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  1. Gearbox Project 1v1 codes

    Yes, PC only right now and I'm not a huge fan to be honest. But it just isn't my kind of game. Very Quake like. So if you are into that sort of game, I've got 5 codes to give away.
  2. Gearbox Project 1v1 codes

    Details below. Post here if you want a code to join. First 5 get them. Not open to anyone who joins TAG after this post. Sorry, but giving these away to existing taggers. Project 1v1 Testing Returns: Invite Your Friends! Project 1v1's Closed Technical Test is back online NOW! Log back in for the final week of testing and bring along a friend (or five) to help test new balance updates and quality-of-life improvements, including a leveling of the playing field by upgrading all players and cards to max level for the remainder of the test. You can check out the full list of changes here. As a member of our inaugural test group, we're excited to hook you up with five VIP Invitation Codes that will get your friends expedited, guaranteed access to the last week of the Closed Technical Test. VIP INVITATION CODE REDEMPTION INSTRUCTIONS: Give one of the codes above to a friend and send them to the Project 1v1 Opt-In Page Enter the Invitation Code in the field and press "Redeem" After agreeing to the NDA, they'll be given a Steam Key along with redemption instructions Log in and join the fight! GETTING STARTED For tips on getting your friends up to speed, check out our handy FAQ. Also, be sure to join our Project 1v1 forums to share feedback and chat with other members of the Gearbox community. As a friendly reminder, taking or posting screenshots, videos, and livestreaming Project 1v1 is not allowed during this Closed Technical Test. However, you're encouraged to share your thoughts and join the discussion on the Project 1v1 forums! See you in the Arena!
  3. Destiny Beta Code

    Sold! Check your PMs.
  4. Destiny Beta Code

    I preordered the PS4 Pro Destiny bundle through Amazon and they sent me an extra beta code. The code can be used on any platform since you select your platform on the destiny site after entering. Please let me know if you need one. Sorry, but not for new signups to the site after this post. I want it to go to an existing tagger. I assume the second code still works, so please don't be hold it against me if Amazon's error has already been corrected.
  5. New TAG Site

    Nice job @MadWik looks good. I like the new mobile site much better than the old one already. Two thumbs way up
  6. League of Legends.

    I made an account over the holidays and I'm enjoying LoL so far. If anyone else is playing add me and let's get some team games together. I've only been solo queuing so far. Up to level 8 I think. My summoner name is ItsHatter.
  7. Old member needing Xbox One friends

    Can you not add friends for Xbox One on the website if you are over 100 for the 360? Tried to send a request but didn't go through.
  8. Vampires 71 - Cops and Robbers

    Fourth, wtf punk I just got here! You hate me don't you?
  9. Vampires 71 - Cops and Robbers

    First, screw you Krazy Second, wtf 16 pages?!? Third, I vote for whichever woman has the most votes. That's right. Any one of you, I don't care which. You are sneaky, lying little bitches in this game (and I say that with nothing but love of course). And if two of them are tied or have no votes then MrsK gets my vote by default because her husband dragged me into this mess.
  10. HUGE virus on the loose

    Sometimes you can't help but be impressed by the sophistication of these things. But yes zip and exe attachments are bad mmkay
  11. League of Legends.

    I've been trying to stay away from this actually. It looks like another game of crack that won't let you got once you start. But with my travel really picking back up lately I do need a computer game to play on the road.
  12. Defiance MMO (PC, 360 and PS3)

    Well at least there are new single player missions. Because that's about the only thing I'll be logging in for now. And I'll at least try out the battle arena (horde mode) co-op. Quite honestly it's a little too late on the DLC for me though. The only reason I'm going to even try it is because I paid for the season pass up front (won't ever make that mistake again). With Splinter Cell coming out next week and followed by GTA V next month, I'm pretty sure those two games will keep me busy between now and the Xbox One release (hopefully beyond that too if they have some staying power).
  13. Defiance MMO (PC, 360 and PS3)

    What's actually in the DLC? I've already forgotten what they were promising to deliver. Really all I care about is do we get new story missions?
  14. Steam Summer Sale 2013: Prepare your wallet!

    For $14 one SP play through would more than make it worth your purchase. It's a fun game despite some of the challenges with needing new content and things to do after completing the story missions in order to really be classified as an MMO. Also, given Trion World's commitment to games I do not think you have anything to worry about with the game shutting down. They've even said the show doesn't have stay for the game to continue. That said the show was picked up for a second season (returning June 2014) so you at least have a year or more in that regard.
  15. Xbox One - Updating Policies, DRM possibly removed

    Yeah I'm actually a little bummed they did a complete 180 and didn't try to actually fix the issue instead of just giving up on it. For example, why not just give me the choice to check-in online every 24 hours or use the physical disc after 24 hours if I can't get online. Because while no one wanted to talk about the good things, there were actually some cool features that MS was giving us because of the DRM crap. Now you can't share your library of games with up to 10 people, play your games on any xbox, etc. Oh well you win some you lose some. [sarcasam] At least now I can play my Xbox One off the grid in my end of the world bomb shelter when the zombies are attacking and the only internet available is connected by an intricate series of strings and tin cans [/sarcasm] :roll: