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  1. Overwatch PC

    So does anyone else have it? I dont think I have anyone from TAG on my battlenet that is playing so I'm wondering if I'm all alone on there or what. I have it on XBO but prefer it on the PC. If the crickets arrive to play their symphony I guess I will have to move to the XBO, I just suck with the controller.
  2. Fallout 4 HiRes 4K 58gb

    Bout time some games are pushing the tech. They keep releasing vid cards with 6-8gb and there are not really that many games that actually utilize them to their full potential. Those of us who are pc gamers tend to throw money at the newest tech (that we can afford) but our old tech isn't even being pushed yet lol. I'll have to pick up FO4 on the PC now lol.
  3. Symmetra Changes

    I agree, seems like sometimes it locks on you and you just cant get away.
  4. For Honor

    Just played it on the PC. Looks great! Too bad the gameplay is not for me. There is a decent learning curve for fighting. You have block the exact side your attacker is hitting which is hard to tell with most of the characters. Gameplay (fighting) reminds me of the old game Bushido Blade, where in if you fail to block you will be crushed. I didnt play against people, just bots, but they were on easy, and I was dead....The capture and control the points is familiar from every online game out, an the characters are well detailed and customizable. I just dont know if I could learn to play it well enough to enjoy it. Just watched that gameplay video above and there were no icons showing me where they were attacking like there was in that video, it was all visual que's which was very hard with some characters. I think I beat one character than just died over and over.
  5. Nintendo Switch $300 Mar 3

    Yah, I think i will be sticking with the cartridges and not all digital with this system. I'm almost 100% digital on the PS4 and XBO (I own one physical game for each, and with swapping "home" systems with a close friends we have over 100 digital games on each). Nintendo Wii U, even though I had a 500gb hd on it, I never bought digital. A few people at work were complaining they are going back to cartridges. I asked them if they realized its basically a memory card, and memory cards can hold more than a dual layer bluray. Also Nintendo already stated the cartridges reduce load time vs disc media. Games like Mario Kart and any fighting games that I plan on keeping long after beating I will probably buy digital on the switch. Games Like Zelda and Mario that I really want to play but are more of a one and done I will get on cartridge so I can trade them back in for new games. I think I should be good with a 256gb mem card for awhile.
  6. Nintendo Switch $300 Mar 3

    According to Wiki, the Wii U actually had one of the biggest launch set of games of almost all consoles. Wii U had 34, PS4 25 and XbO had 22. So more is not always better lol. Although Switch is probably the smallest set of all lol. They just need to keep the deveolopers that signed up and get some more. They got some big backers already but we will see... I was annoyed by the 32gb too, but then I thought about the fact its a tablet, not really room for a full fledged hard drive. Most tablets are around 64gb so I'm surprised they didn't at least include that, but allowing users to use any memory card (and they are pretty damn cheap now) is nice compared to some companies --cough--Sony--cough-- that force you to buy their proprietary memory cards and charge you out the ass for it.
  7. Nintendo Switch $300 Mar 3

    I am, lol. I stayed up to watch the Nintendo release thing, and then stayed up til the preorders dropped. Picked up a pre-order at best buy, but I ended up getting one today on the trade in promotion at Gamestop. Traded in the Wii U and all the games I had for it and ended up paying a little over 10 bucks (less than tax) and I got Zelda to go with it. The extra $75 trade toward the switch was a great deal, especially when they are paying 120 trade in already for the Wii u. Basically gave my 200 just for the Wii u, all the games pushed it up and over the retail of the system. SOoooooo...basically traded in the old Wii U for the new model =) I'm excited. I love new consoles...
  8. Burnout Paradise

    Hellz yeah! They need to make another one of these on the new systems that actual plays like these older ones.
  9. Who's getting Titanfall 2?

    I bought it with some reward points i had at gamestop, beat the campaign and back it went to gamestop for extra trade in value towards FF. Campaign was a blast, but I didn't mess with the online aspect. I really wanted to get this for the PC as I suck at MP fps games without my trusty mouse/keyboard. GS didn't have the pc version so I got the PS4 version to run through the single player. Keeping an eye on Cdkeys.com to get it on the cheap for pc.
  10. The PS4 Pro Thread...

    I was going to jump on this deal this morning but after doing some research I see this panel is only 60hz. wouldn't that sucks for gaming?
  11. The PS4 Pro Thread...

    Please post up if you think its actually worth upgrading, not just 4k wise but load times/framerate. I dont have a 4k tv hooked up to my systems. I am running a 70" 1080p tv so I refuse to "downsize", so until that size comes down in price I wont be 4k gaming. I'm curious if its worth the upgrade if not running 4k. I may get a 4k tv to replace our 47" tv upstairs on Black Friday so I may move one of them upstairs for 4k movies and streaming. I have the XBOS and its "supposed" to be slightly better than the original, but I dont notice it at all. XB dashboard is garbage, I was hoping for a smoother experience on the new one but was let down. I wouldn't have bought the S if it wasn't for the fact I needed a XBO. Also, is the PS Pro still just 4k scaling and not true 4k like the xbos? I read that when this was announced, and also no 4k drive was a bad idea on their end.
  12. Gears roll call

    I got it, been workin on the campaign. Really enjoying it so far. Been playing it completely on the PC though, not sure how that works as far as crossplay is concerned.
  13. Cutting the Cord

    So on the topic of my family trying to free up some money for our budget we are going to get rid of cable. I know we can get an HD antenna for locals, is there anything else you would recommend. We have streaming devices on all our TV's so Vudu, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon are all accessible. How do those of you who have done this get your shows that are on HBO and stuff. I see Hulu has partnered with Showtime so I can get that. Does HBO have a pay service? Also are there better antenna's for the local channels than others? Thanks.
  14. Forza Horizon 3

    Microsoft store is running the preorder for the standard edition on its store for 59.99 and they give you a $10 MS gift card. Plus digital gets you the PC version as well. Clicky here. I took them up on it.
  15. ReCore

    There is some noticeable differences in the gameplay between pc and xbo. I noticed stutter in the XBO version and the load times are horrible. I didnt even notice load times in the PC version. Granted I'm running a SSD drive. Graphics look about the same, hard to tell as I'm sitting close to the monitor so it looks more detailed. I do like the ability to pick up and play on either the xbo or pc from where I left off. Really diggin the cross platform stuff microsoft is starting to do.
  16. Legion Guild (Horde)

    I'll get a toon over there. Havent messed with horde since I got back a few months ago.
  17. ReCore

    I havent tried it on the XBO yet, only the PC and so far its a very good looking platformer/puzzler game. Havent really had any issues on the tech side on the PC which is surprising after the mess that Quantum Break was on PC. Will jump on XBO soon and see the difference.
  18. World of Quecraft

    Yah none of my servers have had a que either, Alleria, Sargeras (sp?), and black dragonflight have all been que free. I did read in some other forums about this issue though. It sucks if you have multiple toons on that server though. Can get costly moving them.
  19. EQ NEXT Cancelled..

    So I heard this a little while back and forgot about it. I was looking forward to EQN and was shocked to hear after all this landmark and testing and so on they would just cancel it. So to all of you who paid money for landmark, is that still going on? I was under the assumption that was a stepping stone for EQN. Is landmark even worth a damn yet, it was a lag filled mess when I played it.
  20. Merry Bday

    Thanks! A friend of mine was hit and killed on his motorcycle and his funeral was this weekend. Wasn't much of a happy b-day, but thanks you guys!
  21. Elder Scrolls Online -PS4 Rollcall

    I've been known to hop on there as well.
  22. Suicide Squad: WaPo Review

    Just watched it, was pretty decent. Wasnt as good as I hoped but worth watching. My daughter enjoyed it as well. Not sure why all the hub-bub about the movie being "so dark". Was standard DC stuff with gunplay instead of powers and gadgets. Violence really wasnt even all that bad, most was against "non-human" things anyways, and what was against humans was camera pull away stuff. I remember reading how the actors had to have physiologists on hand because the stuff was so gritty and dark. That was all hype. If they would have went the deadpool route and went a hard "R" I could understand. Even still I enjoyed it. Probably helped I saw a lot of bad reviews (that I didnt actually fully read) so I wasn't expecting much. Oh, and my daughter wanted to stop and get some SS shirts after, so now we are sportin' some new T's.
  23. Make a case!!

    I'm usually not a competitive fps player unless its Unreal Tourney. I never really got into Team Fortress (which seems to be this games closest relative). But for some reason this game has grabbed me. Not even on just one system, I now own it on PC, PS4 and XBO. While I do prefer PC I have friends that play on the others and well I enjoy the game enough to jump into it with them on whatever system they play it on. Blizzard has a good rep for support on their games so this one should stick around for a long while.
  24. Took my daughter to see it, she really enjoyed it, and I laughed a couple times. Worth going for free with my AMC rewards. After all the harsh things I have heard about it, I was actually entertained. It almost felt like they were bringing the ghostbusters back for the younger generation. Our generation that grew up with the original (same with karate kid) will find these remakes "dumb". My daughters generation finds them new, fresh and funny. And before you ask I made her watch the original first (she thought the special effects were HORRIBLE, which they are compared to todays stuff). I think she enjoyed the new one more, maybe because she's a girl, maybe because it had current jokes and better effects. I dont think she laughed once at the original.....kids these days I tell yah.... And Chuckles, I was wondering what the hell dude was throwing that chair at too, wasnt hard enough to do anything even if he was aiming for a window lol.