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  1. Hugo's Destiny 2 Promotional Code Giveaway Extravaganza!

    It has to be getting my first Gjallerhorn to drop after only 1,400 hours of gameplay.
  2. Outbreak Prime Help on PS4

    Done....thank Ubo. Next up, 3 raid boss kills.....that'll have to wait until after reset.
  3. Outbreak Prime Help on PS4

    Need to do the 2nd puzzle now. Any hunter and warlock want to help a brother out? lol
  4. Outbreak Prime Help on PS4

    Update....got the first step done. On to exploring the plaguelands, 3 AF events, and the Sepiks strike. Thanks to everyone being so willing to help. I can solo this part but will be looking for help on the next part (I think).
  5. Outbreak Prime Help on PS4

    Ok, cool. I just ran the NF and am about to do the strikes. If I don't get it all ran with this group I'll try to find one of you.
  6. Outbreak Prime Help on PS4

    Awesome, thanks. I sent you a FR. I don't have the notifications turned on but I'll keep an eye out for you.
  7. Outbreak Prime Help on PS4

    I completed the monitors and got the OP quest on PS4. Hoping to find a Warlock and a Hunter to run some of the quest steps with me tonight if possible. I'm on the first part, Be the Battery where I need a NF (super easy this week), 3 public events, & 3 heroic strikes. I also need 50 pulse kills but I'll get them doing those first 3 steps. I already have it on XB1.....just now getting around to PS4. PS4 I am 'Bandit_x42x'. Let me know if you're interested in helping. Much rather do it here than LFG!
  8. Destiny Clan

    Yes, I know, but how does that get me the Clan TAG on the PS4?
  9. Destiny Clan

    Can you add me to the TAG clan on PS4? My PSN is Bandit_x42x
  10. PS4 Crota and VoG Raid Signup

    Maynard and I are at Crota now if anyone is available.
  11. PS4 Crota and VoG Raid Signup

    My PSN is Bandit_x42x.
  12. PS4 Crota and VoG Raid Signup

    7:30ish EST ok?
  13. PS4 Crota and VoG Raid Signup

    I just got Destiny on PS4 and would like to run the Y1 raids. Since reset is tomorrow, it would be nice to run a couple tonight. Who's interested? 1. Bandit_x42x 2. HugoJStiglitz 3. 4. 5. 6.
  14. Destiny, post your rank progression

    No, you don't have to be over 300 for IB.
  15. Destiny, post your rank progression

    thats cheating yourself, you have triplets...disqualified! Agreed! lolHunter -297 Warlock and Titan are about 285 - Nightfall ready lol We just starting exploring King's Fall as a TAG group. It is amazing. possibly better than VoG (if possible lol) It is IMO the best raid so far. And very unforgiving... Unforgiving is an understatement. If there is a 'flawless raider' cheevo in this raid it should be worth 10,000. lol