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  1. Nintendo NX Reveal Trailer

    My point in general is why do the handheld? If you want to do mobile you have Billions of devices out there, just support those (iOS and Android). If you want to do cheap living room then do it and remove all this extra cost for screen, battery, and odd controller configurations. The other option is just release an Android tablet with a memory card support and call this a Nintendo handheld to replace the game boy.
  2. Nintendo NX Reveal Trailer

    My opinion might be unpopular but wtf. I am still trying to figure out why Nintendo is still making HW at this point.
  3. So I got the fated connections prophecy. Divined my chest so it is now 753 es and I have now 6L'd it :) Good morning.
  4. Orphan Black

    Just waiting on the final season.
  5. Cutting the Cord

    I just cut the cord and home phone finally. Our PVR died so it was a good time / excuse to do it now. The phone went because they wanted to raise the price like crazy when I cancelled the TV so see you Rogers you've lost my phone service to.
  6. What are you drinking tonight?

    I might have to do the same thing.
  7. Grim Dawn kept me awake (it's 5am).

    Romano you should join us on PoE and smash some monsters.
  8. What builds for Atlas of Worlds

    Sam I just saw the same build you posted and I might be sold on it. Well I might just have to play both of those this season, but leaning towards BV start and maybe a CI ED / contagion as I haven't played CI in a while. I may need to look at RF as well since never played RF yet.
  9. Still working on TS?

    Yes please. I agree with my PoE brethren :)
  10. 2.4 Map updates

    I guess the real important thing will be to figure out which is the best map to use the shaper orb on per tiers of shaper orbs.
  11. 2.4 Map updates

    This stuff sounds awesome. I like the bonus map rate drop and the shapers orbs or whatever :) https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1714099
  12. What builds for Atlas of Worlds

    I've never run RF yet so this does sound interesting. I'll look further into it. I'm a little concerned that there aren't that many comments in the thread though I contemplated EA at some point but the play style seems a bit odd to me.
  13. So what builds are you guys looking to do at the start? Currently I'm looking at essence drain + contagion probably following the build below because I can't create my own :) https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1625254 I think I can start on day one as well which will be nice.
  14. YouTube Red

    First off as you know cell data in Canada is horribly expensive so in the car I am not streaming. 2nd off Google also offers free streaming similar to Spotify. So this is why I am buying music still, and really it isn't that much, probably < 8 albums a year.
  15. YouTube Red

    Nope not at all. The reason why I am not thinking of doing subscription is I don't have the need right now. Once I have android auto in the future then I'll have the need in my opinion. Currently I am still buying music and if I moved to subscription instead of buying I do not have a good way of getting the music into my car.