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  1. E3 2017

    I'm easy to please, was happy to see Hello neighbour releasing soon :)
  2. Injustice 2 trailer

    Going to purchase this tonight. Hope to get on with you guys soon.
  3. EASHL NHL 17 Night (XBO)

    Hey all, I'll be on playing EASHL tonight around 9pm central. Feel free to join me for some hockey fun!
  4. CoD: WWII reveal trailer

    Can't wait for this game!!!!
  5. GTA 5

    Lol not at all. However I was known to kill a little in Rainbow Six. I was quick to shoot ;)
  6. Besmertnyi says Hi

    Hello and welcome aboard!
  7. What's Up Everyone

    Welcome to TAG!
  8. Hollow Knight

    Yes, this game sure looks like fun!
  9. :wave:

    Hi @krazyness! It's nice to hear from ya. How are ya doing? Miss ya buddy!!!
  10. Nominate Games for the 2017 TAG Games

    XB1: Rocket League, COD Infinite Warfare, Rainbow Six Siege, Peggle 2, Doritos Crash Course (classic), UFC 2, Roblox (lol), Plants vs Zombies 2, Pacman (any of them), Halo 5, Burnout Paradise, NBA Jam, Forza Horizons 3, Super Mega Baseball, Titanfall 2, Trials Fusion, Lumines Live, Pinball FX2, GTA V, Evolve. I'd love to nominate NHL 17 but sadly it never seems to get enough votes We also need @BiggK and @Romijn both are TAG Games legends!!!
  11. [Xbox One] Rainbow Six Siege TAG Active Operator Roster

    You can add me to the roster. I've been playing with Taggers and on most nights.
  12. Rocket League XB1

    I'll be around tonight around 9pm if anyone wants to play RL or RB6 lol
  13. GTA 5

    Shhhhh lol.
  14. GTA 5

    @Summer I'd be more than willing to jump in and play if you would like to add me also.
  15. So long, and thanks for all the frags

    Duke, all the best in whatever you choose in life. I'd recommend keeping the game system just incase you change your mind or casually want to hop back in casually but totally your call. The great thing about this place is the people. We have amazing folks and as a result this community thrived and will continue to thrive. We're all here anytime fornyou and hope to game with you st some point if you come back to any extent. I've been there many times and I hope the very best in whatever you pursue.