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  1. Custom Matches Confirmed!

    this is fun. I remember some really fun custom matches with TAGers in Halo 3 using the gametype "Toothfairy" - needlers only and low gravity. Was so bonkers and fun. I wonder if it will be possible to make something similar in Destiny private matches.
  2. FIFA 17 (Xbox One)

    I will be getting it, but not right away when it comes out. Prob not until mid to late Oct. But then I'd be down for some games. Have never actually played anyone online before in any of the FIFAs. Am always about the season manager mode. [usually with either Hertha Berlin, Tottenham, or AC Milan]
  3. LFG!

    yo dracozz, as Ubo correctly states, I still play Destiny now and again. Am more into PvP generally. But still have some exotic weapon quests i am chipping away at. Since a friend request
  4. Hello all

    welcome [back] to TAG! I played various versions of HALO with @Annihil8rMethod over the years. Super fun times. Nowadays I am mostly playing Destiny
  5. Battlefield 1 Official Reveal Trailer

  6. Book recommendation time!

    I see this thread is mostly about SciFi and fiction series. But if folks are looking for a good non-fiction read, I can recommend: Pinpoint: How GPS Is Changing Technology, Culture, and Our Minds It provides a good history of navigation techniques, how the GPS tech was developed, and insight into how GPS is changing how human navigate the world. Ars Technica published an excerpt from the book, the chapter called Death by GPS, back in May.
  7. what do you have against Ice Climbers????? that game was awesome!
  8. hmm. bummer it won't work with old cartridges. or that it won't be modify-able through online updates or purchases. still, $60 for a sleek emulator with 30 games [20 of which i played and liked growing up] is not too bad. I think i'll prob pick one up.
  9. HA, i just started a thread on this too. D'OH. Can council folks delete it? ANYWHO here are my 2 cents This seems like it is aimed directly at the TAG demographic! Personally, I am excited. But not 100% sold on getting one. I like some, but not all, of the 30 games included. The kicker will be whether the console is backwards compatible with the old original cartridges. I still have a box of those in the attic, and would feel frustrated to have a functional NES again but then not be able to play them.
  10. Dropping by to say hi...

    welcome back! I remember playing some Halo games back in the day. Nowadays I am mostly on Destiny
  11. Pokémon Go

    This game is everywhere! My fiancee, who is NOT a gamer at all and has no clue about Pokemon wants to download it! I stopped her cause I read about the crazy permissions the app got to your Google Account [if you used that to sign in]. The makers have since said that the high levels of permissions is an error. But i am staying away until that is fixed. also, does the app drain your phone battery? I never played Ingress, but I heard that was a huge battery suck.
  12. hey there

    welcome to TAG. I'm on XB1-side of gaming, but looking forward to seeing you around the boards!
  13. Keyboard+Mouse support on XB1

    interesting article that says MSFT is working on keyboard+mouse compatibility for XB1. http://arstechnica.com/gaming/2016/06/microsoft-xbox-one-mouse-and-keyboard-support-is-months-away/ My gut tells me this will be for enabled for specific, future games. not backwards compatible to current games like Destiny or Halo 5. I gather the consensus is that keyboard+mouse is better for FPS games? Its been so so long since I played CPU-based FPS games that I can't remember [last one i really played was Doom II]. Is the keyboard+mouse approach really that much of an advantage over folks using controllers?
  14. Xbox Play Announced (cross buy, cross play, cross save)

    interesting to see Halo Wars 2 on that list. Not a fan of the other games but I might get HW2 just to see what the cross platform functionality is like.
  15. Xbox One June 2016 Open Tournament

    ditto Could Worms be part of the mix in the future? I love that game. I always volunteered to play it at TAG Olympics. and would def be involved in any stand alone tournament for it.