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  1. Making a Murderer

    I just binged watched it over the past 4 days. What a show!
  2. Canadian Eh?

    Frickin' Canadians, eh?
  3. Halo 5 Game Night - Thursdays

    Going to scour online for deals. I'll see what I come up with!
  4. Halo 5 Game Night - Thursdays

    Ugh, this thread is making me want to cave in and get an XBone...
  5. New TAG Site

    Thanks @MadWik! The site looks great!
  6. Hey everybody!

    Welcome to TAG!
  7. [PS4] Calling All (PS4) Destiny Players

    Will do!
  8. Hello

    Welcome to TAG!
  9. Season 5 Roll-Call (Class Poll)

    I haven't looked much into the next season and what's coming, but more than likely a Crusader.
  10. [PS4] Calling All (PS4) Destiny Players

    I just recently got The Taken King and have been playing Destiny quite regularly again. Currently light level 287. If anyone want to run some strikes/raids/raids etc, add me up and let's play! Looking forward to seeing you guys out there!
  11. Games Beaten Forever

    My list so far... (will update as I progress) 01/24/2015 - Dragon Age: Inquisition 04/03/2015 - Borderlands 2 05/05/2015 - GTA V 06/12/2015 - Project Cars (No campaign, completed entry to LMP1) 07/04/2015 - Destiny 07/18/2015 - Star Fox 64 07/18/2015 - Wolfenstein: The New Order
  12. Howdy Hey!!

    Welcome to TAG Froz!
  13. PS4 - Double Up Raid

    Sorry guys, I only just got online a bit ago. Something came up and I had to run out.
  14. Hey !

    Good Day Sir! Welcome to TAG.