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  1. Who's Twitching?

    Let me know so I can watch Destiny 2 play!
  2. Hugo's Destiny 2 Promotional Code Giveaway Extravaganza!

    Ubo getting a cock to the face in Taken King. Scotty can have my code if I win because I won't be buying destiny 2, and Scotty is always taking my spot.
  3. Destiny 2 Community Group & Clans

    Pickle: you going to buy, burn with fire, then post video to YouTube?
  4. Wrath of the Machine raid clear < 90 minutes

    Cleared sub 60m without getting monitors and on a crappy host. Wiped once at Vosik when door wouldn't close but that's it. Teleporting shanks provided an interesting element to part 2 of Aksis. Ugh. #LFG.
  5. Wrath of the Machine raid clear < 90 minutes

    Nice job, Guardians. DAFUQ! Did Scotty use *every* scorch cannon?!
  6. Outbreak Prime

    Good to know! Sleeper or Black Spindle for Aksis? Go ask your boy, Datto, please. Or does Scotty know?
  7. Destiny, post your rank progression

    EDIT: I can get all toons to 386, but with ideal load-outs I get the numbers below. I need Artifact, Heavy and Ghost drops at 385. 386 Titan 384 Warlock 384 Hunter Faction packages through burning through all exotic engrams, motes, and all other stockpiled materials. And using Outbreak Prime to 390 infuse a couple weapons.
  8. TAG Wrath of the Machine Raid - Aksis kill

    Congratulations! What's with calling empowered left, top, right?
  9. Wrath of The Machine Raid [PS4]

    1. CHULLEN 2. Majin_Nazereth21 3. jar-of-spires 4. donniepereira (maybe?) 5. Tooboomafoo 6. Dre-Aguto Alt.
  10. Kings Fall Raid [PS4]

    All three challenges in case you need Moments of Triumph or all the calcified fragments.
  11. Private Matches are Up

    And they're just as fun as you think. Not sure if it's a glitch, but bounties are working. Also, I got strange coins reward.
  12. Custom Matches Confirmed!

    Just make sure Pop is on your team; he's got an awesome helmet that can take a knife to the head.
  13. Kings Fall Raid signup

    PSA: You can melt Warpriest with 335 Sleeper Simulants. Only one tether; weapons of light + Glasshouse; a couple team members wearing armor to up total rounds to 11. (Doesn't work on Golgoroth; only does 1/4 damage vs. over half with Black Spindles.)
  14. First Exotic Drop

    Remember when we had to grind bounties to level gear just to get to light level 30? I first created a Hunter, then a Titain, and finally a Warlock. But Destiny being Destiny, my Warlock reaches light 30 first. go fig.