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  1. Free games from MS for using Mixer during E3

    a lot of those were part of rare replay. for some reason not all games came on the disc and they were broken out from the main package.
  2. Free games from MS for using Mixer during E3

    Mine showed up today. I watched via the website and on the mixer xbox app. I imagine the XBLE app is just a front end for Mixer now.
  3. Life is Strange: Before the Storm

    Only 3 eps. I think this is a stop gap between the first and a true sequel. I am disappointed that it has the same characters but I will wait and see how it turns out before I invest. One thing I thought of is that Sam doesn't have her powers until the beginning of the original game. So I wonder if Rachel had the power before her and was somehow able to pass it to Sam in the bathroom when Chloe was in danger.
  4. E3 2017

    Originally the game was just a series of boss battles but once that got out people started complaining. so they took an extra two years to turn it into a full fledged game. will be interesting to see what the final product is like. such an amazing looking game. i hope that it plays well.
  5. Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus

    the DLC was ok but fell short of the main game for me. it is still worth playing and can be had for cheap. did you play the new Doom yet? that game is legit.
  6. E3 2017

    I was about to post the release date when I saw your edit. Cuphead looks great. Hopefully they have added a lot to it over the past two years. I am also excited for the new Ori. I really loved the first one.
  7. Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus

    that trailer was bonkers. i loved the first one and it looks like they have really amped it up for this one. excite!
  8. The Flash TV show

    The CW stuff is cool because of the crossovers. Supergirl just came to CW this past season so she only crossed over twice that I know of. But Arrow, Flash, and Legends all have a fairly interchangeable cast.
  9. The Flash TV show

    There is good and bad. It is by no means unwatchable. I guess I just had higher expectations from the Flashpoint story line. Overall the season is fine but falls short of the wonderful first season. Maybe it will have a return to form. I thought Arrow picked up considerably this year from its previous season.
  10. The Flash TV show

    season 3 might work better in binge mode. having it drawn out over several months wasn't great. there are some really good eps but overall it felt like a rehash of the first two seasons to me.
  11. TNT intro

    Welcome to TAG and I see you have already found our discord. well done.
  12. Bomberman Battlefest

    purchased. i have no idea when i will play but i do love me some bomberman and that one on the switch is way too expensive at the moment. i hope to explode you all real soon.
  13. Forza Horizon 3 Updates THREAD

  14. Forza Horizon 3 Updates THREAD

    this supports VR?
  15. You guys still active in OW

    I think most of the folk were playing on Xbox One. At least that was the crowd for the organized night.