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    Anyone still playing? I've been playing a bunch lately but solo's get kinda boring. Add me on steam if you're still playin!
  2. Nintendo Switch $300 Mar 3

    On what planet was the SNES mediocre or the N64 a flop? I agree that everything past the N64 was a steaming pile of shit and this new console looks to be more of the same but c'mon bro. Just say you were a Sega kid and move along but don't slip these opinions in as if they're facts.
  3. Necromancer

    D1 in game is cool but D1 was not a long game. I hope they plan on adding a ton of new sets and legendaries or I'll just reinstall and play that and then uninstall.
  4. Need some help with picking out a PC

    i3 is fine. I'd take i3 over AMD any day. If you're willing to put it together (it's not that hard). something like this would be able to play current games on high at 1080p 60+ fps. and I guess you could stream xbox... if you wanted to still :) : http://www.newegg.com/Product/ComboBundleDetails.aspx?ItemList=Combo.3085016 The 1060 3gb version is a lot of power in a small package. The new cards that just came out really give you a lot of value for the price.
  5. Legion is Live. Git er Done.

    Trying to hit 110 today. Have family in town tonight thru saturday then going on vacation monday. Damn real life crap I just want to gear up! :)
  6. Legion PVP Goes COD

    Gear doesn't really matter anymore for PVP since all stats are normalized so you need something to shoot for. I was never a big PVP'er but I might try it out this time to go for the prestige(s) to get the vanity/mount rewards.
  7. Broken Shores Scenario

    A tip for those of you who are a little slow (like me): If you're trying to upgrade glaives for your DH, you can send the glaives to any toon on your account, upgrade them and then send them back because they are account bound. I did all the upgrading on my DH which took much longer than it would've if I did it this way.
  8. No Man's Sky

    This looks great but seems like something that would get old real fast without multiplayer. Definitely not worth the full 60 bucks. This screams Steam sale buy to me.
  9. Broken Shores Scenario

    I haven't done it on Horde side yet but I've seen the cinematics. The alliance cinematic... whoooo boy that was epic. The invasions have been pretty fun. I have been gearing up all of my alts with the free lvl 700 gear.
  10. Warcraft: Harbingers

    Blizzard has started putting out these animated vignettes leading up to the release of Legion and they are really good (especially if you're into the lore). Worth watching for anyone who ever played wow!
  11. Anyone coming back for Legion?

    No matter what server you are on you can group with members of the same faction and quest, do dungeons, etc. You can't trade gold or items or join the same guild but they've got it now so if I'm on Sargeras and you're on Alleria and we're both Alliance I can invite you and you get phased onto Sargeras.
  12. Anyone coming back for Legion?

    I'm starting alliance. Atiya (I forget her TAG name but those who played wow will remember her) is still playing and I believe she's going alliance as is Shem (not on TAG but an old time name for some of us old wow players around here). That'll all be on sargeras. I remember reading something about level scaling too where if I'm 108 and you're 102 we can still level together and benefit the same.
  13. Anyone coming back for Legion?

    I got into the beta a couple days ago and have played a few of my guys thru the opening scenario and the artifact questline and it really has me excited for Legion. The new combat and spell animations are sooooo much better. The storylines for the artifacts I've gotten so far have been amazing. The retribution paladin quest to get the Ashbringer thoroughly impressed me to the point I was RP walking at the end scene in my order hall cuz it didn't feel right to run around in such a serious moment lol (yes im a nerd). I was looking forward to it before but now I am genuinely excited for it because the feel of it so far is really good.
  14. Anyone coming back for Legion?

    People weren't very active at the time but the guild didn't go belly up as much as Shaman decided to disband it for his own personal reasons.
  15. HELP! Buying a gaming monitor today!

    Yeah but I don't see any comments on them going over 60fps on anything. Probably a decision factor if you're looking to get a monitor. Honestly, you seem to be looking for the best graphics and performance and are slowly shifting to the PC starting with your monitor so I commend you, sir. :)