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  1. BF1 BETA Starts Today - Check Your Email!

    I need to group up with some people... who actually want to be a part of a squad in the SAME game. LOL I joined a party chat with 5 people who were all playing different games talking about college homework and when I mentioned, "Hey we should all join the same game and make a squad..." The reply was... "Eh I don't really care about being in the same squad I just wanna play and get kills." SMH
  2. World of Tanks Soccer is BACK!

    The best, fast action fun I have ever had in World of Tanks has been when they introduced the Soccer matches. They are 5 minute matches and first to 3 points for a win. AJ and I have been playing it and recording some gameplay, but it's so fun I want to play it not edit footage. LOL WOT Soccer is up for playing through the middle of July, FYI. So here's a short video of a super fast and lucky hat trick win 3 to 0 ...
  3. See all the TAG Twitch Streams

    *bump* To the powers that be...
  4. See all the TAG Twitch Streams

    I plan on twitch streaming The Division every time I play. Please add me. http://www.twitch.tv/pachucobro This is my lil studio...
  5. Star Wars Battlefront Player Master List

    Myself and my son (18 y/o).... XB1 xTAGxPachucoBro AJnUrFace3000
  6. Good Times in Star Wars Battlefront

    I need some new friends on my list... My son and I played with just talking to each other and its always suckage when no onw coordinates where to strike or defend.
  7. Battlefront TAG Clan

    Please help! My son and I must have friends who play Star Wars... LOL So quiet with no one on mics. GTs: xTAGxPachucoBro and AJnUrFace3000 I got online for the first time since BETA and saw only 4 people on my friends list that were playing and I didn't really 'know' any of them... Please... TAGgers... you are our only hope.
  8. I am back to try and get friend-ed up with my TAG brethren before November 17th. I only got about 6 hours of BETA play in and never saw anyone online when I was on so I need to get back to being connected with all the new crowd of TAGgers. ;)
  9. Gamers nearby thread

    We've already hijacked this thread so... If the add-on to the site is less than $20... tell me where to send the money and let's make this happen. I haven't been too active with TAG the last couple of years so I am due to help out in some way. Money is easier than time as of late. Who do I donate to...???
  10. Gamers nearby thread

    Dallas, Texas There has GOT to be about 100 little widgets that would automatically map this out for us based on our profiles or atleast one that we could add our Pin to as members of the site.
  11. The faces of the TAG community

    Nice Shirt...
  12. The faces of the TAG community

    That day we went to a range that was all pistol and rifle target shooting, but they have a small area you can throw your own clays for $8 per gun. No time limit. :s1012:
  13. The faces of the TAG community

    How'd you know?! You seen my profile? *ahem* We are in Texas in the photo... everything is bigger in Texas.
  14. Who is getting BF4 for 360?

    I pre-ordered it yesterday thinking the release was the 29th of this month... like tomorrow. DUH! I knew a Sunday release date was too strange.
  15. The faces of the TAG community

    I am sure there is another older photo of me in this same thread, but here is a more recent one (2011 LOL) with my son FTG AJnUrFace.