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  1. Re-Introduction I guess lol

    predicon, holy shit
  2. Does anyone play Fortnite?

    Well, anyone? I've been playing the past few days and its a lot of fun!
  3. Does anyone play Fortnite?

    anyone up for playing on xbox sometime soon? new map update just came out. i can't take playing with the GP anymore.....
  4. PUBG

    what i am saying is when i see "X to Interact" i hit X and nothing happens. i have to hit it like 15 times for any action to happen.
  5. PUBG

    i'm hitting X just like anyone else would
  6. PUBG

  7. PUBG

    Fortnite is still a billion times better. i still can't pick up weapons / open doors. literally takes at least 15 seconds. Also, why are these items so hidden on the floor? perhaps its because i am color blind, but in fortnite you can see the items glowing by their rarity color.
  8. Official TAG Reddit

    Going forward, it would probably makes the most sense to have a WWW landing page with our group info, about, etc, and then the Discord info. The forums are basically only last post wins, and that really is no different than a chat room, which is what Discord it.
  9. PUBG

    can't believe i paid for this lazy port from a PC game. You can even tell that the graphics are dumbed down to make it run on xbox. the game even looks like a 360 game. the movement is slow as hell. Its very difficult to pick up gear from the ground without being 100% precisely on it with the tiny cursor. It's equally difficult to open and close doors, and hell, even walk through them without hitting the side due to all the lag. (this isn't a network connection issue). You pick up a weapon and the gun isn't loaded? why are they trying to reinvent the shooter game? the inventory menu is an absolute disaster!
  10. PUBG

    this honestly may be the worst game i've ever played.
  11. Official TAG Reddit

    i have no problem w/ discord at this point....but why reddit now?
  12. Official TAG Reddit

    why? just another thing to take away from the fourms.
  13. PUBG

    i played this today for the first time and i thought it was horrible, i can't believe i bought it. the game is slow as molasses. is it just me? fortnite is just way more fluid, though i hate the building aspect so i figured i would like PUBG more...
  14. Does anyone play Fortnite?

    The game is pretty hard for me to find a rhythm as well. perhaps try the PvE part...
  15. Xbox One X

    I'm pretty out of the loop these days, compared to when i got a 360 and XB1 launch day. What's the deal with the Xbox One X? is this an entirely new console? I see that it can play XB1 games smoother and graphically better. Does this require a 4k TV? are there any games that are exclusive to the XB1X vs the XB1?
  16. Been a long time

    Sup dude!
  17. Xbox One X

    man you guys are killing me. this is the first system i haven't bought on launch since the OG xbox i think....
  18. Gearbox Project 1v1 codes

    didn't we kick you outta here years ago jimmy?
  19. How did you find TAG?

    no idea what that means, but cool!
  20. How did you find TAG?

    epic, send me an invite if you guys want to play. or need help w/ anything. i typically am in the DZ.
  21. How did you find TAG?

    xbox or gtfo
  22. How did you find TAG?

    Really? who? let's play!!!
  23. How did you find TAG?

    i'm still around :) kinda...too bad no one plays the division....
  24. Just checking the place out

    Welcome! what kinda place has activity quotas?! we're talkin' 'bout video games!!!
  25. Happy B-Day Dr Superb!