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  1. Project Scorpio Hardware Reveal (duuuuude)

    I am in as well, but fuck it I always was anyway.
  2. Phantom Dust Re-release XB1/Win 10 FREE May 16th

    I still downloaded it today for free, I dont think it was just one day for that....
  3. The Dark Tower teasers

    I was really on the fence about this one sine it was one of his better books :) but this has me interested. so many movies I would ove to see this summer.... fuck lol Sent from my SM-T820 using Tapatalk
  4. it was sitting there in target next to Mario kart,,, It was a should I or should I not moment...self control got the best of me... funny since its still hard to get one and Target only got 2 today, fucking 2 so I felt like it was finding gold or something.
  5. CoD: WWII reveal trailer

    Fuck yea no more double triple jumping etc. fucking hate that. I have TF2 for that one Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. 4k Discussion

    I have the KS8000 as well in 65in
  7. aww yea baby, finally a great COD game without the double triple jumping shit.... played a game last night and forgot how nice it was. fuck the new COD I will be on the old one now lol
  8. Thor: Ragnarok trailer

    yea looks awesome for sure.
  9. Project Scorpio Hardware Reveal (duuuuude)

    since my xbox is my primary console I will get this day one for me
  10. Persona 5

    I want this game but going to wait on it, just kind of busy right now to spend the time I want for it. Sent from my SM-T820 using Tapatalk
  11. 4k Discussion

    yea same here for recommendation on the KS8000, the price will prob drop soon as the OLED sets are coming (but the OLED prices suck)
  12. 4k Discussion

    yea I just have a harmony remote and take makes everything easier :)
  13. 4k Discussion

    yea I wish GR was multiplayer and not 4 player co op... man I miss killing people in GR like the old days.
  14. Great, I need an adblock for Windows now

    yea the 1TB is the main reason I use the office subscription , I put all the kids files up there videos pictures etc...
  15. 4k Discussion

    well 4k was my excuse to get the tv mounted to the wall because of the kids... (heck it worked for the wife) and went from 55 to 65 :) would love the OLED ones but they are WAY to much... even the pre order prices for the new samsung ones are fucking nuts.