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  1. Official TAG Reddit

    man i need to make an ew reddit account im not linking my old on to there lol
  2. Does anyone play Fortnite?

    so i picked it up today on ps4 and was playing a bit. out of 10 games i got 3 kills. which is not that bad for me in these types of games. i finished in the top 10 in a few just by hiding and sneaking around. i think this would be more fund as a group.
  3. The worst thing that ever happened

    mother fucker
  4. Battlefront 2s unlockable hero

    didnt they also cut the amount of credits earned per game as well? so its pretty much the same?
  5. Battlefront 2s unlockable hero

    yeah i was watching this unfold on reddit. sucks for them it really turned me off from the game.
  6. Happy Birthday Ubo!

    lets all wish our sites fail king @LilUbo a very happy birthday!!!
  7. How did you find TAG?

    why wont you love me! im stuck with @LilUbo on ps4 and he never wants to play with me
  8. How did you find TAG?

    i have it for ps4 :) give me an excuse to buy a new controller lol
  9. How did you find TAG?

    heh, AGE went under wonder how many of the ex taggers from the purge are gone for good now.
  10. Newbie introduction

    welcome to tag! i have a 360 but my dog and kids broke all those controllers...and then my ps4 controller... you are lucky to not have kids...
  11. New Topic Created

    i hope you are not looking for the six fingered man cause @LilUbo has 6 toes not fingers... welcome to tag
  12. Just checking the place out

    well we dont have a full size ubo just a @LilUbo hes harmless unless you feed him past midnight.... welcome to tag.
  13. Hi! (It's 1am here) momma's gonna be tired tomorrow!

    welcome to tag!
  14. New here

    more like the cool uncles that decided not to have kids and keep their 20's alive and well. oh welcome to tag.
  15. The Layover

    this looks pretty funny. that throat punch was awesome lol
  16. Merry B-day to

    happy birthday! @Wolfrat
  17. Horizon Zero Dawn

    ive been waiting to hear something about it. havent played the last of us either. going to pick them both up. thanks!!
  18. Friday the 13th

    yeah true. maybe they should use his hahaha ch chch as an indicator. like it gets louder as he gets close.
  19. Friday the 13th

    the whole glitchy screen and teleportation thing is kind of off putting. liked it until that happened.
  20. TNT intro

    get off my lawn! you damn kids and your discord!
  21. TNT intro

    *looks around* really.. no one? 'Cause I'm T.N.T. I'm dynamite T.N.T. and I'll win the fight T.N.T. I'm a power load T.N.T. watch me explode Welcome to tag!
  22. F4 all perks & STATS play

    just regular. havent tried on hardcore kids broke my controller shortly after lol
  23. F4 all perks & STATS play

    it killed the game for me. did the all stats and perks max mod, plus a bunker to give you the best armor (battle armor modded out) and weapons. im basically a god. only time i died was when i mini nuked the deathclaw in a house and well yeah that sucked lol