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  1. Gems of War

    Gems of War just had a major shake up with a new UI introduced and it unfortunately didn't work for a lot of folks and some of the guild have left to play other games. As a result we have a couple spaces available for TAG members that want to join us on the pS4 platform As an aside we are doing a special $50 halloween event draw this week as well so no better time to join us than right now! Cheers Calvin
  2. How did you find TAG?

    Welcome to TAG Dr. I didn't realize AGE the website was no longer around. They still have a very active Discord channel and less active but still with some folks posting PSN Community page (I belong to all of them as well as all the TAG groups of course). Hopefully we'll see you in game sometime what platforms and games do you play?
  3. Destiny 2 Community Group & Clans

    Sith are you going to buy this game?
  4. Destiny 2 on Xbox or PS4 ??

    PS4 of course there can be only 1 :)
  5. Gems of War

    We have a large group of folks playing Gems of War pretty much every night on PS4 but we are usually looking for 1 or 2 more to join the Guild so if anyone wants to give it a try or is playing already give me a shout on PSN @ Calv1n Cheers Calvin
  6. Hello all! It is I, Destraire.(New)

    Ubo he didn't even have a PS4 back then also if he was playing for me there was no way we'd be able to hide it he's so much better at video games than I am no one would have believed I was playing 30 seconds after he took the controller over (how good is he you ask. well he can run through dark souls with just the sword hilt and nothing else as an example something I could maybe have done 30 years ago on a good day with 24 mountain dew's but have no hope of doing anytime in the last 10 or so years for sure) lol that is a great idea though Ubo and one I'll keep in mind as the PS4 has the share option ;) Cheers Calv1n
  7. Help me decide

    PS4 PRO of course it's where Horizons Zero Dawn shines brightest and it's the game you need to play if you haven't already (along with all the other great titles many of which are better on the Pro!) Cheer Calv1n
  8. PS4 FINALLY getting external HDD support

    I think I might have posted the wrong link Moz I believe this one below is the actual unit I didn't realize they had 2 products so similar (this one is a bit cheaper too I think) I believe I paid less than $150 cdn all in and delivered off amazon.ca https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16822179110&cm_re=firecuda-_-22-179-110-_-Product
  9. PS4 FINALLY getting external HDD support

    I bought and installed this https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16822178996 for my PS4 Pro and it's pretty damn good! (and internal)
  10. Japan

    Welcome to TAG!
  11. Gems of War

    I'm also looking for members for the PS4 Gems of War so we have all platforms covered :) Currently we are not crushing it on PS4 but I'm trying my best we have about 7 active members and I'm trying to recruit quite a bit :) Power if I decide to pick it up on Mobile / PC I'll be sure to join you but I think one platform might be all I can afford time wise ;) for now anyways. Cheers Calv1n
  12. Gems of War

    I'm still actively recruiting as I purged about 70% of guild as they were no longer playing and hadn't been around for months in most cases. I have about 5 to 7 active players now and we are starting to get things rolling so joining even as new player that has never played before it really helps to be in the guild for all the bonuses (example we are now Champion level 1 guild ranking so you get 100% increase in all gold throughout every aspect of the game not to mention all the guild tasks we do weekly that will give you tons of free loot). Anyway give it a try if you haven't already and like this style of game it's pretty fun and has improved hugely after the last major update. To find you invite code (which I need to invite you) 1. Hit your options (start) button 2, Select "General" (Should be the opening screen by default but if it's not just cycle to that tab 3. You will see the "invite" Code on the bottom (eg mine is "CALV1N" usually if there is a space it's shown as a _ Cheers Calvin
  13. Top 100 RPGs of all time

    I played almost every single title to completion except pokeman yellow WTH is that doing at #4 ?
  14. Get Out

    i really like Get Out it was great mainly due to the fact it was unpredictable. Another movie that is also great and unpredictable which is similar in many ways and is also fairly new is a "A Cure for Wellness". If you liked Get Out you should also enjoy it as well :) Cheers Calvin
  15. Who's playing Gwent?

    I playing on PS4 if anyone else is let me know.