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  1. The faces of the TAG community

    haha...don't show Romijn this...
  2. Book recommendation time!

    Wait people still read paper books?I read paper books at times
  3. How to Support TAG

    I order stuff on amazon this week..let see what happens if it worked.
  4. How did you find TAG?

    And you got to meet me :D
  5. ...and not in a good way. Hush... The soap is awesome. Great for gifts but more so for yourself..
  6. Long weekend coming up...yay for civic holidays

  7. Where is my staff?

    1. mielik


      Getting upgraded on the PTR. You'll like the changes. ;)

  8. How to post an image

    That's a "boo boo" hahah
  9. Support TAG and Extra-Life

    This is the story behind Extra Life. It's a long video but its worth the watch. I had a charity Gaming for Others at that time and I remember helping and raising for Victoria prior to Extra life. I got teary eyed just now watching this video remembering what an amazing girl she was.
  10. Book recommendation time!

    I read the Belgariad years ago I think. Is that the one where they use some secret sign language? Great series. I got the audiobook of On A Pale Horse recently and thoroughly enjoyed it. It's a cool mix of theology, fantasy, and sci-fi all in one. Highly recommended. The Belgariad Series by David Eddings was once my favorite of all series.
  11. It's all in the voice....

  12. The faces of the TAG community

    Or me in a happy place...Jamaica for my birthday
  13. The faces of the TAG community

    Or in Seattle with Issues, Biggk, Romijn, Yesgirl, me, coraltoe, salmonslayer and issue's wife
  14. The faces of the TAG community

    One of my favorite pictures is me with other Taggers at Biggk's wedding Shaggy, Calvin, Romijn's Girl, me, halfbakedbat and romijn