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  1. Hello my name is donovan

    Welcome to TAG :)
  2. Hello Everyone

    LIES! ALL LIES! He is ABUSIVE and yelled at @scotty918for hours until he quit gaming.... only to come back days later... Welcome to TAG @xEBOO5x LOL
  3. Dead Orbit Wins!! Pic of the after party.

    apparently has crazy reload speed when crouched lol
  4. Hi there

    Welcome to TAG!.... i think LOL
  5. Happy Birthday Ubo!

    Thanks lol
  6. Destiny 2 Leviathan Raid PS4

    Hey @JjGianT11 - please use this thread to start raid sign ups instead of creating a new thread each time.
  7. Hello All

    Welcome to TAG! :)
  8. Hello All!

    Welcome to TAG :)
  9. Leviathan Raid Maps

    Just an easy to find thread with easy to read Leviathan raid maps! Underbelly Pleasure Gardens Dog path and spores
  10. Hello!

    Welcome to TAG :)
  11. D2 Raid Signup thread - PS4

    I got my titan up to 260ish so it is raid ready now!
  12. D2 Raid Signup thread - PS4

    This thread should be used for all raid signups to eliminate and reduce the number of threads appearing in the forum. Please use the following format: || Leviathan Raid Run || Date/Time: X:XX EST | Month.Day.Year | | Twitch or multitwitch(edited) TeamNAME HERE 1. @SECRETMEMBER 2. @SECRETMEMBER 3. @SECRETMEMBER 4. @SECRETMEMBER 5. @SECRETMEMBER 6. @SECRETMEMBER Alt @SECRETMEMBER . . LEVIATHAN RAID - FRESH RUN - Saturday - September 23, 2017 - 9pm EASTERN 1) UBO 2) @stynger 3) @scotty918 4) @VinnyMac44 ??? 5) @tooboomafoo 6) Alts: @ayumex
  13. Introductions are for new members.

    Welcome to TAG :)
  14. Skorched00

    Welcome to TAG :)