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  1. Horizon Zero Dawn

    get 25% discount for being PSN plus member when pre ordering HZD Frozen Wilds DLC!/en-ca/games/addons/horizon-zero-dawn-the-frozen-wilds/cid=UP9000-CUSA01967_00-HZTHEFROZENWILDS
  2. Dragonman3578's Intro

    hey welcome to the forums Dragon, we have a decent size of folks playing on xbox one, your always welcome to join a party chat im in to shot the breeze
  3. Project Scorpio Hardware Reveal (duuuuude)

    I haven't seen any sales of the PS4 Pro since it's the Enthusiast console so we will most likely see the same with the XboneX
  4. Mass Effect: The Patchening

    Look at what the latest patch brought, GINGERS
  5. Random weird overwatch stuff

  6. Random weird overwatch stuff

  7. Random weird overwatch stuff

  8. Random weird overwatch stuff

  9. Random weird overwatch stuff

  10. Random weird overwatch stuff

  11. Hi Everyone

    Hey welcome to the forums, it's nice having another Canadian around!
  12. Top 100 RPGs of all time

    is it sad that I own most of those games and haven't beaten them lol
  13. XBL $50 gift card @ $44.99 Costco Canada

    $50 gift card @ $44.99 -–-Digital-Download.product.100287566.html $25 gift card @ $22.99 -–-Digital-Download.product.100287563.html
  14. Happy B-Day Lobstah!

    Happy Birthday!!
  15. Happy B-Day Dr Superb!

    Happy Birthday