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  1. (Xbox One) Fiesta Game Night - Every Monday

    Damn, I don't have Forza 3 and I missed the previous nights. I'll try again next week.
  2. Doom - May 13th

    Been keeping an eye on Doom for a while, and I couldn't resist this deal. Thanks for the heads up.
  3. Friday the 13th

    I'm going to be playing this tonight for the first time. Come join me I you want.
  4. Exactly this.. Why charge so much and still ask us to purchase DLC? Very bad of them.
  5. Horizon Zero Dawn

    I have Catherine on my backlog too. Really enjoyed the demo. Very unique experience.
  6. Horizon Zero Dawn

    If I ever get a PS4, I'll be getting this game for sure. I have The Last of Us but haven't put it in to play it. I'm playing my backlog of PS3 games at camp, and I'm on Beyond Two Souls at the moment. The Killzone trilogy is next, followed by TLOU. Can't wait for it! The Bioshock trilogy is my favorite sp series so far. Love em!
  7. Friday the 13th

    Ha! I didn't catch that typo.
  8. Friday the 13th

    Do it! I'm sure we can't find a group.
  9. Friday the 13th

    I downloaded it last night and will post some thoughts on it after I play a few rounds.
  10. Friday the 13th

    A couple more of my friends bought this so I'm going to get it sometime this week.
  11. Friday the 13th

    I'm in the same boat as you BDaddyK, though I usually see at least one person on it a night. I would pick it up now if I had people to play with, otherwise it is going to be a sale purchase.
  12. Free games from MS for using Mixer during E3

    Yup, I got mine.
  13. Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus

    Another game on my list. Just need it cheap and some time to play it.
  14. Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus

    Yup! Really good game. Need to buy the stand alone DLC still.