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  1. What do you do for a living ?

    Systems Manager at THE Ohio State University...basically a big computer geek. :P
  2. Seriously news media. STFU about the swine flu!

    Because when the shit hits the fan, people are dieing everywhere, and the zombies are knocking at your door...all anyone can think about is boinking like rabbits.
  3. Fallout 3- Post your comments

    Hit B to bring up the pip-boy, then navigate to the Data section (one of the three lighted sections you see at the bottom). Then you'll use your d-pad or left stick to navigate around the menus in the data section to open up your Local and World maps. Your left stick zooms and the right stick scrolls. Locations will be highlighted on the World map as a lighted square, and you can set/move/remove a marker just like in Oblivion.
  4. Wednesday - Halo Night

    I won't be able to make it tonight. I'm heading to bed in a few minutes so I can get up at 3:30a to run my wife to the airport for a job interview a few states away (OMFG lol). I'll probably be on tomorrow night though!
  5. So how old are you?

  6. Wednesday - Halo Night

    Good games last night! It was great to make some new friends (Santini, Dante, Wheeler) and to reconnect with some long lost ones (Lackwit). I wish I could've stayed longer, but the wife needed my help. Looking forward to some BR bunny-hopping goodness again sometime. :P
  7. Wednesday - Halo Night

    I sent a FR to TAG Halo, and yes I have all of the map packs. Due to my spending so much time on CoD4 I never got the Heroic one so I was able to get it for free...which made it easier for me to justify choking up the money last night for the latest pack. I should be on most of the evening; 5p-11p or so. Thanks a bunch.
  8. Wednesday - Halo Night

    Do the Halo 3 nights still happen? I'd be interested in getting into some Halo tonight, but it's been a while. Is there a friends of friends list I should be sending a FR to, or someone who usually hosts or gets these games together? I'm able to host if you need someone with a good connection, but my friends list is rather thin at the moment. ;)
  9. Check out this kid get his first 360

    That's just awesome. :good:
  10. I'm a F#@&ing Hypocrite!

    I bought my Wii, don't play it much, but am very happy with the purchase. I bought the Wii for very different reasons than most people though. I bought it almost exclusively for the Virtual Console games. I've got 1 Wii game, Zelda, but have 16+ Virtual Console games. I don't play it much...but some weekend mornings it's just a blast to enjoy some old school nintendo games from my childhood while sipping on my coffee. :)
  11. What is your greatest CoD4 moment?

    Four to one is not a great ratio? I was 56:6 on Bog just before that match, so relatively speaking no it wasn't. 8-)
  12. What is your greatest CoD4 moment?

    I broke 100 kills tonight; 106:28 on Shipment during an HQ match. Not a great ratio, but it was a blast killing people like crazy. :D I was rolling with an M16, Bandolier, Stopping Power, Dead Silence. Mostly roaming around the edge of the map and sitting in corners watching two flanks at a time. It worked out great that I'd get an Airstrike, kill a few with it, get a chopper, die, get another chopper because of my first, rinse repeat. It was a riot. :P
  13. What is your greatest CoD4 moment?

    Play with me and VJ...we've ended some games in under a minute. lol There's definitely a few longer drawn out ones though, so I definitely know what you're talking about. In a sense Sabotage is TDM...but you can't necessarily get a way with just camping and hiding due to the bomb. It's an interesting twist.
  14. What is your greatest CoD4 moment?

    Which makes it awesome! :D I've played Sabotage a few times and really enjoyed it. It's fast paced but still has an objective. I know what you mean about the sudden death, but I'd much rather have that than a tie. It makes matches more of a possibility on it, because few people like playing 4 hour matches because of ties (GRAW).
  15. What is your greatest CoD4 moment?

    Yesterday afternoon my claymores won an S&D match for me. My whole team had died and I was up against 3 enemies. The map was Ambush. I was already near the spawn at bomb site 'A', so I quickly placed a claymore on one approach, another at the gate entrance on the other side, and planted the bomb at 'A'. I headed up to the water tower. One of their guys came up behind me and I knifed him quick, but was sniped from across the map immediately afterwards. The situation is now 2 enemeis vs no one, and the bomb is planted. One of the two remaining guys ran into my claymore at the car and was blown up. The last guy raced to the bomb site, stared at my claymore for just an instant, and was blown to bits. My team won. I've never heard so much name calling in my life lol. :D
  16. Happy Birthday, Wooly!

    Happy Birthday!
  17. Brute shot help (and something else)

    I haven't seen any one-shots with the Brute Shot, but I can definitely verify the sniping BS. It always seems to happen to me on Shotty Snipers Narrows, but I also noticed it on Shotty Snipers Last Resort last night. I peak around a corner, fire 2-4 shots from across the map directly into someone's gut who's standing still, and nothing happens to them. I haven't replayed any of the videos yet, but I have a theory. I'm guessing that even though on my screen it looks like my crosshairs are on them...in reality the bullets are hitting a corner in front of me or something like that. Not sure, but it's definitely frustrating.
  18. Gamestop to fire anyone that opens the Halo 3 boxes early.

    I stopped working part-time at Gamestop after Christmas so I could concentrate on other things, but if I was still working there it would sure as hell keep me from doing it. Personally, I really enjoyed working there and there were lots of geeky/nerdy perks for being a part of the company. Additionally, those "crappy minimum wage jobs" are all some people have.
  19. Dear God.... too funny...

  20. DONT EVER FORGET 9/11!!!!!!!!!!

    I was halfway through college. I had just woke up and was chilling on the couch watching the news and wiping the sleep out of my eyes. The news people were going on and on about some plane that hit a building...wtf? A few minutes later I watched the footage of the second plane as it hit. I wanted the US the bomb the shit out of someone...that about sums up my feelings at the time.
  21. SouthPark: How's CoD4?

    Definitely a great game; IW learned their lessons in CoD2 and fixed all of the issues CoD4 could have had ahead of time. It's going to be a must buy, but I'll definitely still be spending the bulk of my time in Halo 3. My favorite setup thus far has been... Weapon: MP5 with Silencer attachment Sidearm: M9 with Silencer attachment Grenades: Flash Perk 1: 3x Special Grenades (flash) Perk 2: Stopping Power (damage boost to weapon) Perk 3: Steady Aim (accurate hip firing while moving) Essentially I'm a fast moving, hard hitting, silent son of a bitch. :P I vary this build with a Silenced M16 when I feel like long range work (very rarely), and I swap in UAV Jammer for Perk 2 when I'm concentrating on flanks. I actually swap Perk 2 throughout a match depending on what we're doing or how close the fighting is. Combining a UAV Jammer and Silenced weapons mean you never show up on enemy radar under any circumstances. Those pesky snipers never see me coming, and it's funny as hell to see people jitter and shit their pants when they come around a corner not expecting to see anyone since they just popped a UAV. :D
  22. CoD4 Beta . . Here I Come!

    "Someone" I know checked their email this morning and received a download token as well. :D This someone hasn't logged into the CoD4 forums since they signed up for the beta months ago. It's likely due to a previous CoD2/3 tourney they were involved in...or the entire process is just random. "Someone" will see you later tonight Wooly. :D
  23. www.myspace .com

  24. How many people will be getting Shadowrun?

    Nope. I played in the beta and I thought it was pretty cool. However, I can't see this game having much life to it. It's a rough fight to steal users from the Gears community, the Halo 3 Beta is out, and Halo 3 is coming out in less than 6 months. I think Shadowrun will be a great gamefly for a few months.
  25. "New" Halo 2 Maps

    Nice, can't wait! :)