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  1. This report tells a different story (it's based on usage, not sales): http://www.comscore.com/Insights/Press_Releases/2013/12/comScore_Reports_October_2013_US_Smartphone_Subscriber_Market_Share I'm just saying that I don't see the doom and gloom some are reporting for Apple.
  2. Samsung probably offer close to 15 - 20 different phones, there are only 3 iPhones that Apple sells. If the numbers were broken down by model I have no doubt that the iPhone would be the best selling. It's simple math. If 15 Samsung phones account for 32% of the market, that's roughly 2.1% per device. The 3 iphones would account for 4% per device based on the total of 12% for Apple. Obviously it wouldn't break down exactly like that, some models would sell more then others for both Apple and Samsung but, you get the picture.
  3. Disc Drive Issues Reported - Check Your One

    Just like last week with the PS4, this is to be expected. Every piece of electronic has some duds coming off the line but, in the end, I don't think either console will have the issues that plague us last generation. Social media these days just makes every defective box a crime against humanity. This is nothing new, in the past you'd just cry to your friends or your cats in living room, social media lets us cry to the world; which causes morally corrupt journalist to write stories about the impending doom of the console world because it gets clicks which earns them money. This happens with the iPhone every year. Go to any Apple fanboy forum the week after the iPhone is released and you'll see post after post about how defective the iPhone is and Apple is doomed to fail.
  4. Saying goodbye to the Xbox brand for now.

    I did discover today that you can actually browse and purchase stuff from the PSN Store online here. They actually have a deal going on for every $50 you spend, you get a $10 credit back by November 8th. Not bad so I went ahead and bought my PS+ subscription for the year and pre-ordered the PS4 digital version of BF4. Now, I'll get a $20 credit in November.
  5. Saying goodbye to the Xbox brand for now.

    Same here! Definitely will when I get the PS4. Sony's PSN website isn't as nice as Xbox.com, can't add or remove friends or send messages except on the console. It would be nice if they'd change that one day.
  6. Saying goodbye to the Xbox brand for now.

    I was going to send this message to everyone on my friends list but I didn't know XBL Gold was required to send messages on Xbox.com. I've already trade in my 360 so I wasn't able to send a FL message. Most folks on my FL are/were members here so this might reach most. Just saying goodbye to the Xbox brand for now, I've sold my 360 and I have no plans to buy an Xbox One in the foreseeable future. This is just a heads up so people can remove me from there friends list. My PS4 pre-order is paid off so, if you are getting a PS4 then I'll see you there.
  7. Grand Theft Auto V Night - INACTIVE THREAD

    I'll try and be there some but, Wednesdays were the worst day you guys could have chosen for me. Wednesday night church causes the kids to stay up later, which causes the wife to stay up later because she likes to talk, which all cuts into my "me" time. I'll probably never be able to make it by 9:30 EST, which is 8:30 here.
  8. A day for GTA nights?

    I'd prefer Friday nights or Sunday. I watch to much college football on Saturday and sometimes the last game isn't over until 11 or 12pm CT.

    Sorry but I will never believe that. The used market has not cost anyone there job, it's just the excuse for poorly managed and overspending studios who had to shut there doors. The industry is just to saturated right now and can't sustain the number of AAA sized game budgets being pushed through. Something has to give and some places close, it's the nature of business. Eliminating the used market doesn't suddenly make every game a huge hit and profit maker, studios will still come and go. I had my XBL account hacked and stolen and they used it to buy a bunch of FIFA crap, a game I have never played. Paypal refunded the money and MS quickly restored control of my account but they aren't immune to hacking. There was a whole string of hacks for awhile there, others here had it happen to them as well. MS did a great job of keeping it quiet, a few game sites blogged about it but nothing got much traction, not like the PS3 take down. I also now have different passwords for every website that are at least 15 characters long with a mix of numbers, letters and special characters. I have also enable 2-step verification on any site that supports it, MS being one of them.
  10. XBOX ONE

    The big difference is that games in the Apple App Store aren't $60 a pop. I just refuse to pay $60 for every game. Rentals, used games and GameFly help me save a ton of money. If I'm forced to pay full price for everything, then only a few games will get my money. I still buy DLC for games I get from GameFly, so these companies are getting money that I wouldn't give them if I had to pay full price for every game. Just one example, I got TW 14 from GF but I also bought every DLC course. That's $50 I spent on courses that EA got, something I wouldn't have done if I had to pay $60 for the game itself. If these new digital stores lower the price of games then I'm all in but, we both know that ain't happening. If anything, they'll use digital distribution to lock in the $60 price or even raise it. Wouldn't shock me to see things like only the deluxe edition is available for the first few weeks for $75, then eventually the now cheap $60 version gets released. I don't trust MS, Sony, developers or publishers to offer fair prices for games because $60 is not a fair price for most games. Did anyone play the new Star Trek game, that piece of crap ain't worth anywhere near $60, maybe $40 and that's being nice. GameFly saved me with that one and countless others. I have no problem paying $60 for some games like Skyrim, Battlefield, COD but most games don't deserve it IMO.
  11. XBOX ONE

    That last line in the article basically contradicts the rest of the article. If your friend brings a game over, you can play it for free as long as your friend is signed into your Xbox. The second he signs out and leaves, if you still want to play the game, you have to pay. Isn't that a used game a that point. If you buy a game off of ebay, the original owner is not going to be sitting next to you so, based on the article you'll have to pay an additional fee. GameFly would become useless. I have no doubt that MS has a plan, some kind of digital trade-in system where you can sell back your license to a game for credit towards another, if it is bought through their digital store. I wouldn't be surprised if they have some type of system worked out with GameStop and partner with them on used game sells. I believe that other third party sellers like ebay and GameFly users will be left in the cold. I'm a GameFly users so it has me concerned. Any console that some how blocks or makes GameFly more expensive will not get my money. If they both do it then I guess I'll just stick with my 360 until it dies.
  12. XBOX ONE

    I think MS has missed the mark, I don't think people care about having one box to do everything. So far there is nothing that appeals to me and plenty that turns me off. For now, the PS4 will be my choice. Very disappointed in MS, all I wanted was a great game machine, not a box that tries to take over my life.
  13. XBOX ONE

    I don't think anymore clarification is required when it comes to renting or buying used games, this is straight from the horses mouth, MS cooperate VP Paul Harrison. http://kotaku.com/you-will-be-able-to-trade-xbox-one-games-online-micros-509140825 Basiclly it means GameFly is useless now and they'll be out of business if Sony does the same thing. Since 80% of my gaming the past few years has come from GameFly, the Xbox One is not an option for me anymore. If Sony does the same thing then I guess the 360 will be the last console I'll ever own. The game industry are idiots. They think that stamping out the used game market will increase sells. I think they are wrong and people will be more cautious about which games they buy. Franchises like COD, Halo Battlefield, Madden will still sell but, new franchise or smaller, less known games or developers will not IMO. When sells drop, the industry will start playing it safe, meaning will ony get the popular franchise over and over. The used and rental markets helped make the gaming industry into the behemoth that it is today, cutting those markets out will definitely hurt the gaming industry. This is a sad day for gamers.
  14. XBOX ONE

    It looks like it is more like those stupid GoogleTV things with a console added in. The back has one HDMI input and a separate HDMI output, just like GooleTV devices. So, your cable/sat box will plug into the Xbox One and then the Xbox plugs into your TV.
  15. Next XBOX Reveal

    Here's an article that claims it got these rumors from inside sources: http://www.polygon.c...hievements-live Taken with a grain of salt but, if this stuff turns out to be true this paragraph will keep me from buying the next Xbox: I don't like the sound of that for 2 reasons, if my internet goes down I may not be able to play and, it sounds like the first step toward cutting out used/rented games. I can see publisher embedding some type of DRM on the disc and if it is detected as being used previously on another console, it will block the game from working. Any console that blocks my use of GameFly will not get my money. I hope I'm be paranoid for nothing.