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  1. The Legend of Zelda - Breath of the Wild - WiiU/NX

    HEY! Igloos have come a long way!
  2. Days Gone, new "zombie" game

    the announcement trailer is really nice too. Definitely going on my radar!
  3. The Legend of Zelda - Breath of the Wild - WiiU/NX

    I think we're better off with nintendo as a closed system . Looked what happened to sonic the hedgehog once Sega failed out of the hardware business. They must be making money to keep going the way they do.
  4. Honestly i dont hate it as much as i pretend to. Im just a little more invested in my ps4 lately . and now that Im used to the controller its probably where Ill stay.
  5. ok then . I just hate the damn thing. The only reason I keep it are for exclusives I really want to play! :)
  6. Dark Souls 3

    i went all in on a knight . lots of points in dexterity and strength . heavy equipment load too. when i lvl up now ive been putting a few points into faith so i can use the holy sword i got with the twins soul. when i get to a tough boss I usually have to summon someone with some kind of magic ability though so i can stab them in the back LOL
  7. lol. id rather play alone on ps4 then have to suffer though trying to party up with friends on that crapbox.
  8. I picked up overwatch and am loving it!. its awesome! you guys all suck. its too bad your too old and have poor reflexes and cant play the games the cool kids are playing! please some more of you buy overwatch
  9. Games Beaten Forever

    I finished Uncharted 4 this afternoon after playing it non stop for the better part of all my free time since it came out. Sometimes im not crazy about the gameplay in the uncharted games but damn do those guys know how to tell a story.
  10. Games Beaten Forever

    LOL good luck with that.! NPC's in Dark souls have a way of just turning up dead! . not as bad as bloodborne though. I had an entire group of npcs in that go missing only to find out at the end that one of them was a were wolf and was eating everyone else when i wasnt there.
  11. Games Beaten Forever

    I did that a little before I went after the last boss. I actually found out after the fact that in my first blind play though I missed 2 or 3 optional bosses Ill get to them on my second playthough i hope.
  12. The Older I get the bigger my backlog of games

    Man driving games are the worst when your tired. It must be the same process that takes over when your driving long distances when youre tired. it just wants to put you to sleep.
  13. Games Beaten Forever

    Havent beaten a game in a while but I beat Dark Souls 3 yesterday.. That should count for at least a couple. now on to my second play though to get the good ending.
  14. Westernized Ghost in the Shell

    Writing this off as garbage after only seeing a single screenshot is pretty pretentious. It doesn't matter to me what the source material is if they make a good movie. Nolans Batman movies are so off source material its not funny but everyone loves those! I'll give it a chance. Then again I liked that new Fantastic Four movie just fine so its clear I know nothing about movies! :)
  15. Enter the Gungeon

    I was going to say from watching the video i get a little Isaac feel from it. (which I loved) I think i might have to check this out.