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  1. Marvel Puzzle Quest Alliance

    I created a TAG alliance on MPQ if anyone is interested. I am playing on an iPhone. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Overwatch

    I plan on purchasing, have to go out of town for the weekend/following week so I am going to miss the beta which I am bummed about. Going to try to play the PC beta but going to purchase on Xbone.
  3. ESO Guild on xbox one

    Please add me, AFK Jerzy
  4. account deleted

    Lol, Chip Who?
  5. Mists of Pandaria Cinematic Trailer

    So I take it you all are getting this? Tequilla you getting it? What about Borderlands 2?
  6. Diablo 3 battletag list.

  7. How did you find TAG?

    Welcome guys, Hey Bert, good meeting you this past weekend. You guys who goggled 'adult gaming' are daring, I can't believe you actually found us in the midst of all that other great adult (XXX) gaming out there.
  8. yes I got the vent info
  9. I have been trying to add friends, but it keeps saying this person doesn't exist, I take it you have to be online.
  10. Anyone playing now?
  11. Can someone send me an invite to the guild, name is 'Jerzobi'
  12. Okay, so I bought it, I have been downloading it for the past hour or so....this thing is taking forever! I will see you guys in game soon!!!
  13. Do you have to join every guild to complete the main story? I kind of want to skip the mages guild even though I started it, it doesn't suite my character.
  14. Tips and tricks....

    For your companion to wear any armor or equip any weapons it has to be better than what they already have. Lydia is fully equipped in 'Legendary' Steel Plate that I crafted for her and is using a dwarven 2H hammer with a fire enchant on it.
  15. Old toy help (70s 80s?)

    Colorforms for the Win! Just don't keep them in too long or your will burn them!