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  1. Long Hiatus. Back.

    Thanks everyone. I added all of you I think.
  2. Been a long time

    Request sent.
  3. Long Hiatus. Back.

    Returning to the gaming mix and could use some friendly taggers to play with. I have both consoles with different games on each. Just picked up an Xbox One X and Halo 5 to get back into some Halo shenanigans. I will be getting PUBG in a few weeks also. CODWWII and Star Wars Battlefront 2 and Rainbow Six Siege on PS4. Siege has been my addiction for a few years. ;) Please feel free to add me. It would be so much appreciated. Thanks, PSN: Faustus71 XBL: Faustus
  4. Merry Christmas TAG

    Merry Christmas
  5. PS4 Battlefield 1 Active Roster

    Sorry. I have been absent from the community for a while. Bought a PS4 Pro a few weeks ago. Loving Battlefield 1 but do not have anyone to game with. Please add me on PS4 if you guys are playing frequently. Playing Siege a ton too. PSN: faustus71
  6. Official Xbox One Gamertag List

  7. Update on the BF4 Xbox One patch

    I agree, I unfortunately admit I don't have the patience for the bullshit. When I talked to M$ rep on the phone for the refund she told me they were hoping to get everything worked out by March. March?!?!?! Really? No I take what she said with a grain of salt but by March I will be playing other titles. If a title doesn't grab me right away forget it. Back to COD it is for me unfortunately. The gameplay may not be as good but at least it's stable for me.
  8. Update on the BF4 Xbox One patch

    I gave up on this game this weekend. After the patch connectivity issues for me were even worse. I want to like this game so bad but it is totally frustrating and annoying. Just when I was enjoying a good game I would get kicked back to the Xbox One home screen and sometimes even had to remove the disk, restart and try to get into the game again. Total Bullshit! I called Xbox support and without any resistance at all they refunded me for premium and I sold the game on Craisglist. Good riddance.
  9. Old member needing Xbox One friends

    Thanks everyone! I added most of you. Gotta love SmartGlass.
  10. Old member needing Xbox One friends

    Correct. If you add someone on the Xbox One, they will not show up on your 360 list. If you add someone on Xbox.com or your 360, they will appear on your One. Kind of a weird thing but makes a little sense I guess. Good to know. Nice find!
  11. Old member needing Xbox One friends

    Hi taggers. I have returned after a long hiatus. Purchased an Xbox One and looking for Xbox One gamers because most of my friends were too cheap to leave the 360. :) Please feel free to add me. I play or have almost any of the launch titles. Thanks Faustus Gamertag: faustus
  12. What are you listening to now?!

    Queens of the Stone Age.
  13. How did you find TAG?

    I was referred by "The Judgement" wayyyy back during R6 days.
  14. Rate the last movie you watched.

    Hmmmmm...my expectations were really low too. Now I have to see it. Damn!
  15. Happy Birthday OoohBarracuda!!!

    Happy Birfday and many more....