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  1. Official Game Clip Thread (Xbox One/PS4/PC)

    Call of Duty WW2 game play recorded on PS4 during Team Death Match featuring a funny sticky grenade kill on the way to reaching max level and my first Prestige rank
  2. Official Game Clip Thread (Xbox One/PS4/PC)

    Call of Duty WW2 game play recorded on PS4 during a Kill Confirmed match where I earned my first Merciless medal for a 10 enemy kill streak
  3. Official Game Clip Thread (Xbox One/PS4/PC)

    GTA 5 game play recorded on PS4, after completion of the Steal a Vehicle from the Military Base daily objective, showcasing my elite jet piloting skills! ;-)
  4. Official Game Clip Thread (Xbox One/PS4/PC)

    GTA 5 stunt jump nailed on first attempt in Truffade Nero custom super car :)
  5. Official Game Clip Thread (Xbox One/PS4/PC)

    The Crew game play recorded on PS4 using Thrustmaster T150 Pro force feedback steering wheel and pedals showing last second take down of the St Louis V2
  6. Official Game Clip Thread (Xbox One/PS4/PC)

    Tour of the Pisces yacht I recently purchased in GTA 5. My clan is named Bump Dat Bush :)
  7. 2 years Xbox Live for $80

    Newegg.com is selling 24 month Xbox Live Gold subscription (digital code) for $80 with promo code EMCRECK22 Deal expires at 11:59PM PT on Sunday, 04/30/2017 https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16874103380
  8. The PS4 Pro Thread...

    Yes, it is disappointing. It is a lot faster than stock hard drive, but not equivalent to the speed increase seen on PCs when upgraded with SSDs.
  9. The PS4 Pro Thread...

    The Vizio D50u-D1 he was using does not support HDR10 specification and is limited to 4k @ 60Hz is limited to 4:2:0 while HDR10 signal is 4:4:4 color subsampling. When routing the HDMI signal thru the PSVR, the HDR10 signal is lost, because the PSVR can only output 4:2:0 color subsampling. That is why his TV started working when he ran the signal thru the PSVR. Obviously as an industry, all these companies need to get their shit together so that everything handshakes correctly, but until then, consumers need to know the capabilities of their equipment. http://www.rtings.com/tv/reviews/vizio/d-series-4k-2016
  10. The PS4 Pro Thread...

    Battlefield 1 will add support for high dynamic range (HDR) on Xbox One S through a patch. I don't know if it has been patched yet on Xbox One.
  11. The PS4 Pro Thread...

    I don't know what specific features are supported by which games, but you could experiment by starting BF1 and then toggling the HDR feature on your TV to see if it makes a difference in the picture. On my Samsung TV, it's in the Picture -> Expert settings called HDMI UHD Color. It is off by default. Also, on my TV, the HDR is only available on HDMI 1 and must be configured as input name PC to enable 4K @ 60Hz with 4:4:4 color subsampling.
  12. The PS4 Pro Thread...

    Yes, they are in HDR. When I play Ratchet & Clank, my TV pops up a notification that an HDR video is playing...
  13. The PS4 Pro Thread...

    Titanfall2 has 4K support on the PS4 Pro. It is running at 1440p then upscaling to 2160p. It looks and plays smooth as butta... I am playing BF1, Titanfall2, COD:MW. I have Overwatch, but haven't play it much. Single player games I play with Pro support are Fallout 4, Ratchet & Clank and Rise of the Tomb Raider. I have Uncharted 4 too, but haven't played it yet. Here is a screen capture of Ratchet & Clank running on my PS4 Pro. It's purty!
  14. The PS4 Pro Thread...

    Yes, the PS4 Pro hard drive is removable. It's actually easier to remove that the one on the original PS4. On the Pro, the hard drive bay is accessed from the back of the console instead of the front as on the original PS4. There is a small black plastic cover that is held in place by friction that you remove by gently pulling on the end of the cover. It's easiest if you flip the PS4 Pro upside down, then you will see a single phillips head screw that secures the drive tray in the console, remove the screw. Pull the drive tray out the back of the console, remove the 4 phillips head screws that secure the hard drive in the tray, then replace with a hard drive or ssd drive of your choice, but the drive must still be 9.5mm or less in height. After a fresh install of the system software on the new 960gb ssd drive, I had 825gb of storage available for use
  15. PS4 Battlefield 1 Active Roster

    I have it on PS4, PalaminoPS
  16. The PS4 Pro Thread...

    Yes, you can transfer via ethernet from your old PS4 to your new PS4 Pro. I had to do this even though I backed up my PS4's 2TB hard drive to a usb hard drive. I decided to install a 960gb SSD drive in my new PS4 Pro, and when I attempted to restore the backup, it failed claiming there was not sufficient space on the target hard drive...why they don't offer selective restore I don't know, but the backup facility is essentially useless. Ironically, the PS4-to-PS4 transfer process DOES let you selectively choose what gets transferred to the new system. FYI, the PS4 Pro with SSD drive loads into BF1 matches so fast, it looks like I'm in an empty server and I can spawn into any vehicle I want before other players start popping into the server. :-)
  17. The PS4 Pro Thread...

    I was wrong, the XBR700D does have a 10-bit panel, but it does not support wide color gamut.
  18. The PS4 Pro Thread...

    It feels really slow, but that is a lot of data that I won't have to download so I guess it's worth it. The official Sony blog article that discusses how to transfer data from an old PS4 to a new PS4 states in a Q/A from a user that it is not possible to swap drives of the systems because the drive contents are encrypted. That must mean that the unique encryption key is embedded in the hardware of the console itself.
  19. The PS4 Pro Thread...

    I am backing up my old PS4 to a 4tb external usb drive in preparation for arrival of my new PS4 Pro. I have 1.54tb to backup, and it is estimating 9 hours to complete. I assume restoring that onto the new PS4 Pro will take at least as long...
  20. The PS4 Pro Thread...

    Caveat, that Sony XBR700D only has an 8-bit panel so can't really fully represent an HDR image. I bought a Samsung KU6300 back in July that also claimed HDR support, but I later learned it also only uses an 8-bit panel. I have some buyer's remorse there. The Sony XBR800D I think does have a 10-bit panel and would provide a better image, but of course, it does cost a little more. I have seen the XBR700D in person, and it has a great looking picture, but wanted to warn you about the 8-bit panel limitation.
  21. The PS4 Pro Thread...

    According to reviewers, The Last of Us Remastered does offer an option to run the game in full 4K (2160p) running at 30fps. It also offers upscaling to 4K (2160p) running at up to 60fps and from what I have read, the sweet spot for native rendering before upscaling is somewhere between 1440p to 1600p. That's a lot better than the 900p commonly used on the current PS4 before upscaling to 1080p. Lack of a 4k bluray drive is a non-factor for me because I have never liked using a game console to watch movies because using a game controller is awkward. I often would accidentally rewind or fast forward when setting down a controller by depressing the trigger button. Further, the bluray player app on xbox one was very poor in quality and compatibility when the xbox one originally launched. I got fed up with it and bought a stand-alone bluray player and haven't looked back. Having a 4k bluray drive would be nice, but I'd rather they exclude it if it keeps the cost down. 95% of my movie watching is done by streaming from vudu, and even if I buy a bluray disc, I always try to get one that includes a digital copy that I can redeem on vudu.com. I have a lot of bluray discs that have never been played because I stream the included digital copy from vudu without getting off my lazy butt to find the disc when I want to watch a movie. :)
  22. The PS4 Pro Thread...

    I've got one pre-ordered. Looking forward to putting it thru the paces with all of the titles shown above with the exception of Tomb Raider which I don't have on PS4...yet. ;-)
  23. COD: IW - Tagger Reviews

    Based on active player counts, IW is already dead:
  24. COD: IW - Tagger Reviews

    I feel like the IW graphics are subpar and inferior to last year's BO3 and not even worthy of comparison to the excellent graphics in SWBF and BF1. The campaign early on is a lot of cutscene without much action and the action is not very interesting. Advancing down narrow city streets, picking up 'nades from boxes along the way, calling in airstrikes that basically kill all the enemies for you...meh. The only interesting part of the campaign so far is actually flying a ship in space during a battle. Now THAT was new and fun but unfortunately didn't last very long. It's not bad, but it's not memorable either. Quite average. The Modern Warfare remaster campaign was very fun and interesting and looked good too, but the online multiplayer, while looking "modern", plays like an old game. I lost count of the number of times my soldier got stuck on trash littering the ground or an inch high threshold of a doorway. The gun play, audio and visual effects in Titanfall and BF1 completely out class the Call of Duty Infinite Warfare and Modern Warfare Remastered.
  25. PS Plus Free Games 2016

    *yawn* ;-)