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  1. 2.6 New Zones

    There's a story? Is it not available to be purchased prior to release? Could be that I am just an idiot and can't find it in the blizzard store. Edit.... Just saw it can't be purchased before, available on June 27.
  2. Necro release date

    I'll be picking this up on PC, but may not be online until later in the week or the weekend.
  3. Horizon Zero Dawn

    I usually stick to multiplayer games, but this one may draw me in as I just upgraded my TV and to a PS4 Pro.
  4. Necro release date

    I see you Blizzard, getting me back between seasons???!!!!
  5. Need more wings? Who wants to help?

    Got mine done today. If anyone wants help while I'm online, hit me up.
  6. Need more wings? Who wants to help?

    Trying this now, confused as all hell. Finally figured out how to make myself a diablo toon
  7. Need more wings? Who wants to help?

    @Chirality sent you a bnet friend request
  8. S10 End, S11 Start dates

    I'm still running this season
  9. Starting today, Diablo players will be able to unlock a new set of cosmetic wings through a cross game promotion with Heroes of the Storm. The task to earn these wings is simple: between June 13th and June 26th, play 15 games as a Diablo hero while partied with a friend. Even as a new player you'll have access to a few Diablo heroes, such as Nazeebo (Witch Doctor), Sonya (Barbarian), Cassia (Amazon) — and Diablo himself will be free to play from June 13th through June 20th. After you complete your 15 games, you'll get the wings with the release of the Diablo 2.6 Patch.
  10. Top 100 RPGs of all time

    C64 Pool of Radiance. Loved the game, died A LOT!
  11. Final Fantasy XIV - anyone playing?

    I was playing, hit lvl 16ish but stopped last month.
  12. Grifts and how to run them

    Thanks @pharbot very helpful
  13. Hi everyone

    Welcome to TAG, glad you found us!
  14. American Gods

    I got bogged down reading the books, sounds like I should push through.
  15. Good times

    Welcome back. Sorry I missed the party this weekend, I should see y'all this week.