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  1. Destiny 2 Community Group & Clans

    PS4. SithWarrior got it worked out...
  2. Destiny 2 Community Group & Clans

    I tried to join the TAG community on Bungie.net, but it says there are no active Bungie.net accounts left to accept the request.
  3. Steam Group Cleanup

    Got the invite. Thanks!
  4. Steam Group Cleanup

    I'd like to join the TAG Steam group. Do I request the invite here? I didn't see a way to request the invite in Steam. My steam profile is stynger (the one with the profile pic of Ellis from L4D2).
  5. PS4 Battlefield 1 Active Roster

    The holidays kept me from gaming much, but I picked up BF1. I should be getting back online in the next few days.
  6. Titanfall 2 in-game TAG Network [Clan]

    I tried to resend, but now it says I was denied and unable to join the network. Apologies if you get multiple requests, I tried a few times.
  7. Titanfall 2 in-game TAG Network [Clan]

    I just installed the game (PS4) and sent a join network request.
  8. The PS4 Pro Thread...

    I think the PS4 has a PS4-to-PS4 transfer option too. I haven't tried but I'm pretty I sure saw the option when I backed up my PS4 before swapping the HDD.
  9. Kings Fall Raid [PS4]

    I signed up as an alt to leave room for others who may need to complete MoT.
  10. Custom Matches Confirmed!

  11. Kings Fall Raid signup

  12. Back online for the April Update?

    I'm going to report you to The Speaker!
  13. Back online for the April Update?

    I hope that no one stole all the gear from my vault during my hiatus.
  14. PvZ Garden Warfare 2

    It's $40 on Amazon today...
  15. Fallout 4 DLC detailed!

    Indeed. Like kickstarter for DLC.
  16. PvZ Garden Warfare 2

    With enough interest, I'll pick it up. PS4.
  17. I've been eye-humping this for a while...

    I made it to the last mission but got distracted and didn't finish the campaign. I have the season pass and I'm looking forward to the new graphics and new missions.
  18. TL;DR DL-44, homing shot, Slave I, Millennium Falcon and Han Solo (pistol) have all received nerfs. Hero Hunt match bonus got a bump. http://www.polygon.com/2016/1/27/10840160/star-wars-battlefront-update-delivers-some-badly-needed-nerfs?ref=yfp
  19. Bungie admits they lied to us for the past 5 weeks!

    Foot, meet Bungie. Bungie, meet foot.
  20. Oryx Challenge Mode

    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  21. [PS4] Flawless raider Trophy run

    According to a moderator on the Bungie forums, you can get the raiding party trophy in PoE, but not flawless. https://www.bungie.net/st/Forum/Post/168295006/0/0
  22. [PS4] King's Fall Raid

    When this happened to me, I thought about why it could happen. The only 2 reasons I came up with were either we spent too much time clearing adds before detonating the bombs or the titans in the middle forgot (or were unable) to dps Oryx enough to keep his chest open during the detonation.
  23. [PS4] King's Fall Raid

    If I'm available, I'll help out.
  24. [PS4] King's Fall Raid

    I'll be on from approximately 5:30pm PT until whenever. Let's git-r-done!
  25. This is starting to look like a definite maybe for me. I like what I'm reading about the co-op, Nightmares campaign, Dead-Ops II, etc. When I get it, it'll be PS4.