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  1. TAG Minecraft Realm Now Active

    Hey @Hugo J Stiglitz, I've been playing another server, but wouldn't mind the option to hop in and out of this one. We were friends at one point, but I don't know if that's true still since it was pre-Xbox 1. Primordial G00 (zero's in goo) on XBL. Thanks.!
  2. Monday night Fiesta July 17 game poll

    Voted... and not even for what you thought I'd vote ;)
  3. Games Beaten Forever

    Just how you like your women!
  4. (Xbox One) Fiesta Game Night - Every Monday

    I thought about TTR, but started LotF which isn't as good as DS. I'd really rather start SO or WD's, but I have a knack for wanting to finish games. SoD is on my list to buy so I'm ready to play SoD2 with friends when it's released. Though, most of my money is being saved for xb1x and I keep myself busy with GwG or games I already own. Speaking of, I still hold to hope that some people get T and play with me. It's like MC a little bit (but not really) but is 2D and all about fighting and crafting. (Points to whoever translates this post (I was initially confused by "TTR" and then decided to drone(sue me!)))
  5. Top 100 RPGs of all time

    It's good, but the only Final Fantasy game I'd put above 7 is 6.
  6. Top 100 RPGs of all time

    Places Final Fantasy 7 below 9, 12 and 4? A bold move. I like the top two choices as well. They've always been my favorite.
  7. Halo 5 Playlist updates/game updates thread

    Getting a job also impacts my Halo time . At least for the summer I'll have Fridays off!
  8. Games Beaten Forever

  9. Halo 5 Game Night - Thursdays

    That often occurs later in the night when the larger crowd tapers off. We played quite a few rounds of breakout last night when it was down to 4.
  10. Ryse: Son of Rome

    I have it. MP is pretty fun to kick around in doses. Maybe we should see about making it a high score tourney one of these months.
  11. Halo 5 Game Night - Thursdays

    Jerseys going to join? This 0 bearing on my attendance tonight... I'll be there!
  12. Games with Gold 2017

    Loved Evolve, but I knew as soon as I played it it wouldn't last. Maybe we can get one more night in if people will download it free.
  13. Rocket League XB1

    I ❤️Rocket League. Is @no1hustler still a contender?
  14. Return of the ?

    Welcome back Blackburnd. Rocket league on PC would allow you to play with some Xbox owners as well. Admittedly, that game is not in regular rotation, but it gets brought up once in a while.