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  1. Path of EXILE on Xbox ONE

    It is pretty polished compared to before. With respect to joining up in the Gamez you should be able to join group and use a portal scroll to open a gate from zone to town. Loot wise - there should be some filter options within UI options. On PC, I have to get a third-party script to filter all the loot.
  2. Path of EXILE on Xbox ONE

    It only really impacts you if you enjoy the game and run out of vault space. Not sure how it is onxb1, but you can buy points and wait for your desired item to go on sale.
  3. Hello all! It is I, Destraire.(New)

    Welcome to TAG! Were you carrying @Calvinin Destiny 2 years ago? lol
  4. Age of Triumph Cleanup - XB1

    I bought a copy when it was on sale and I was helping some friends with the raids. I'm never on though, so you have to let me know in advance lol :)
  5. New here

    Welcome to TAG :)
  6. Thor: Ragnarok trailer

    I have read part of it. He had a cast of giant aliens with him, including the Silver Surfer. Would be a tough sell to the masses without the sympathy of the Illuminati (Stark, Xavier, Strange, Richards) exiling him to the strange planet.
  7. Thor: Ragnarok trailer

    I'm fine with Hulk as a companion character. Hulk films are always going to be about man Vs beast, anger, rage, smash. Everyone is always so tense and stressed when they are with bruce / hulk. Thor is perfect counter to the Hulk since Thor is always chill as he doesn't fear the Hulk. They work well together as a super hero duo.
  8. Justice League official trailer

    That was actually boring... Compared to the Thor trailer... It was missing the charm.... It didn't click with me either
  9. Destiny 2 beta stream

    that second slot is an elemental slot. primary kinetic. Primary elemental. Power weapon - Fusion, sniper, shotgun, grenade launcher, rocket launcher, etc... Power weapons are situational though... the guns appear to have some mod slots... curious about that
  10. Destiny 2 beta stream

    Bungie nerfed the shit out of player DPS. No more sniper gjallarhorn set ups. 2 primaries with one being an "energy weapon" makes pvp a more fun. Less shotgun monsters *cough cough @SithWarrior *cough cough* Without the player dps, there is going to be more pressure on Bungie to create interesting and unique encounters. Less Boss burn. The Strike boss was fun because it was multi phases and the boss encounter was constantly evolving. But without the heavy ammo dropping properly and slow super charge, it is going to become boring very quickly.
  11. Destiny 2 beta stream

    Time to kill is slower in PVP. More emphasis on teamwork. hard to 1v2. The one story mission and strike were great, but Bungie needs to fix power ammo drops. The beta is a muted version of the final version. In the beta, abilities and super regen is VERY slow. I'm assuming the full release fixes this with gear and subclass perks. The beta is open to everyone to download and try now. There is one story, one strike and PvP - Control on one map and Countdown on another maps (only those maps).
  12. Help me decide

    That reminds me... I ordered a 2 TB external HDD... Wtf is it???
  13. Hi I'm new

    Welcome to TAG:)
  14. Destiny 2 beta stream

    I'll be streaming the beta if anyone is interested in how it looks. Probably around 9:30pm EST.