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  1. Official TAG Reddit

    we had chat than you guys ruined it, ha ha.
  2. Happy Birthday Ubo!

    Happy Birthday to my lil' boo boo! Suck it, bitch!
  3. Rogue One

    Found this and it made me sad even thou I did enjoy the movie
  4. Rogue One

    He we go, Rey isn't Jyn kid but it'd the love child of Luke and Leia, Finn is lando's boy also happens to be Leia other kid. Actually Liea is a slut and even has a kid with Boba Fett, why you think Han left her. Traveling through space with her legs wide open like a reverse Y fighter.
  5. Rogue One

    Why not? Cause a prequel movie of Vadar would make the most sense. III he become IV most jedi are dead, Rouge they're are still Jedi; I need a Jedi-O-cide, Rated R. Now Jyn swimming around naked in a bacta tank on red tube....hawt!
  6. Rogue One

    NO TWO! it was fine just the way it was, something to wash the taste of jar jar semen out of our mouths from episode 1-3. thank you. as a fan I would appreciate han solo-bubba fett movie (in works, so they say). What they need to do is get GoT on this shit, more bad ass villains not spoiled emo jedi spawn. Yes family friendly series but can we get dark and humor into the mix.
  7. Spectral trailer

    That movie doesn't hold a candle to the devil in miss jones.
  8. Spider Man Full Trailer

    How many times are they gonna reboot this shit and why not the black spider-man. Childish Gambino FTW, casted but not starring!
  9. Power Rangers (2017 movie)

    Boo Boo likes Men.
  10. Power Rangers (2017 movie)

    yep, hasn't changed around here. lol
  11. Is there a fantasy league needing a new champion

    i want in, hit me up on my regular email. You peeples got it.
  12. Wifi issue

    try HiFi Issues, it makes me smile.
  13. Netflix Stranger Things

    We'll have too, Netflix didn't confirm a second season yet. But they give us Bojack, wtf!
  14. Netflix Stranger Things

    Just finished it up last night, really love this show. It took me by surprise, loved all the 80's horror references. It's like goonies meets X-files and sprinkle a bit amazing stories.
  15. Ghostbusters 2016 (a review)

    Love rocky horror but I'll watch anything that stars a drag! Hussy home movies are the best.