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  1. Hello Everyone!

    Welcome to TAG!
  2. Hey!

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  3. Howdy from Alabama

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  4. Hello

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  5. Destiny Clan

    Maynard is gone to PC land, but still some people still playing on PS4
  6. Hello Everyone

    welcome to TAG:)
  7. Been a long time

    Welcome back
  8. Long Hiatus. Back.

    The man, the myth, and the legend has returned! LOL Welcome back
  9. Hi - Former AGE Gamer

  10. Battlefront 2s unlockable hero

    They did. EA should have never done this to begin with. You buy Star Wars Battlefront to play as these characters from the start. Not to play as a stormtrooper from 10-40 hours. If you wanted that, Battlefield 1 or Infinte warfare (space fps!) should be your games. They should have had base characters unlocked that you can play with and grind to unlock / purchase character skins. EA version of Battlefront sucks balls
  11. Been a long time

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  12. Star Wars Battlefront 2 trailer

    Sounds like they dropped the costs dramatically to make it much more feasible.
  13. Hello All

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  14. Hello!

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  15. D2 Raid Signup thread - PS4

    This thread should be used for all raid signups to eliminate and reduce the number of threads appearing in the forum. Please use the following format: || Leviathan Raid Run || Date/Time: X:XX EST | Month.Day.Year | | Twitch or multitwitch(edited) TeamNAME HERE 1. @SECRETMEMBER 2. @SECRETMEMBER 3. @SECRETMEMBER 4. @SECRETMEMBER 5. @SECRETMEMBER 6. @SECRETMEMBER Alt @SECRETMEMBER . . LEVIATHAN RAID - FRESH RUN - Saturday - September 23, 2017 - 9pm EASTERN 1) UBO 2) @stynger 3) @scotty918 4) @VinnyMac44 ??? 5) @tooboomafoo 6) Alts: @ayumex
  16. Hello my name is donovan

    Welcome to TAG :)
  17. Hello Everyone

    LIES! ALL LIES! He is ABUSIVE and yelled at @scotty918for hours until he quit gaming.... only to come back days later... Welcome to TAG @xEBOO5x LOL
  18. Dead Orbit Wins!! Pic of the after party.

    apparently has crazy reload speed when crouched lol
  19. Hi there

    Welcome to TAG!.... i think LOL
  20. Happy Birthday Ubo!

    Thanks lol
  21. Destiny 2 Leviathan Raid PS4

    Hey @JjGianT11 - please use this thread to start raid sign ups instead of creating a new thread each time.
  22. Leviathan Raid Maps

    Just an easy to find thread with easy to read Leviathan raid maps! Underbelly Pleasure Gardens Dog path and spores