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  1. How did you find TAG?

    This poll is long overdue, but I am wondering how people have found us here at TAG. It'd be great for both new and old members alike to share how you found the site :) As for me, I was on the xbox.com forums right around when the 360 came out. I saw "theadultgamer" in someone's signature and decided to check it out... they haven't been able to get rid of me since ;)
  2. D3: Anyone still playing?

    I logged in and realized this game is still insanely fun. Is anyone still playing this regularly? I started up a season 8 character, would be great to find people so I'm not running around alone.
  3. D3: Anyone still playing?

    $5 says this is Ubo's fault
  4. D3: Anyone still playing?

    LMAO! It's good but they keep refusing to give me cold tea and it pisses me off. It's going well, life is fun but busy. How's life with you? And holy crap why do I have so many posts? (New site looks nice btw)
  5. D3: Anyone still playing?

    What the hell is up with all these mentions? What is this nonsense
  6. D3: Anyone still playing?

    Yeah pretty much. So, want to play Diablo?
  7. Red Dead Redemption 2

  8. Book recommendation time!

    I'm in need of about 10 books - so it's time again for my yearly "what should I read" thread. I typically enjoy Science Fiction and fantasy (think The Dark Tower or Lord of the Rings) as well as books like Altered Carbon, Snow Crash, and "cyber punk". I've got a Stephen King book already, but more is always better but I've read nearly all of them at this point. So, who's got some interesting reading choices?
  9. Info: Signature Policy

    Council has taken a look at our signature guidelines and we have decided to make them a little bit more modern. We are removing the 50kb limit and are also removing the limit on number of images. However, we will be strictly enforcing the total size of people's signatures. Old Signature Guidelines: New Signature Guidelines: Please take a look at your current signature and make sure it complies with the new rules. Thanks!
  10. Book recommendation time!

    I've been reading The Dresden Files, highly recommend it. It's about a wizard in Chicago who's a PI
  11. Rate the last movie you watched.

    300 rise of an empire: 7/10 gory but thoroughly enjoyable. If you liked the first you'll like this one. Total recall (new ) 6/10 nice action flick but the plot still had some massive holes running through it
  12. You Laugh, You Lose!

    They need one team member to run around as Clippy just asking the other team if they need help with anything. "It looks like you are trying to plant a bomb, can I help you with that?"
  13. What are you listening to now?!

    New Tom Petty album, here's one track:
  14. and take a bath? Or shave each other
  15. You people in Toronto will finally have a reason to meet each other...
  16. Taptalk Issues

    Tapatalk is different... This will take some adjustment
  17. Humble Bundle Deals

    Still better than the EA bundle...
  18. Book recommendation time!

    Thanks to whoever recommended Little Brother.... just finished it and it was an absolutely amazing book
  19. The faces of the TAG community

    And from that day forward he was known as the bearded cue ball
  20. Congrats to our new council members! Looking forward to you guys continuing on the awesome work of the outgoing council! For those (like me) that only read mobile... here's the announcement in the header ;) Voting has ended. Please give a warm welcome to the new council! Madwik: Forum Tech Lilubo: Membership Moderator Stevie Knuckles: Forum Moderator
  21. What are you listening to now?!

    I gave it a listen on NPR... really was not impressed at all. Their last few albums really just were nowhere near the awesome nature of the first few, IMO
  22. What are you listening to now?!

    Fucking awesome video:
  23. What are you drinking tonight?

    Wire works and tonic...
  24. Humble Bundle Deals

    They are unleashing a crazy spree of a new bundle every day for the next 14 days... check it out!
  25. You Laugh, You Lose!

    Notice the boner Or danger from the boners So watch the boners