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  1. Cuphead

    I've been playing it a fair bit. I'm slowly getting there but man it can be brutal at times. Brings back memories to older games! I just bought a two-four of beer so I'll be ready for the weeekend play lol.
  2. TAG Minecraft Realm Now Active

    I was in there and did some major mining and collecting resources for now. Id love to play still my top 3 fav games. Send me a message or invite and let's see what we can do with this realm. :)
  3. Hello All

    Welcome to TAG!
  4. Anybody get a first wave XB1X pre-order?

    I bought one right through Microsoft store.
  5. Destiny 2 on Xbox or PS4 ??

    Xbox once I get it. I'm getting the impressive Xbox scorpion and going all in. Likely won't get Destiny at release either though. Not sure yet.
  6. Weekly Titanfall 2 games Xbox One

    I've been getting back into playing it as well and would welcome some Taggers to join up with.
  7. Games with Gold 2017

    I own the trials fusion and it's great just as the original trials.
  8. Destiny 2 beta impressions

    Great review @BDaddyK I played through everything including crucible PVP. I think this is one of the best betas released! I enjoyed the game and look forward to playing with Taggers. I came late in the first on Xbox but hoping to find Taggers to raid with in D2.
  9. Marvel Heroes Omega

  10. New here

    Welcome to TAG!
  11. Marvel Heroes Omega

    I started with deadpool and my son was the hulk. Cool you can play anyone for free out of the gate.
  12. The TAG-Bag Tournament

  13. Help me decide

    LOL maybe this is the game then that will bring me out of hiding and reacquaint myself with my Xbox buddies. ;)
  14. Destiny 2 beta stream

    Thanks for the feedback. I managed to play through it all and enjoyed it. Looking forward to see what the final product brings.
  15. Marvel Heroes Omega

    My kids wanted it so I d/l and played with them for a bit. It's pretty decent actually. Hit me up anytime for a run through