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  1. PS4 FINALLY getting external HDD support

    I think I might have posted the wrong link Moz I believe this one below is the actual unit I didn't realize they had 2 products so similar (this one is a bit cheaper too I think) I believe I paid less than $150 cdn all in and delivered off
  2. PS4 FINALLY getting external HDD support

    I bought and installed this for my PS4 Pro and it's pretty damn good! (and internal)
  3. Japan

    Welcome to TAG!
  4. Gems of War

    I'm also looking for members for the PS4 Gems of War so we have all platforms covered :) Currently we are not crushing it on PS4 but I'm trying my best we have about 7 active members and I'm trying to recruit quite a bit :) Power if I decide to pick it up on Mobile / PC I'll be sure to join you but I think one platform might be all I can afford time wise ;) for now anyways. Cheers Calv1n
  5. Gems of War

    I'm still actively recruiting as I purged about 70% of guild as they were no longer playing and hadn't been around for months in most cases. I have about 5 to 7 active players now and we are starting to get things rolling so joining even as new player that has never played before it really helps to be in the guild for all the bonuses (example we are now Champion level 1 guild ranking so you get 100% increase in all gold throughout every aspect of the game not to mention all the guild tasks we do weekly that will give you tons of free loot). Anyway give it a try if you haven't already and like this style of game it's pretty fun and has improved hugely after the last major update. To find you invite code (which I need to invite you) 1. Hit your options (start) button 2, Select "General" (Should be the opening screen by default but if it's not just cycle to that tab 3. You will see the "invite" Code on the bottom (eg mine is "CALV1N" usually if there is a space it's shown as a _ Cheers Calvin
  6. Top 100 RPGs of all time

    I played almost every single title to completion except pokeman yellow WTH is that doing at #4 ?
  7. Get Out

    i really like Get Out it was great mainly due to the fact it was unpredictable. Another movie that is also great and unpredictable which is similar in many ways and is also fairly new is a "A Cure for Wellness". If you liked Get Out you should also enjoy it as well :) Cheers Calvin
  8. Who's playing Gwent?

    I playing on PS4 if anyone else is let me know.
  9. Gems of War

    I took a long break from Gems of War on PS4 and just recently returned to it after focusing on Warframe and Horizons (all trophy's in both as far as focus and WF I have everything now just waiting for new content). Anyway GoW is changed a ton and I like it a lot so I'm back into playing it a lot again and we still need some members for the clan so if you are a PS4 player and want to join please search for the TAG (The Adult Gamer) clan in game and just join (no invite required currently). Or message me on PSN or here and I'll fire you an invite. I have a fair amount of bonus stuff from in game purchases if you join in the next few days I think you are still able to acquire. Hope to see you all in game Cheers Calvin
  10. Horizon Zero Dawn

    I wept a little thinking of all of the unplayed copies of the last of us and / or Horizon dawn. IF you are one of these folks please put these games to the front of the line and play them as soon as you can you won't be sorry in fact the only down side is you might have difficulty going back to the "other" games after playing these 2 masterpieces.
  11. Horizon Zero Dawn

    Everyone should buy and play Horizon Zero Dawn it's just flat out the best SP game I've ever played and I've played most. Especially if you have a PS4 Pro and a 4K display with or without HDR you'll be floored. I'll be pre-ordering the new DLC today as it's 25% off for PSN plus members this week.
  12. Horizon Zero Dawn

    I just finished my first 80+ hour playthrough of Horizon's Zero Dawn on the PS4 Pro. Astounding, amazing. This is now the bench mark for best SP game that i will be judging all other games against finally knocking the long running previous champ (The Last of Us - which is still a must play). Anyway I just have one minor achievement to polish off after this post and I'll have the platinum trophy. I can't wait for the new DLC just listed in the PSN Store. TL DR. Buy a PS4 or PS4 pro and get Horizon Zero Dawn it's easily the best SP game experience I've ever had in my 30+ years of gaming. Hope all is well Cheers Calvin
  13. PS4 Warframe

    It would be a big step up on the regular PS4 as well I put a 4TB Hybrid SSD in my original PS4 with the Nyko Data bank a couple years back and it was a nice step up in load times and the extra space was awesome!
  14. Into The Badlands s2

    really enjoyed season 1 looking forward to 2!
  15. PS4 Warframe

    I find the loading is improved in game quite a bit however if I'm playing with people I still have to wait for them to load so that is of little benefit in MP games... still I can output the game in 4k which is a huge improvement even if the game is not native 4k I'm finding (might help that it's a 12 foot screen but I digress) Cheers Calvin