I think it really speaks to the ultra competitive nature of games and the relative ease which to turn out a AA/AAA game now. Games have to capture some big numbers in the first week or two at full price, then it's basically sale prices to move units (TF2?). As Hybrid said its a lot about impatience too. However, if it's a MP centric game being patient and waiting for that price drop can come back and bite you in a vacant community.
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    @SithWarrior it is pretty obvious you want to play with us but you feel like you have painted yourself into a corner with all the shit you have talked about a game you have never even played. so i am here to grant you amnesty from all your previous comments. you can now purchase the game and enjoy playing with us without feeling guilty.