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  1. D2 Raid Signup thread - PS4

    || Leviathan Raid Run || Date/Time: 9:00PM -10:00PM EST | 10.13.2017 | | https://go.twitch.tv/sithwarrior22 Team Woooo Nation 1. @SithWarrior 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Alt
  2. Hello my name is donovan

    Hey man welcome to tag, let us know which console you play on, get you rolling with some peeps
  3. Hello All

    welcome to tag man
  4. Hello All!

    Welcome to TAG, Buddy!
  5. Leviathan Raid Maps

    map that Vinny found
  6. Hello!

    welcome to TAG WOM
  7. Hi everyone!

    Hiya @ObiWan6154 welcome to the forums, we have a halo 5 night thursday, you're always welcomed to join us
  8. Thanks for that sweet logo Havoc!

    wait 2019
  9. Introduction

    Hiya buddy welcome to tag, if u have halo 5 we do a weekly game night on Thursday, you'll always be welcomed to join in
  10. Hallo from Deutchland!

    Hiya @RepellantRhyme6 welcome to the site, im not playing Destiny 2 on Xbox One but i play different games on there so feel free to send me a fr on there, @Hugo J Stiglitz @Wyvern13 should be able to help u on the XB1 side of things
  11. Who's Twitching?

    if iam able too i will as well
  12. Newbie introduction

    HI @MiniStingray926 welcome to the tag site I saw you joined the discord as well
  13. Just checking the place out

    Hi welcome to TAG Amitii