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      Welcome to TAG! Our community encompasses all aspects of gaming, from Consoles, PC to mobile and handheld, we love all facets of gaming.To become better acquainted with the community a great place to start is with an introduction: Hello! My name is...   Here at TAG we strive to be an all inclusive community where adult gamers can share their passion for all types of gaming. We want TAG to be a great place for all of our members, and for them to enjoy their time here. To that end please familiarize yourself with the guidelines for our community:  TAG policy and guidelines   Thank you, TAG Council
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  1. Welcome to TAG(article)

    The idea for our adult gaming community started years ago when some friends wanted to play online games together, without kids interfering. Back then, it was tough to get online and have fun and talk with freedom without offending some youngsters. Nowadays, it's hard to get in a public game without being offended by youngsters. Several of our members started TheAdultGamer, and TAG has grown into a large community of adults that love video games, and even traditional board games and role-playing games. Our members have a love for Xbox, PS3, PC and handheld games. But we're more than just games. It's a strong community of people from all walks of life that like to have fun. Our forums are full of gaming and non-gaming discussions. Our minimum requirement is that you must be 21 or older. If you are an adult that enjoys gaming, feel free to register and see what we're all about. Click here to view the article
  2. Welcome to TAG

    The idea for our adult gaming community started years ago when some friends wanted to play online games together, without kids interfering. Back then, it was tough to get online and have fun and talk with freedom without offending some youngsters. Nowadays, it's hard to get in a public game without being offended by youngsters. Several of our members started TheAdultGamer, and TAG has grown into a large community of adults that love video games, and even traditional board games and role-playing games. Our members have a love for Xbox, PS3, PC and handheld games. But we're more than just games. It's a strong community of people from all walks of life that like to have fun. Our forums are full of gaming and non-gaming discussions. Our minimum requirement is that you must be 21 or older. If you are an adult that enjoys gaming, feel free to register and see what we're all about.
  3. <center></center> A little late, but here it is.
  4. <center></center> Please take a few minutes to give us some feedback on the new look and design. Individual threads will be posted to comment on each article
  5. Lately whenever there are problems, the community is going to one council member to help resolve issues. Obviously, people are going to go to the council member that they are more familiar with, but that does not help the council, or our community. It's easier and hopefully issues are resolved quicker if the whole council knows what is going on. So the Council would like to remind the community to please use council@theadultgamer.com for any issues that may arise in game or on the forums. It helps the communication between the members and the council stay open and focused. Thanks for your time and understanding.

    TAG's Quarterly Banner Contest A contest will start today for a new quarterly banner for TAG. Entry deadline will be April 18th. The banner is actually broken into 2 sides. We will be keeping the left hand side as it is. Example: Right Side Design: Use the following graphic as your background: 1- Fill in the white area with your design, leaving the red borders. 2- The design will probably blend better if the left portion of your graphic fades to white as the examples below do. All submissions will be approved by council and then be put to the forums for a vote. Each day a new banner will be placed at the top for viewing. So not only do you see the artwork but will be able to judge what the final look will be. This will be done annonymously as voting should be done by what you like, not who you like. After every entry has been viewed, we will start the voting. Ending on April 26th. The winner of the new banner will be announced in May's Newsletter and on May 1st the new Banner will be in place. Just an example for you to see. original right side is: This banner will be placed up so you can see an example: Good luck to everyone. All entries should be mailed to council@theadultgamer.com by April 18th midnight(est).
  7. TAGGED! for January

    <center></center> For the Month of January the TAGGER of the month is Psybertech. The adult Gamer has chosen him due to all his hard work in coding and all the improvements that this site needs to run smoothly. TAGGED! Interview
  8. TAGGED! for October

    Here is the Adult Gamerââ?¬â?¢s Interview with Lil Ivan: The Adult Gamer: What's the skinny on your Gamertag? My son's name is Ivan I created this account right after he was born. The Adult Gamer: Where do you live? Orlando FL The Adult Gamer: What do you for a living? Computer Tech The Adult Gamer: How long have you been on Xbox Liveââ??¢? Got it when I 1st got my Xbox but left Live after a month of GP. I didn't get back on Live till I found the Adult Gaming Communities in Oct of 04. The Adult Gamer: Do you have an arch enemy on Live? No Enemys... But I am always looking for Miami on the Battlefield to bad he gets me more than I get him The Adult Gamer: Does your lady mind your gaming habit? She is cool with it because it keeps me at the house... plus it is cheaper than poker for the most part The Adult Gamer: What's your XboxÃ?® setup like? I am setup in the Living room on a 42" HDTV with 5.1Dolby Digital surround sound The Adult Gamer: What's the best Xbox Live feature? Gaming with Friends. The Adult Gamer: What feature would you like to see on Xbox Live? Live Aware on all games... Bring on the 360 The Adult Gamer: What is your favorite Xbox Live game? Pro Fishing Challenge. But it no longer has a following. Current Title that gets play would have to be WSOP The Adult Gamer: What future Xbox Live game are you psyched about? Currently Final Fantasy XI on the 360. I have been wanting a good MMORPG for the Xbox for some time. Something other than Phantasy Star Online The Adult Gamer: What's your favorite offline Xbox game? Beyond Good and Evil The Adult Gamer: What do you think is the best game of all time? Pac-Man. What a classic The Adult Gamer: Best film of all time? Star Wars: A New Hope The Adult Gamer: How about best album ever? No Clue. Sorry I don't follow music. I will listen to it on the car radio, if I don't have the radio set to sports talk The Adult Gamer: What's the funniest thing you've ever heard on Xbox Live? There always seems to be something funny going on with this group. The Adult Gamer: What's your greatest Xbox Live moment? I know this will sound sappy, but really it is you guys. With out you guys or this site I would not be on Xbox Live The Adult Gamer: What's a TV show that you never miss? Survivor and CSI The Adult Gamer: What's your favorite TV show that's no longer running? A-Team and Knight Rider. Good memories The Adult Gamer: Who's your inner rock star? Don't Have one The Adult Gamer: If they made a movie about your life, who should play you? Adam Sandler. The Adult Gamer: What cartoon character do you think is most like you? Goofy. He is about as clumsy as I am The Adult Gamer: What super power would you like to have? Invincibility ... every man's dream... stop lying you know you wished you could go invisible at least once The Adult Gamer: If you could trade places with anyone for one day, who would it be and why? If it can be any Day, I would Trade places with Dexter Jackson of the TB Bucs. The day would have to be January 26, 2003 not only would I get the chance to play in the NFL but on Super Bowl Sunday. Plus to Win the Super Bowl and the MVP..... WOW! The Adult Gamer: What celebrity would be the worst roommate? Any..... they bring way too much Drama The Adult Gamer: Who's your favorite superhero? Spawn The Adult Gamer: Cameron Diaz, Angelina Jolie, or Halle Berry? Angelina Jolie The Adult Gamer: Who's cooler Peter Griffin, Sam Fisher, or Master Chief? Master Chief The Adult Gamer: What's the worst food you've ever eaten? Broccoli... that stuff is just NASTY The Adult Gamer: What's a book you wish you'd written? Harry Potter... great series... and it made a fortune! The Adult Gamer: If you could go on tour with any band, which would it be? Not interested in Touring with any band The Adult Gamer: Your prediction on what will be the "next big thing" in gaming? The next Gen Systems. Yea I know that is a stretch The Adult Gamer: What would you like to be doing in 10 years? Playing Video Games with my son or watching him game. Thanks Lil Ivan and congrats on being TAGGED!!!!!
  9. TAGGED! for October

    <center></center> It is our pleasure to introduce Lil Ivan, the TAGGED! member for the month of October. The Adult Gamer has chosen him because of all the work he has done, and continues to do, in getting people coordinated in WSOP events and the TAG theme nights for XBL. Also we'd like to recognize him for his attitude while on the forums and in games. He is always very respectful and kind to every single member and he believes in the purest sense of having fun. Thanks again for all your had work on scheduling events to bring people back to gaming together on XBL!
  10. Council Guidelines The Council will consist of 4 elected members. Council positions consist of four elected roles: Forum Moderator, Membership Coordinator, Technical Admin, Treasurer. These positions denote a principle function, but Council members will work equally together and can assist each other in each role. The elected Council will always be the governing body of The Adult Gamer community. This includes responsibility and decision making in the best interest of The Adult Gamer community. Each Council will serve a one year term. a ) If one member on Council decides to step away, the current Council may opt to leave the position vacant until the next election or fill it with a member election. b ) If more than one person decides to leave Council during a term, a member election will be used to fill all vacant seats. Council elections for Forum Moderator and Membership Coordinator will be held once per year in June. Elections for Technical Admin and Treasurer will be held once every two years in December. Members elected to Council may serve multiple terms if they choose to run for re-election. Before the election takes place, TAG Masons will have the option to nominate up to three Masons. The nomination must be seconded by two other Masons before it can be added to the ballot. a ) If only three Masons receive full nominations then no Council vote will be required. Those three Masons will be the new Council. b ) If less than three Masons receive full nominations, then the top three nominees will be the new Council. Nominated Masons must post a Platform to accept the position and declare which role they would like to fill. Nominees may choose Forum Moderator, Membership Coordinator, Technical Admin, Treasurer, or Undeclared, in which case the nominee will run for each position. During the election, every TAG Mason will (by secret ballot) have the option to vote for three nominees, one for each position. a ) A nominee can not win two seats. In that instance, the nominee shall take the seat that received the highest number of votes and the second seat shall go to the nominee with the second highest number of votes. The Council is subject to the same rules and guidelines as every other Mason of our community. If a problem arises with the Council, the Masons may call for a vote for a new council. If at least 75% of the current *Active TAG membership petitions for a new Council, then a new election will be setup with the new Council taking effect for the rest of the current term. a ) *Active TAG Membership consists of the number of Masons who voted in the last Council election. TAG "Masons" consists of site users with the rank of Masons, Elder or Council. TAG Masons ultimately have control of how the community is run. The Council consists of your elected representatives that are in place to see that the guidelines and rules are followed and to organize the community into one voice. The Council (and any appointed moderators) must follow the Remediation Guidelines setup for handling issues that arise within the community
  11. Issue Remediation Guidelines Procedures have been created for handling any situation when a post or comment is made that is deemed controversial by the Council or appointed moderators. The steps are outlined below. 1) A post is deemed to be controversial in nature. The Council or appointed moderators will either remove the offending post(s) and lock the thread, or they may choose to leave the post(s) an simply lock the thread to avoid further drama. 2) A standard post will be added to any thread locked for this reason. The post will read: Due to issues concerning this thread the Council has decided to lock the thread and clear up the misunderstanding. We would like everyone to refrain from posting concerning any comments made in this thread. Please allow the Council time to address the issue. Thank you for your understanding and patience in this matter. 3) The Council or appointed moderator will then send a private message to the user and temporarly suspend their account to the Quarantine section. The PM will read: I'm sorry to inform you that due to your post in [subject] thread your account has been suspend. You will notice your account has been placed into suspension. Currently the Council and you are the only people who can view this area. Hopefully we can use this section to resolve any possible issues. We ask that you please refrain from discussing the issue with outside parties until we have had time to work through everything. Remember that all forum guidelines apply to this Quarantine section as well. So please be curteous and respectful. The suspended area is only used so that the Council and the user may be able to communicate without having to use PMs or email. It is much easier to have one area that the user and the Council may use to chat. Hopefully it will help resolve issues more quickly. 4) At this point the user would go in to the suspend area, where the Council and the user would try to resolve the matter. If for what ever reason the issue could not be resolved, the Council will remove the offending post and take any necessary disciplinary actions agains the user's account. If the issue can be resolve the person would be re-granted access to the forums and to edit their post to clear up any issues or concerns. 5) Once the issue is resolved the Council will edit the post used to lock the thread previously and unlock the thread. The edit will read: The issues have been resolved and the thread is re-opened. Thank you for your understanding and patiences. The Council hopes that in handling situations like this in a predefined manner, it will lessen the drama on our community forums. We hope that the suspended area will be use to maturely communicate thoughts and concerns and that all issues can be taken care of by the user editing his/her own post. However, in the event that is not possible, the Council will take what ever action is appropriate to ensure the maturity, stability and fun that we have all come to expect here at The Adult Gamer.
  12. TAG has ranks of membership: TAG Newbie - You recently signed up and are getting to know our community. TAG Regular - You have been on the site for a little while, you're making posts and getting to know people. TAG Member - You hang out at TAG a lot, game with us and have probably gotten to know a few people pretty well. TAG Mason - As an elected member, TAG is your online home. We all game together and you're a member for life. TAG Elder - In addition to being a Mason, you served on Council to help coordinate things at TAG. Council will discuss pressing issues with the Elders to make sure everyone agrees with important decisions affecting TAG as a whole. TAG Council - You were elected by fellow Masons to help run the community for a 1 year term. Separate from the forums, TAG's Discord Server has two additional ranks following after TAG Member that grant exclusive Discord privileges: Sithposter - Following in the ways of the Sith, your command of memes has unlocked the Sithposters-Anonymous channel and access to the Music bot. Jabber Jedi - You have way too much time on your hands but we love you for it anyway. Mason Election Guidelines The Mason rank is restricted to users who are at least 21 years old. New users registering on the forums or joining our Discord Server are required to post a personal introduction in the 'Introduce Yourself' section of our forums. Before any forum or Discord member can be considered for TAG Mason, they will need to meet the following minimum requirements: - 3 months of active participation with the TAG community. - 100 substantial posts in multiple forums of TAG (not just spam and smilies, and not just limited to one narrow forum) and/or reach Member rank and have substantial activity (excluding spam, emojis, etc) in multiple channels on our Discord server. - The candidate should have a strong familiarity with our community. - Once the requirements have been met, the user will be added to a list of people eligible for the Mason vote by the current Mason community. At the end of each month (or a week or so before) a list will be posted privately for the community to vote on. This list will include everyone who has met the requirements or will meet the time requirement by the end of the current month. Based on the list of members who meet the minimum requirements, TAG Masons will nominate people as candidates for Mason. In the nomination, the Mason will state how he/she knows the person, what games they have played together, and give other good reasons why the person should become a Mason (please see the 'Nomination Questions' below) . a ) Other Mason may nominate the same person and give additional support. b ) Only Members who receive nominations will be included in the monthly ballot. During the nomination process, if you do not believe a nominated candidate will make a good Mason, please explain why in a respectful manner and provide examples of conduct. Please remember TAG guidelines are in effect. The current Masons will then vote for mason-ship. Masons may vote Yes, No, or Abstain. - 'Yes' means the candidate should become a TAG Mason. - 'No' means the voter feels strongly that the candidate should not become a TAG Mason at this time. - 'Abstain' means the voter does not know the candidate well enough to make an informed decision. - To become a Mason, the candidate must have at least 55% Yes votes and no more than 25% No votes. Council will tally up the votes and announce the new Masons. The amount of inductees each month can vary due to the amount of votes that each person receives. So there could be any number of Masons inducted each month - no minimum or maxium exists. Mason promotions will begin at the start of the month. Sponsored Regulars: On a side note, there has been discussion of family members or close friends that are under 21. With consideration of the wishes of the Masons of TAG, it has been decided that TAG Masons will have the option of sponsoring a family member or close friend if that person is between the ages of 15 and 20. The sponsorship will occur with the approval of Council. Masons will only be able to sponsor one person at a time. These individuals will not be eligible to become a TAG Mason until their 21st birthday. If the sponsoring Mason leaves TAG, the Sponsored Regular will need to find a new Sponsor before being allowed to remain with TAG. Nomination Questions: When nominating someone for Mason rank, these questions should be answered by the nominator to give other Masons a good view of the candidate: 1. Name and why you feel this person should become a full TAG Mason? 2. What games have you played with the candidate? 3. What makes them a good candidate to be a Mason? 4. How long have you gamed with the candidate? 5. Do you know the candidate outside of TAG?
  13. TheAdultGamer.com is an independently owned and operated internet website. The council members are ultimately responsible for the website and all affiliated content. All use of this site is subject to the terms and conditions set forth below. These rules are evolving and will be updated and added to on a continual basis. Signatures should be no larger than 750x200. Signatures, Avatars and Images cannot contain nudity or offensive images. Any post that is potentially not safe for work should be marked as NSFW in both the title and body of the post. NSFW posts may not contain graphic nudity (i.e.: no 'R' or 'X' rated content). Users will not purposely post or link content that contains pornography, graphic violence, hateful speech or attacks against others. The Internet is n global medium and the forum an international meeting place of people who share their enjoyment of our hobby. As such there is a wide variety of cultures and political views. This is not a place to discuss politics, religion or any other heated topics. Threads such as these will be removed by moderators and the posters warned. Advertisements and spamming are not allowed on this forum. No advertisements for personal/business homepages are permitted. The council is here to help and we do listen to your concerns. If you have a concern about another forum member please don't hesitate to contact us via PM, IM or email. Personal attacks against another member will not be tolerated. The post will be removed and the poster warned. Vicious attacks or racist/genocidal comments against a forum member or his ethnic/social background will be subject to immediate disciplinary action. Any illegal activities such as posting warez links or links to hacks/cracks deemed inappropriate by the Council will be removed and the poster will be disciplined depending on the severity of the offense. The site's Private Messages (PMs) and Chat area are subject to the same guidelines and procedures that the forums and "in-game play" are subject to. Please keep it friendly, and know that like the forums, all chat activity (regular & private) is logged and may be reviewed by Council if the need arises. When posting an information or quotes on the TAG site from any external source, only post small snippets of the article that you find interesting by using the Quote code and include a hyperlink back to the full article of the website you are quoting from. Do not post the entire contents of an article. If a site specifically says that you may not quote their content, then don't do it. The Council at any moment can add or change the guidelines of TAG. The Council is responsible for the community and content represented on this website and as such will act in the best interest of the community when making decisions.Users may gain access to other sites on the Internet through hypertext links, or to media from external sites, which are not under the control of TheAdultGamer.com. This site also shows external content from sources such as Twitch.tv and Twitter. TheAdultGamer.com is not responsible for the content of any of these linked sites (including streaming media or comments), or any link contained in a linked site. Any copyrighted information or pages accessible within or from TheAdultGamer.com remains the exclusive property of the copyright holder and may not be reproduced, nor transmitted in any form, physical, electronic or otherwise, without the permission of that holder. If you are the copyright holder for content posted here at theadultgamer.com, please contact Council and we will remove it. Please understand that THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS FREEDOM OF SPEECH IN A PRIVATELY OWNED AND OPERATED FORUM. You are responsible for all of your posts. Breaking any of the guidelines will result in disciplinary actions against your account. By registering with The Adult Gamer community you agree to be bound to these terms and conditions. Terms and conditions may change at any time at the sole discretion of the site management.
  14. General Guidelines: We are The Adult Gamer - you must be at least 21 years of age to register and post on the site. Conduct Guidelines: First and foremost, we are here for the community, so have a good time and enjoy your stay. Always act in a mature and respectful manner on the forums and when gaming. No cheating, glitching or exploiting is allowed. If you have an issue of any kind, always deal with it PRIVATELY (via PMs, IMs, etc). You are encouraged to discuss the issue first with the other party involved. However, if you do not feel comfortable doing so, please contact a TAG council member. Do not (under any circumstances) discuss issues in the public or member areas of the forums. Please do not post threads in the forum that have potential to cause problems. (In other words, do not purposely post something to cause drama.) Derogatory discussions of any kind will not be tolerated. We all are mature gamers and should value each others opinions. Please no racial comments and discriminating remarks. Any post that is potentially not safe for work should be marked as NSFW in both the title and body of the post. Be helpful to our community. Not following the guidelines can result in either a suspension or removal from the site. All disciplinary actions, moderation and guidelines are the sole responsibility of the elected council. All users (regardless of rank, status or time with the community) are held to the same standards.