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  1. GTA 5

    lol Bluesteel do you turn on your own team?
  2. GTA 5

    Awesome Primordial, ill add you.
  3. GTA 5

    Thanks guys, I knew it was a long shot...appreciate the responses.
  4. GTA 5

    Is there anyone still playing GTA 5 on xbox ?? When I did a search of the forums the last post containing GTA 5 was from 2013. There has to be some adults still playing out there somewhere? anyone? I can't be the only one
  5. Get em Issues..there terrible people
  6. I hope we are free to speak cuz..umm Lilubo? why the attitude..Im not feelin the luv at all
  7. Well well well folks...I have the role of the hunter and im not sure if I should be saying that but if I can't what good would my role be hehe my first nights investigation was Glavin and that came back good....last nights investigation was 4ce and that came back BAD. so I VOTE Lilubo I have no idea what im allowed to say and not allowed..so hopefully I didnt screw up the christmas spirit
  8. Im here..I was just writing my christmas cards, and I get distracted dreaming of a white christmas with every christmas card i write..:-) Why should you keep me here? hmmm because I say hello to friends I know and everyone I meet and incase you didn't hear, oh by golly and holly, it the best time of the year. So play nice :-) Plus if you keep me..my typing/spelling is so bad..I make you all look good.
  9. Well Mr accordion..Im quiet because I think the Vampires like fresh meat...and might be trying to pick off the newbies....I dont wanna be next after issues so I was keeping quiet.. besides the weather outside is frightful...and the fire is sooooo delightful..and since I've no place to go.. Ive just been lying low
  10. Mike Myers was in Halloween movies? I had no clue
  11. whats a jerkweed? maybe Ill change my vote lol
  12. Ohh we dont wanna be eaten out of house and home no no no...Ive got chest nutz roasting by an open fire, and jack frost nipping at my nose hehe I still dont get the game or or who is bad or good.. so Im just gonna vote for NICK because his photo makes me feel really uncomfortable (is it weird that even tho it makes me uncomfortable I keep staring at it?) no "good" town folks would use that photo, no siree
  13. well your thinking about me hatter..and thats all that matters!!! besides a few votes doesnt bother me...its the most wonderful time of year!!!