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  1. H3 screenshot thread

    Air Tornado - takes off from the foul line... the gunner ended up on the ground with a bashed skull. 8-)
  2. H3 screenshot thread

    awesome screenshots guys!! i gotta spend some time with the saved films and screenies!
  3. The first Halo 3 campaign trailer - oh yes!!

    do yourselves a favor and download this from XBL marketplace. hopefully you have an HD TV. just wow...
  4. It's time to heat things up!

    welcome to TAG MissFire!!! what a great intro! i hope you feel at home here. i also help out over at the blue skittle so hopefully we'll run into each other there as well. -tornado
  5. I'm a N00B here.

    welcome to TAG Zynachi!!! glad you made it over to the site. was fun playing with you last night for a bit.

    was too busy all weekend to play. *sigh* i hope to be on most nights this week.

    i do love it but i'm forming the opinion that they've made the game too "busy" by adding so much new stuff. ie, equipment, many new weapons, spike grenades. i do like all of those things but the feel and pace of the game is even more crazy than halo was to begin with. i am pretty sure they stocked these maps full of stuff for the beta. i mean, you can find shit everywhere. i suspect it will be tuned down quite a bit for final release. i think the maps are great. maybe getting a little sick of snowbound. the feel of the weapons is a little strange but i'm getting used to them. the new lobby, post-game and matchmaking features are pretty cool. i sniped a guy out the air after he launched from the man cannon on valhalla for the first time and just HAD to save the film. :) many more thoughts but that's it for now.
  8. newbee to the forum

    welcome to TAG gun!! i don't play much GOW anymore but i'm sure you'll find plenty around here that do. enjoy your time here!
  9. New H3 Beta video: Betalicious

    a cool beta video check out the use of the barrier on snowbound to get some ball beatdowns and also the use of the bubble shield to take out the warthog on valhalla.
  10. New H3 Beta video: Betalicious

    i watched this last night and it got me very excited! best Halo3 video yet! if you're interested in halo, do yourself a favor and watch this video.
  11. Halo 2 Friday 4/20

    im pretty sure we'll get at least 2 or 3 more peeps that haven't responded here. low? jshark? hoof? ronin? smartass? etc?
  12. Halo 2 Friday 4/20

    i will most likely be there. i'll send you a FR pheonix.
  13. New Halo maps available!

    yeah, i had about the same opinions. tombstone is very fun in just about every game type although i'm hearing things today (like invisible walls) that could spoil the map. desolation definitely needs a BR start and i think it is too big for 4v4 or 8 man FFA (which they claim is why they built it). they should have kept it about the size of the original derelict map. kind of disappointed in this map.
  14. New Halo maps available!

    damn that sucks. i guess the rest of us got them downloaded before they pulled them.
  15. New Halo maps available!

    i had some time this morning before work so i downloaded the maps and spent about 5 minutes running around each of them. tombstone is awesome! a lot of it is the familiarity from H1 but i really like the changes that they made to update it. (mayhem- the rocket launcher is at the opposite end of the canal from the overshield). should be a fun map for 1 flag CTF and slayer. not as impressed with desolation but i can still see it being fun for classic CTF and slayer gametypes. the lifts will make it interesting and there are backside ramps up to each base on the upper level. see you all on tonight! i think i'll be on around 8pm eastern. EDIT: i'm hearing that there is a "death line" at the top of the new maps. no super jumpers!
  16. RCOD Signup Sheet

    Damn, that sucks Tornado. You did not happen to buy it from Costco did you? You have got to be on by the 17th, you know that you organized the new halo 2sday and have to be there. Maybe we can start a "Get Tornado a New Xbox" fund for all the work you have done for this site and all of us since it's inception. -Oside nah, i honestly don't need any financial help. i was hoping to hear how others went about getting their boxes fixed or replaced without too much trouble or expense. i still have the trusty 180 (in the garage now :)) that i play H2 on so that will have to hold me over and i will be there on the 17th when the new maps hit.
  17. RCOD Signup Sheet

    i am now a member of the esteemed RCOD club finally. i know i've beaten the odds by avoiding it for this long. i can't afford a new one or probably even to get this one fixed right now. am i out of luck or does anyone have any suggestions? i got it at best buy a month after launch.
  18. "New" Halo 2 Maps

    ... is that really jshark playing GH2? maybe we can get him to play as well.
  19. "New" Halo 2 Maps

    only uber n00bs wont be playing halo2 with us tuesday, april 17th.
  20. congratulations on the 2nd place finish guys!!! thanks for the report and good luck in the future.
  21. "New" Halo 2 Maps

    So.... does this mean that's when the download is going to be available, or are you just trying to suck us all back into Halo so you can run around no-scoping TAG members with your damn sniper?[/quote:2l9kou3m] :( yes, the maps are due to be available on april 17th.
  22. "New" Halo 2 Maps

    ok... i'm gonna get crazy... i am proposing that everyone interested should play Halo 2 the night of april 17th. i know... i know... how do i come up with these great ideas you all wonder? it's a gift. EDIT: maps are to be available on april 17th.
  23. "New" Halo 2 Maps

    :s1135: i'm a little bit excited about this.
  24. Hi

    welcome to TAG spracky!!!!! make yourself at home! -tornado
  25. New Noob

    welcome to TAG dude!!!!!!