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  1. Outbreak Prime Help

    Haha unfortunately I'm an Xbox1, I should have clarified in the original post
  2. Outbreak Prime Help

    I managed to snag (finally) the Outbreak Prime quest line. I'm hoping to piece it out, starting today with step 2 "Be the Battery" if anyone would be able to assist me. I'm bringing a 379 Warlock and I need a Titan and Hunter for my fireteam. I've already knocked out the nightfall last week (shield brothers, that was a mistake) so I just need help doing 3 public events and 3 heroic strikes. I'll probably be reaching out again to assist with the later portions, which will also need a hunter and titan with me, but I'm not going to try and tackle all of it at once.
  3. [XB1] New Xbox One Roll Call

    I've been pretty quiet on TAG for a while, but I promise I'm still here! I've got Rise of Iron and I'm usually on. However, until near the end of October I'll be running off of hotel WiFi because of work, so I won't be a good addition until around the 20th. So I apologize to anyone who has sent me invites to raids or prison of elders and I haven't joined up for the past two months, that's why.
  4. Back from the dead

    Welcome back Reerun!
  5. TAG Maintenance, Wednesday night.

    Thanks Madwik!! I'm excited to see what the new forums will bring :)
  6. Am I the only one?

    You can if you save at the right time. I learned that little trick with the Good/Neutral/bad Karma Trophy/Achievement in fallout 3. I only had to play the last 3 mission for each faction to get all the trophies. I still have a few to go to platinum it but all the faction trophies were acquired in 1 play through. Yeah I snagged the Institute and Railroad ones but I had passed the point of no return for the Brotherhood before I realized what was happening. :(
  7. Am I the only one?

    Once I reached level 53, I decided to make a quick push and finish the storyline. You aren't able to get all the achievements in one go, so I figured I'd better get a second playthrough started sooner rather than later. I've definitely enjoyed the game but I haven't felt as drawn to it as I have with previous Bethesda games like Skyrim, Oblivion, and Fallout 3
  8. Star Wars Battlefront Player Master List

    Xbox One: AFK SupaJiggaWa
  9. Xbox Elite Controller

    I've got one on pre-order and I have a buddy at GameStop who let me test one out. They are a little heavier but feel fantastically durable and I love the new d-pad layout.
  10. Xbox PoE 35 help requested

    I'd like to try and run this tomorrow (Sunday 9/6) if anyone would be able to help me out. I'm pretty open to time frame as long as it's after 12pm MST. I've only defeated Skolas once, so I wouldn't say I have an abundance of skill in eliminating him. I can bring a 34 Warlock, Hunter, or Titan although I'm best with my Warlock, followed by my Titan.
  11. TTK XB1 AND PS4

    I'll be getting in on XB1. It's actually helped to make me excited for Destiny again. House of Wolves made me put my controller down and walk away for a while, I really didn't enjoy it like I thought I would.
  12. The Day We Have All Been Waiting For...

    AKA: The nerf approaches!
  13. I need to beat PoE on 35 but I'm not sure I really care that much about it, as horrible as that is to say. I've reached Skolas several times and never been able to defeat him with the teams I brought it. It's burned me out on PoE pretty hardcore.
  14. Ant Man anyone?

    I enjoyed Antman but it was easily the "worst" of the MCU. Don't take that to mean it's a bad film, by any means. It was a good film and you can't go wrong with watching. However, I recommended to my brother that he should probably wait until it hits rentals, IMO. Some subtle (and not so subtle) tie in's to the rest of the MCU are there, as well as the classic Stan Lee cameo and mid credits scene. If you want to see Antman on the big screen but you're apprehensive, I may suggest waiting until Captain America 3, where he is sure to make another apperance.
  15. There May Still Be Hope for Nechrocasm, Maybe All Auto Rifles...

    I can honestly say I haven't been less interested in Destiny since launch, than I am right now. I think being able to use the Etheric Light to get our old weapons and armor up was a brilliant idea, but it had an odd side effect with me. I really couldn't care less about 99% of the new loot. Why would I want anything new when my old stuff is now amazing again? I wasn't sure what was the cause of my lack of interest until I read this. A hint of Necro kicking some butt and I'm instantly ready for some Crota. Strange things are afoot at the CIrcle K