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  1. Age of Triumph Cleanup - XB1

    I managed to get to rank 7 last Friday, so I'm all good! Thanks for the offer!
  2. Destiny 2 beta impressions

    It feels like more Destiny, which is great. My main gripe with the beta is NO PATROL. Wtf bungo?
  3. Age of Triumph Cleanup - XB1

    Are you also on XB1? I do have Destiny on PS4 but I gave up on progression. I'm sure I'll get D2 in the future on PS4 when I buckle down and get the Pro though!
  4. Minecraft - Better Together

    Some of you know how much of a Minecraft addict I was (and kind of still am). With the updates coming our way this fall and the possible addition of rentable servers available to ALL platforms, I have decided I will be hosting a TAG server for everyone on XB1. Just putting that out there... ;) Of course this is all assuming that private rentable servers outside of PC will be a thing with this update. If not, never mind!
  5. Age of Triumph Cleanup - XB1

    Sounds good guys. Appreciate the offer. I just finally preordered D2 so like Chuckles I'll be playing that beta before I resume my grind.
  6. What are you drinking tonight?

    It's not beer, it's alcoholic kombucha lol
  7. What are you drinking tonight?

    Boochcraft - Watermelon-Chili-Mint
  8. Age of Triumph Cleanup - XB1

    I'm looking to get to rank 7 (currently rank 5) so I can get that silly T-shirt and emblem in D2. Anybody else working on that grind? So far, I need to fill in all crucible and all raid nodes, and a few misc ones here and there for the nightfalls (4 to go). The class specific ones will fill in over time. If anyone on here is doing the same, let me know and we'll group up. Have yet to play any of the updated raids...
  9. Hello!

    I'm not sure how many of you remember me, but I've been gone from the forums a long time. Not entirely from gaming, but not as hardcore as before. Well, I've decided to deposit myself back into the gaming scene (and industry) due to some new goals and vision for my future and as a bonus I get to come back to chat with some old friends on TAG. Glad to be back! Be gentle
  10. PSN Down - possibly for days

    Speaking of PSN, I just got a PS4. Add me! Looking for more peeps for my FL PSN ID: HugoJStiglitz
  11. PS3 Tags...

    Just picked up a PS4 yesterday. Looking to increase my friends list count. Previously had a PS3 but hadn't touched it in ages. I got the Nathan Drake bundle because Uncharted so that's all I have, but other than that the only game on my radar is The Last of Us and maybe inFamous. Any suggestions? BESIDES Destiny. I'm not sure I'm willing to start fresh on a new system yet. Lol. PSN ID: HugoJStiglitz
  12. [XB1] - King's Fall Raid

    You should be at least 290 for normal. 300+ for hard (but don't expect to get too far if you aren't 306+)
  13. Gears of War: Ultimate Edition Roll Call!

    Pre-loaded yesterday.
  14. Star Wars Battlefront Player Master List

    Hugo J Stiglitz - Xbox One
  15. Xur's Merchandise

    Finally got my last piece of vanilla exotic gear, Lucky Raspberry, from an engram I bought from Xur. Now to try for the Purifier Robes. That is if I have any motes left after all the reforging I'm going to be doing.